The Wittering Whitehalls

Reviews For The Wittering Whitehalls

I have loved listening to every episode while working in my art studio all the way in California. The Whitehalls instantly put one in a great mood with their fun and adorable banter, and of course, personal stories that tie in with the emailed queries. Please don’t stop the podcast now…we’re just getting started! Fondly, Robyn
I love them! Please bring them back for as many seasons as they wish to do!!! PLEASE
Please bring this back for another series!
This is my favorite podcast. Love hearing all the stories and they have such a good banter back and forth. Love you guys!
I love to sit and knit while listening to this charming and funny couple!
Love the banter and laughs. A great podcasts for Brits who live abroad to feel like they’re back home :-) Thank you from a Brit living in Southern California
I love listening to all your words of wisdom Mr. & Mrs. Whitehall! You are both funny! Also finished watching Travels with my Father, and I enjoyed it so much! Sending ❤️ from California!
Highly recommend The Wittering Whitehalls. The have fabulous banter and offer great advice with much wit and charm.
I wish the releases more pods frequently! I love them!!
Found them on tiktok and love watching and hearing them. They are so funny
I have listened to three episodes so far and I love it. Absolutely adorable and hilarious.
As usual, Michael never fails to disappoint as the old loveable curmudgeon who is clearly a very sweet man (unless you’re cooking bratwurst near him) and Hillary is the sunshine to compliment the rain cloud. For anyone who enjoys Travels With My Father, I highly recommend this podcast as it will make you feel like the journey hasn’t really ended. PS- the irony of Michael yelling at German tourists whilst holding a book about Hitler in front of his, er, family jewels, certainly cannot be lost on anyone. 😂
I love the Whitehalls. They are so funny and interesting. I cannot be in a bad mood listening to them.
I absolutely adore Hillary and Michael and eagerly await each week’s podcast… so funny and delightful in every way!
Love their banter and the perspective from these two from across the pond.
So happy to hear more Whitehall witty banter from these two. If you enjoyed them on their son’s travel show and specials, you will love them here.
I feel in love with Michael and Hilary when they were on their son Jack’s show! I’m so excited to be able to listen to their witty banter regularly now! They really brighten my day and I laugh so hard!
Made-my-day that I have these podcasts to look forward to! (Fellow Winston Churchill fan ☺️)
After watching travels with my father I have watched attentively everything by any Whitehall, follow all of them on social media (including Winston) but by far my favourite Whitehall is Michael. I was sad when the last couple of travels with my father eluded that it would be the last of what I see of Michael. I’m glad I get to enjoy his hilarious company through these podcasts- and will certainly listen attentively to every word this great sage passes down on us common folk.
So naturally funny, and very English!
Hillary & Michael.. continue the humor of Jack Whitehall'Travels with Father. They are both unique and hilarious each with their own special spark. Will we be hearing of WWI yay ons well being? I do hop so
Since discovering their son Jack’s stand-up special on Netflix, I have loved the Whitehalls. This is funny and refreshing. Love their bantering. Can’t wait for more episodes!
I am so excited about this podcast! I’ve loved the first 2 episodes! Thank you so much!
So excited to hear from Michael and Hilary!! Love them!!💖
Can’t get enough of Michael and Hilary!