Chameleon: High Rollers

Reviews For Chameleon: High Rollers

Narrator is tough comparatively.
I enjoyed the first episode but got all the way through to episode 4 before I gave up. Just too hard to follow … like, are we still on the same story even???!! If we are, it’s awful hard to tell and I’m lost. Deleting.
I am really interested in the story but having a lot of issues with skips and repeats in the playback.
Bad language isn’t necessary to tell a story
Dear gawd. I want to listen to this I really do. I can tell it’s good journalism. Is ANYONE producing or directing the recording sessions? The speech cadence of the host is impossible to listen to. It’s like listening to someone try to do NPR speech patterns but instead they just sound like a phone call that keeps cutting out or like someone talking on a roller coaster. Going to look for an article to read.
This is by far the most scandalous of the 3 seasons
What happened to episode 2? Do we just carry on with the others?
Missing episodes I can’t download so I’m not going to start
Is it just me or is Ch 2 missing? Is it only viewable if I have a subscription?
This season was my favorite of them all and that saying a lot……ALOT!
Since Serial season 1 and my unfortunate true crime story that I survived , I’m invested in many true crime stories. However, stories of scammers are usually easier to listen to without ugly crying or wanting to become a vigilante for justice for the victims. This is one of those stories that not only are fascinating but eye opening. The chameleon series is outstanding , well researched and they don’t rush through the details .