Good Night

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I love this podcast and am so excited its back! I was worried that Mr. Summers had quit doing the podcast. It is so peaceful and relaxing to listen to. It's like listening to a bedtime story and I feel like a kid. Awesome. Thanks so much!
Soothing music and thought-provoking stories. Best audio companion for the night :)


Discovered this podcast at random on Stitcher a few weeks ago. So I have a ton of back catalog to enjoy. Keeps me interested and distracted from a stressful day's thoughts and lets me fall asleep. I usually finish the episode the next morning while shaving. I'm a bit young to be in the Louie Louie generation, but man I dig this podcast.


By nfun
Amazing. Either I fall asleep instantly or I'm deeply touched by an emotional story - even if I'm far from being a member of the "luyluy generation" (?). summers skill and background in hypnosis shows in every word he uses.
What a wonderful way to go to sleep. I don't know why Mr Sommers does this pod cast, but I am very greatful. His delightful stories and little asides gets my mind away from its racing thoughts and lets me think about sweeter things until I fall gently asleep. Much better than taking an addictive antipsychotic pill to make me sleep. Thanks for the memories. Good Night!
A great podcast for lowering the blood pressure, I'm enjoying Good Night for a nice voice and an easy style with lots of humor about offbeat things in life.
It is hard to describe this podcast. Maybe it is so effective because he used to be a clinical hypnotist. But he doesn't hypnotize. He just talks in this fantastic deep and gentle voice. He tells great stories and gently moves me to sleep. I am very greatful.