Finding Japan

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I've always wanted to go to Japan. I've always been obsessed with Japan. Listening to your podcast is everything I want to hear about going there. Listening is the next best thing to going and living there myself. I am very sad knowing that the podcast will end eventually. However, you should know that your work has absolutely delighted my heart. I run my own podcast, TechFixation, and hopefully I can take over Finding Japan whenever I visit to provide a little more content for everyone.
You are missed
This podcast is so fun and educational.
You really feel like you're there with them in Japan!
Hilarious and beautiful.
This is a great podcast! Kinda similar to Kiwi Caving In Japan (which was great as well), this shows you some cool scenes of what it's like to travel to Japan. One downside though, it seems to end very quickly! It starts out great, but then after about say episode 4, it dies down... If only they made more! EDIT: Okay, this is starting to rise to the ranks of my favorite podcast! It's finally taken launch and is RAPIDLY getting updated. It features so much about the life of a guy who wanted to go to Japan, and quite frankly is now there. It also features a lot of information that is essential to others who want to travel! I think I can relate to this podcast a lot, and I highly reccomend it as well as going to the site!