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I have a white Scottish fold kitten named Mary 😸 I also love the cat videos!❤️❤️❤️
BUT A KITTYYYyyyyyy.....😻😺😼😼😺😻😻😺😼😺😺😻😺😼


By cali\\
I love kitties so I like this podcast
I love the section on cat breeds, very helpful. There aren't many good Cat Podcasts, but this one is definitely helpful for those looking to get a cat for the first time.
Put the trololo guy's audio track on the faucet cat.
I've only watched the most recent one so far, and it was unexpectedly funny, I suddenly laughed out loud and my husband had to ask what was so funny! A cat that put his head under the faucet to drink as it ran off his head! At first I thought it would be just another cat drinking from the faucet. Sometimes they do that, but I didn't expect him to just put his head under and let it run!
the funny cat podcast is super funny
When i first downloaded this podcast onto my ipod it was the worst podcast i've ever downloaded . I wish itunes could get cat podcasts better than this . Please get more enjoyable cat podcasts .


By klo828
I wish I could rate this podcast a ZERO or NO Star! Go outside and watch the grass grow, work in a toll road booth, watch or listen to paint dry. You'll have a much better time. If you listen to or watch this you'll seriously try to think of creative ways to kill yourself. This podcast is pointless, gay, and stupid.
I was disappointed that, during the first episode I listened to, the host spent about 5 minutes putting down other feline related podcasts. Before worrying about what other podcasts do/don't do, put the effort into improving your own, which really could use some work.