Reviews For Questioning Christianity with Tim Keller

I pray God blesses Dr. Keller with health and a long life. He has greatly contributed to my salvation. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Keller.
I encourage you to share with all your seeker and skeptic friends. It will provide them some safe space to listen to something they are already wrestling with but may not have the language for and then provide you with a space that’s hopefully safe for conversation. Plus it helps followers of Jesus too!
Excellent as cliche as this sounds, I finally get it. This podcast changed my life.
Tim Keller does a wonderful job while making the arguments both for and against God. You can tell he has taken much time and thought into this work. One of the best series I have ever listened to.
Best series of podcasts for further questioning of Christian faith
This is awesome series, definitely Tom Keller at his best! Whether you are just exploring Christianity or a mature Christian there is something in this series for you.
Just finished reading Keller’s “Making Sense of God” and this podcast is basically the audio version of it. Super helpful and the Q&As are especially interesting. Would definitely recommend to believers and skeptics alike.
Timothy Keller, author of “Making Sense of God,” reads widely and Sonia able to address common objections to Christianity. In this series, he discusses some of the most common objections and invites questions and healthy skepticism. This is a great resource for those who sincerely want to know how Christianity answers such questions, or those who are willing to examine their own presuppositions or skepticism.
We are called by Jesus to engage for loving. The Gospel is liberating truth provided by our creator. Engage for loving and do not run away from this discipline. Pastor Keller shows this love with the teaching of the Gospel
These lecture are helpful both for those wanting to explore faith from a secular background, or for those who would like to help others understand faith. Absolutely timely resource.
Tim Keller compassionately, intelligently, and incisively addresses questions and objections to Christianity. These are questions I’ve had myself in years past when I wandered from Jesus - how wonderful to hear his take on them! And the Q&A content is brilliant. The attendees ask truly thoughtful questions, and we get to hear how Tim thinks when he’s put in the spot. Can’t wait for more episodes! I only wish he could do this all over the country (especially in Rhode Island, where I live!), so some of my non-Christian friends could ask him their burning questions in person.