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All my life I have struggled being “different”. My current dX is ADHD and depression, both run in the fam. After having a son that was informally dX as “On The Spectrum” and seeing similarities in myself, I began to wonder. Now after listening to Lauren’s traits, which are exactly mine (yes I talk to myself). I’m seeking a dX. Thank you, Lauren! I look forward to next season.
Thank you, Lauren for making this podcast. You have made me feel more seen.
Hello Lauren ! What a gift of honesty + humility you provide others confused and searching for answers. I’m a psychotherapist in South Florida who was searching for just the right podcast to educate myself and to provide as a resource for an undiagnosed client. Your podcast was just right and my first choice over a boring clinician quoting research. I loved all the ways you shared your testimony making it entertaining, educating, normalizing, and healing. I’m not on the spectrum, but I too am the “ loudest girl in the world , “ always in trouble as a child for talking and told to “modulate” my voice level. Errrr. Outgoing and being interested in others wasn’t popular with teachers. I believe we all have different brains with overlapping traits, it’s confusing in each decade until we learn what and why makes us tick and what we need to relieve the pressure. Thank you Lauren , keep the podcasts coming! MLF ♥️
I LOVE this podcast and wish there were more episodes!! An a recently self-diagnosed autistic, I related to Lauren’s witty stories and experiences. So glad for this!
Great story telling in a funny way!
Honest, funny and heartfelt!
I find Lauren truly hilarious and would want to be her friend in real life. I have laughed out loud so many times listening to this by myself. Just love it and great story.
I am not as old, only 22, but I too struggle with feeling like I might have autism. My therapist actually recommended this podcast to me. I have struggled all my life to understand why my brain works the way it does, and listening to Lauren’s podcast has given me much needed comfort. I resonate so much with Lauren, and in hearing another loud, conversation monopolizing sweetheart with a need for routines, I feel seen. I don’t have to be as afraid of trying to discover myself. People are so critical of anything and everything. If you want to have a genuine podcast experience with personal anecdotes, intense vulnerability, comedy, and a compelling story then look no further. Especially if you feel like it’s really hard to make friends and the world is on a completely separate wavelength than you.
I’ve enjoyed Lauren’s work in prior podcasts (Spectacular Failures rocks!) and was impressed with this one too. I found her portrait of adult autism to be entertaining, informative and real. The production quality is top notch too!
I have been listening to this podcast for weeks, waiting for it to get good but it’s so boring. Being neurodivergant doesn’t make you interesting unfortunately!
I have been struggling with myself all my life and I believe what you have done have answered why I have struggled all my life in like the first episode and the other episodes since! I know u are helping so many women in their middle years greatly! Being able to take off the mask off for the first time, and now finding out you have a chance to find out who you are is scary…..but also liberating a life saver. You aren’t the bad little girl your parents and teachers told you you were because you couldn’t sit still or were to curious. Thank you I highly recommend this to all teachers and parents to listen Well everybody actually it’s well written funny thought provoking and down right hilarious at times. ! !!!!!
I know Lauren will save me an aisle seat on the airplane!
I am really loving this very honest, vulnerable, at times funny, at times heartbreaking journey. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Lauren is a great story teller and conveys her journey in a beautiful way. I’m loving it.
I found myself crying in my car more than a couple times. Should be required listening for anyone diagnosed late or loves someone with autism.
Im 39 dyslexic and I have adhd. I am also the loudest person everywhere I go and I never shut up. I’m also charming and social (something I had to learn as well) I’m a huge tomboy. I’m just so intrigued right now! I really feel like this may be my answer! I also have sensory issues
Thank you so much Lauren for sharing your journey. This podcast was a great way to start a conversation with my mom! I sent it to her and her response to me was “ I listened to 4 episodes of podcast …. You are my superhero 🦸‍♀️” I was diagnosed with an LD at age 6 with a lot of sensory issues. I am Amelia Bedelia. I am also a preschool teacher! All this has resonated with me that I might be on the spectrum. But as you said it is so hard for an adult (I’m 33) to get diagnosed. Thank you again Lauren!
When my son ( now 38) was involved with educators, etc., it was emphasized to not identify t he person by their disability first- but rather a person with autism…instead of an ‘autistic’ , or autistic person. You seem very cavelier in calling people autistic- and not using people first language
This podcast helps me feel seen! Love listening to it on my morning walks
when i was first diagnosed with autism spectrum, i thought about how my closest friends were about to get an explanation of why i was always so weird. it’s so wonderful to have people like ms ober educating people about this set of personality traits
Lauren’s story really resonates — I was just diagnosed last year at the age of 40. Thank you so much for this podcast!
The cathartic cry I had after listening to every episode was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Right now, I am that frightening crossroads of accepting my autistic self and healing the unprocessed sadness of the little girl who was always paddling as hard as she could. I wish I could give ten stars. Thank you, Lauren.
What I want to know is how I get help, I’m 52 and I am this person… I am just like.. and I have no diagnosis of Autism, HELP!
