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I don't really know how I found out about Anthony's work, but when I did, I found it indispensible. The information is immediately useful, timely, practical, and without unnecessary jargon. I listen to the podcasts over and over, frequent the website, and ordered a copy of his book "The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide". Newbies, like myself, will hear clear information that will get us off and moviemaking right away. Great podcast, Keep up the good work!
Great information served up in well-produced, digestable segments. Unfortunately though, it seems there are no more coming out.
This podcast's episodes are full of great resources and tips for poeple who are serious about starting the film-making process. But why have the shows stopped? We all better hope they come back 'cuz this podcast is hot!
Down and Dirty DV is the quintessential filmmaking tutorial. As a filmmaker myself, I often refer to this podcast for reminders about how to make sure everything is done RIGHT. I've also heard that there will be a book to complement these podcasts via Focal Press AND a DVD supplement to the book. No matter what you're desired style of learning or filmmaking refreshers, Down and Dirty DV has what you need. Any budget. Any Camera. Any Time. Subscribe to this podcast!
If you’re not sure about the film/movie industry as a career, this podcast(er) takes you inside and gives you guidance on getting started. Anthony is “keeping it real”, no sugar coating here.
Anthony Artis gives you straight "no bones about it" advice about everything you need to know on how to produce cutting edge films with a small budget. Great for students and guerilla filmmakers; he keeps you inspired and entertained. Leaves you with a sense that your dreams are entirely plausible. 2 thumbs up!