Reviews For The Best of Making Sense with Sam Harris


By Fcd899
Opinions presented as “facts”
I hold Sam Harris in high regard, considering him one of the most eloquent and intelligent voices of our era. He is well-aware of his expertise and conveys it effectively. What I particularly admire about Sam is his balanced position within the political spectrum. He doesn’t align with the extreme left that might justify Islamic terrorism or indulge in extreme "woke" ideologies. Similarly, he doesn't equate the significant issues within the Republican Party—from election denialism to climate science skepticism—with minor missteps in the Democratic Party. While I view this stance as the most rational, it's disappointingly rare among many public intellectuals I once revered.
Sam Harris’s podcast is distint in its scientific intellect and breadth of human person understanding. It is extremely valuable in helping me understand the topics Harris covers.
Sam is doing important work covering some of today’s most important topics.
I love Sam Harris but not to the point where I’d have to pay for a subscription to listen to a whole podcast. For F’s sake it’s a podcast!


more garbage from fascist commie democrat trash
I’ve been practicing meditation through Sam Harris’ Waking Up App almost from the beginning. You learn a lot about a person when they explain complex ideas with compassion and sincerity. A lot of what Sam has to say is based on his experience of life and what is true. Seeking the truth, aren’t we all? Getting the truth is not always pleasant, especially when the truth conflicts with your world view. Understanding that cognitive dissonance, holding conflicting beliefs and making sense of them, finding a path through life and suffering less that is the journey we are on. Thank you Sam, you have made my world a better place.


By ram0513
Seek help clown
This guy lost all credibility. What a fraud
I’ve been listening to Sam for many years, and while I have at times disagreed with details or nuance, his opinions are consistent, reasoned, and intelligent — exactly what I ask myself, my colleagues, my friends, and my loved ones to strive to be when discussing issues or assessing circumstances. Indeed, while I was listening to Sam before the rise of the fascist right and the maga science deniers, before my own religious views were seen to conflict with those of the Christian nationalists running amok, before science and expertise became something to attack rather than something to revere and admire… while Sam was in my ear before that, having Sam since the fascists and COVID took over our world has been indispensable. Thank you, Sam! Onward we go!
No one had a better podcast