You sound like you are being forced to do this podcast and your commercials are annoying.
Thank you for sharing your story and your journey with getting diagnosed. I didn’t get diagnosed till 30 years old for ADHD. After years of assuming and being in SPED education until 8th grade.
I am a parent of a neurodivergent child and this is the best autism podcast I’ve heard! She is so raw and so real. No political bias and she’s willing to go there! Absolutely love it and can’t wait for more episodes!!!
I’m sharing this with everyone I know. The writing is 10 out of 10. As fun and tight as a standup show with incredible interviews, emotional honesty and history as you go. Great sound design and narrative structure. This thing is amazing. Ober is a national treasure.
Yes, I had to say it 3 times. ❤️
Wow what a great listen! Not only the deep intensely sensitive content shared in a way that wasn’t to draining and also offered moments of comic relief. Also was so well produced with sound bits to enhance the story and great sound mixing. Perfect transitions and good on point tunes. Chomping at the bit for the next episode!!
Seriously the way this is spoken hits home more then you would imagine. The feelings are real. The stories are relatable. I hate waiting for the next episode. You will be hooked from the very first episode.
Coming here from spectacular failures, her previous show (rip) and started listening. Starts off with a cliche (interviewing parents awkwardly) but quickly becomes the funny and quirky and entertaining Lauren Ober that we all know and love.
As someone who was diagnosed at 45, this podcast is such a gift. It’s honest, real, funny, and feels so much like my own experiences. Sharing our stories make us feel less alone and this podcast is certainly doing that for me. Thanks, Lauren! 💗
I just finished ep. 3 and sat down on the floor of my closet and bawled. I was Dx with autism just over a month ago, and listening to your story in real time has helped me to process my own feelings. So thank you for crying with me today Lauren.
This is my FIRST podcast review EVER, despite being a voracious podcast listener for years. I fell into this show by accident and even with only two episodes out, I’m already certain that everyone in the world needs to listen. I am the parent of two boys on the spectrum that don’t present with the stereotypical behaviors associated with autism. I wish I could make everyone in our lives listen to Lauren! She is super funny and charismatic and explains everything in such an accessible way. I’m rooting for her and can’t wait to hear what’s next! Lauren is heartfelt and uplifting, which makes my mama heart happy. I love listening! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Hurry up and drop the next episode!
I always enjoy hearing the personal journeys of those with neurodiversity (as I am neurodiverse as well). Lauren has a wonderful personality and is a natural storyteller. I love in the first episode how her parents joined in the podcast with their own voices. Looking forward to starting the second episode now!
I hope this podcast continues. I’m 40 and feel like Lauren was reading straight from my brain…minus the talking lol!! I’ve laughed and cried and there has only been 2 episodes! Can’t wait for more.
I didn’t know much about adults or women with autism before listening to this show, but Lauren the host makes it accessible. This show is a really clever way of presenting one person’s challenges in a way that everyone can understand. I love all the candid moments too. My only complaint is I want to binge to all the episodes at once!
I’m the mom of a son who wasn’t diagnosed til his late teens….and I am recognizing more and more autistic characteristics in myself. Can’t wait for the next episode!
I like Lauren as a host... funny, witty, smart.. but a little Lauren goes a long way.. it skews manic and shrill too often for me.. having said that, this pod (and her others) are worth your time if you can get past the delivery.. Best of luck Lauren- your honesty and unvarnished approach are admirable 😎


While I was not the loudest person in the world, I relate to Lauren’s experiences of being socially awkward, feeling different, and often being overwhelmed by emotion, particularly embarrassment and self consciousness. However, I’ve never had a problem with having to deviate from a cherished routine, mostly because I also have ADHD and I would be overjoyed to actually be able to develop one, much less keep it. My awareness of autism also came in lapping waves over the years. I always knew I was a bit slower to reach stages of development, ie “a late bloomer” but I eventually caught on to whatever “common sense” the “normies” had sooner. Listen if you want to add nuance to your idea of what it means to be on the autistic spectrum that is at neither end of it but somewhere on there. Plus, she’s interesting and fun to listen to. I highly recommend this podcast. She has a dry wit and a streak of snark that make it entertaining as well as informative.
Lauren, you are awesome, thank you for sharing your experiences. Thanks also to your parents (fyi, sounds like your mom may also be on the spectrum, just with different traits than you have). I’m a therapist who got no training on autism in grad school in the 90s, but have been well trained by my experience with clients over the last 20+ years & now work with lots of lovely folks on the spectrum (& see some of the traits in myself as well). Looking forward to hearing what comes next on this podcast & will for sure refer newly diagnosed clients to it (especially women, as the traits in women can be so different from what most of us think of as autism, as Lauren points out). Keep it up!


So funny and fresh!
This podcast is already making me a better mom to the child version of Little Lauren.
Could listen to her story telling all day. So glad she’s back!
Enjoying this podcast – looking forward to more!
Love this podcast, super well made
Just a really good listen all around.