Bloodthirsty Hearts

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This series was so much fun! I finished it in a single day on a road trip. The characters were relatable (even for a guy), great action, funny, and ended on a great note! I wouldn’t mind a season 2 but I think this stands well on its own! What a great story!
I loved this! I came across it one day thinking it would be about cringy fangirls (honestly tho it was😂) and it was so much more! Season two?
I binged this in a single work day and my only complaint is there isn’t more! I absolutely loved it and would love to listen to more stories from this series!
is there a season 2??
I can’t wait for the next season. So fun to listen too and an interesting cast.
This podcast is VERY well written and acted adds r a bit annoying but honestly i just hv listened to so many podcasts I just got used to it lol Either way this podcast WOW once you listen to it you are HOOOOOOOOOOOOKED poor Erin 🥺 If ur a beginner Podcaster u should deffffff listen to this hope this helps!!! Peace love and make sure to make tacos💗💗💗 Ps this is coming from a middle schooler 7th grade💗ONLY COMPLAINTS R NEED MORE EPISODES MK MK💗OH AND GEEZUSSS I GET IT CODE :&3&);&293!,9,’e zo WILL GET MR HALF OFF JUST SHUT UP
A bit a ride down a memory lane of cringe for most former fangirls. It’s fun, well acted, and honestly does a good job balancing pleasant nostalgia and reminding you of your own hormonal behavior if you’re older. The mortal danger is really just a backdrop for the teens and their relationship. As always it’s well produced and edited from Q Code.
The whole podcast seems aimed at high schoolers but I didn’t mind it was cute. Had trouble telling the girls apart I feel like everyone was introduced so fast I couldn’t put a voice to a name and a name to what hobby they were into. Super fun story line I would love to read a book series about these girls and about blood thirsty hearts!


This was ok but more annoying than anything. They girls are all whiny and argumentative all the time.
I thought it was good and think they need more episodes
Quirky Show. Good Listen while you complete a task. Erin’s Voice started to annoy me, but I got through it lol
Spent so much time dodging ads. Characters were annoying and didn’t click. Least favorite QCode series to date!
Takes a lot from Scooby Doo. Like Really similar to multiple SD movies like Stage Fright, Blue Falcon, or Mystery Inc. monster Char Gar Gothakon, even the set up of the character group. Some of the chaotic nature of the shows and editing could be cleaner or be made to make more sense, especially in the beginning!The intro/outro voice is desperately annoying. But overall it is cute and definitely good voice acting. I’ll continue to the end.
Great story line, crazy humor, and superb cast. Just love it!
Can be useful if you’re sleepless and want to sleep so badly
The voices and story were horrifically funny. The actors brought the story to life. The sound effects enhanced the audio experience. Will check to see if there are more stories from this group!
I enjoyed this podcast immensely! Thank you for making this available for everyone to hear. I look forward to hearing another story!
Soulless characters, idiotic parents, and double product placement in the first 2 minutes. Why would such a gigantic team put so much effort into making something so mediocre? This kind of commercial trash is the worst of podcast fiction.
I can’t get enough of these girls and the writing! Phenomenal!
I like it! I look forward to hearing more!
Loved the characters and the sound effects!
This is one of the only podcasts I listen to that are like this and it’s sooooo good. I was intrigued by the title and the description but from the story to the voice acting this has been absolutely amazing. I would love to see this as an animated series
Hey guys, I was wondering how to find the music used in the podcast. In particular I’m interested in the tune ending episode 7. Love the storyline and this gives me horror anthology meets the comedy beauty of Nightvale. Love the character development for sure. Please more and thanks!! 🫀🫀🫀
QCODE does it again. So incredibly entertaining and hysterical at times. The voice acting is top notch. Can’t wait to hear the rest!
Pretty much every one of their shows is top notch
Amazing Entertainment !!! Loving it and looking forward to more episodes.
I don’t wanna say this podcast was horrible because it definitely wasn’t. In fact, I only got through episode 3 before deciding to write a review. So here’s what I’ve got to say: The voice acting was great, the sound/atmosphere was top-notch as always, and the dialogue felt natural and flowed well. The main things that bothered me however were the story and characters. Now the story wasn’t bad; it felt more like a cheesy early 2000’s movie. The suspense was lacking and the vampires felt more like a bad joke than scary monsters. And I couldn’t really connect with any of the characters. They were all either crappy with each other or just too big a push over to say anything. Maybe I didn’t give this podcast enough of a chance to really hit-home with me, but for now it’s a 2/5.
Honestly just so much fun to listen to. Highly recommend to anyone who likes a good time
Sam Beasley is a talent to watch out for
Reminds me of fun movies they made in the 90’s
That part were Allison comes to help them sent me into a laughing frenzy! Don’t get defensive just listen! 😂
Here for the predominantly all-girl cast 🙌🏼 and loving the sci-if-meets-comedy aspect of this coming of age story! Can’t wait to hear how this ends! Now all I need is for this to be a show👀
Loving it. I’m giving it a 4 out if 5 because whoever decided to have the person reading off cast names in that ridiculous “movie man” tone irks me every time!
As a woman who is named Joy and who also happens to be an Aquarius I feel like my entire teenage self was used as character development for the “Joy” in this podcast. It’s kinda freaky the resemblance lol. I initially didn’t think I was going to like this series but it’s proven to be quite fun and entertaining and I can’t wait to hear what’s next!
On apple podcast
so good - great immersive sound series - a whole lot of fun !
So I just started listening to it and like I can’t stop listening it’s so amazing and funny some times 😀😃😄😁😆
Already 4 episodes deep and my fangs are hooked. Great balance of horror and humor. Cannot wait to hear what happens to the group next.
Haven’t heard anything like this!
Obsessed with this show like scared but still laughing out loud!! Need more episodes ! On the subscription so the no ads are amazing
Love the pace, love the actors! Can’t wait to see how things progress. This is so much fun!
So Good!!!
Ive listened to a few different QCode podcasts and they were kind of boring. I couldn’t get into the story. This one is actually fun and I could see it being an actual movie or something. Good job excited for the next episodes
Already hooked! Can’t wait to hear more!
Was plug straight in or on WiFi so idk plz help
LOVE this podcast. I can’t wait to see where this show goes but the first two episodes had me hooked!
Really enjoying this show so far, can’t wait to hear more!
Binged episodes 1 and 2 already - can't wait for more in the coming weeks!