Phuture Frequency

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amazing sets by Void,omg really this is the best podcast on here-
Phuture carries the best from what I've sampled, some of the smoothest jazz based DnB out there. I love their tunes to chill out to. Great beats, keep it up!


By Jdupree
Beans on toast got some of that unda ground that keeps it real! The D&B is good, take a look.
There are only two full length cast. all the others are just 1 minute long
Darkheart April Mix is a must for all DnB listeners looking for that liquidish, smooth DnB genre to further develop. I been a long time fan of LTJ for his Jazzy influence which always seemed to set him apart from the rest. Every once in awhile he'd throw in something with a little acid funk and a consistent bass roll. This mix delivers on all levels I had ever wanted to enjoy. Please throw down another set like this...
Wow if all jungle sets were this edgy and smooth I don't think I could handle it because my ears would bleed from the groove I would be in 24/7. Hey DJ void where u from your tracks were bomb. I WANT MORE!!!
Amazing, there are not enough words to explain how good this podcast is, all i have to say is that is one of the best shows with the most talent. keep it coming
This Station is the future! From Fanu to Paradox, talk about the sickest Producers today! Big Ups Phuture Frequencey! Keep Bringing The Future sound to all the Drumz Krazy Headz in the drum world! Keep Bangin'!!!!!!
This compilation is a trip down a familiar lane, you know the beats you know the sounds just tune in turn it up and let it Roll around