Reviews For Daydreamer

I don't know who the mysterious Monterey man is, but FFF always delivers eclectic mixes that are just grand. My favorite is when he places some great movie music into the mix like stuff from Labyrinth or the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Wonderful stuff.
This podcast was once described to me this way "It's exactly what I want to listen to at that moment but I had no idea." It's true! Recent gem-- Slow Your Roll from 7/17. -ML


Just recently came across this podcast, now I'm wearing it out. Love this sh!t.
Dj flood, is a magical wonder when it come to making the ears joyful... And the body move , mellow or boogie Wether it's funk, soul, ambient, reggae or whatever his flavor of the day may be will serve it up and put a smile on you face ... So stoked on the good tunes flood please keep it spinning...
Always look forward to new episodes. Chill beats, well mixed, great taste. Do yourself a favor & subscribe.
Always great. Fourfootflood is watching.