"Diet and Fitness Podcasts by Diet.com"

Reviews For "Diet and Fitness Podcasts by Diet.com"

I personally really like this podcast. It's not too involved: easy-to-listen-to tips that won't take up too much of your time. And I think Lady Diet is pretty great. She's engaging and gives a personal spin on the stuff she's talking about. Keep the info coming!
As a student, I found these tips to be especially useful because they're applicable to everyday life. The best part: they're only about 3 mins long. Lady Diet doesn't ramble on about nonsense - she gets to the point and offers helpful hints that I've actually used and suggested to my friends. The tips, news, and advice isn't only targeted at the younger generation, so I've also suggested it to my mom. Surprisingly, she loved them once she figured out how to use her ipod...
Thanks for the useful information. I enjoyed it very much.
I've listened to a lot of podcasts, but not necessarily ones under the Health category. I found this one and really like the content! I think Lady Diet (the host) offers really good insights on dieting and fitness issues. She is funny to listen to, as well. I especially like the episodes about celebrity diet secrets and college food dilemmas. The best part is Lady Diet's podcast episodes are short enough that you won't get bored. You should subscribe if you want quick, helpful diet and fitness tips!