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It's pretty cool because I have never even heard some of these songs before and I don't think some of them are on any of the albums. If your a Bad Religion fan then it is definitely worth your time.
First off, I don't think his voice is awful... except for the Generator episode, but that was because I couldn't really understand much of anything in that episode. In fact, I liked the little tidbits inbetween songs: I thought they were interesting, for the most part. Anyway... I think this podcast is nothing short of great. Although, I'll admit I'm a recent newcomer to the band's fanbase (in spite of hearing them off and on for the past... two years), this podcast has let me hear the songs that I don't own (as I don't always have extra money on the side to buy individual songs, or albums); songs that are quintessentially rare (Into the Unknown!!!); and other additional Bad Religion related enterprises, such as side projects, interviews and so on. It's awesome and gives a good look at the band's music and members that the ordinary, casual, or beginner fan may not have known before. Keep up the good work!
I dont think his voice is annoying,espacaily in the latest episodes. I realy Realy recomend this podcast.It got me into bootlegs
Bad Religion rules and Into the Unknown is very underrated, but DUDE - your voice is really difficult to take.