Reviews For SOFA DOGS Podcast

John and his guests (including writer/producer Tim Minear) offer commentary on some of my favorite shows. Love to listen to it with the show or movie muted.
Great stuff from John Pavlich and friends. They watch their favorite movies and TV shows and explain them or take them apart.


Need more Buffy please please
I can't remember when I first discovered this podcast, but I remember really enjoying the fact that it was not a carved-in-stone-only-about-one-thing podcast. John does commentary on films or series, also roundtable discussions, as long as it's geeky it's a possible topic. And uh . . .yeah, stuff. I've been particularly enjoying the Supernatural commentaries lately, waiting ever so patiently for another one **whimpers and bats eyes like Scarlett O'Hara,** but whatever your stripe, if you fall in the wheelhouse of GEEK, chances are sofadog has you covered. Five stars.
John mentioned that he has not had an Itunes review in a while so I felt guilty. I really should add one myself. This is a great podcast that I've been listening to for a long time. John comes at everything with a very sharp opinion and a very funny way of disccusing and anazlying the Geek culture world. This is a great podcast with an excellent host that you should check out to hear about a little bit of everything from popular culture. Thanks for the time and entertainment John. Keep it up.
I love this show.. its great to hear a bunch of people geeking out about randomness. I can't wait for more. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
I can honestly say that there is no better way to passs arduous chores or the like than by listening to Coach Surfing. The ramblings of Pavlich and friends on topics ranging from Heroes to Will Smith to other aspects of the geek community keep a smile on my face even while I'm cleaning the house. Keep up the good work!
This is a great show that I accidently stumbled upon. Very good style and excellent rapport between the two hosts. They talk about great stuff and give some real interesting opinions. Great to relax and listen to in the background. Also, Lisa sounds hot. Always a plus.
Great interaction between the 2 co-host. Lots of fun to listen to.
Sofadogs is a very fun podcast. I really enjoy both the Buffy commentaries and the Couch Surfing episodes. Keep up the great work!
Sofa Dogs is a terrific podcast about our pop culture. Original and informative, John and his cast keep you listening to the very end. Well done!