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I really enjoy listening to your unbiased news reporting about such an important part of the world. We are with you Hong Kong, from the freedom loving people in Wyoming USA!
Not sure how many people actually listen to this everyday, this podcast indeed fuels all of my mornings! Thanks guys for the great work, keep it up!
RTHK is one of my top sites and I download daily. Can not get enough of RTHK in San Diego, CA.
Both this and the Chinese one are a great broadcast from hong kong. I just wish they were more consistantly refreshed on iTunes. I've been waiting 2 days now for a new episode of both. - addition, now it's been a month of inconsistent updates! What happened? Is it China or Apple's problem? I bet on Apple, Fix this please! This is a GREAT podcast and for those from the area, much needed!

By Aolex