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There’s much less football than on the BBC, and references to old inside jokes fill the time, especially the one particular joke that Brewdog paid them to hit over and over again. Also Dave doesn’t fit in, and the show has lost its lo-fi whimsy, with no memorable *new* gags from this series. Used to be essential, now just ok, at best.
Back stronger! Do your bit and pass the pod.
Just a bit all over the place and Chris is like a washed up game show host, loved the old pod much much better


By J3u2
The big man and his silly mate bring the laughs from the “other pod” right back to the top. Proud Podbassador passing the pod, can’t wait for That Mike Dean Episode.
Discovered the podcast during the lockdown. Caught up on all the recordings and then left wanting…. Glad you are back stronger!
Missed you boys, welcome back (stronger)
Back Stronger
Stop it. So glad the lads are back. Been a rough 22 months waiting for Crouchy to come back. Well done.
Are circumcisions reversible?
As the Ambassador for the great state of California, I hereby endorse this new pod too. I have no evidence yet to support this view, but an ambassador must always remain loyal and pass the pod appropriately. If your name is Karl, you can still piss off, and I’m sure Crouchy will find a new silly little mate to fill the void post circumcision. Cheers boys #backstronger #Leather’ut