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This show is one my husband enjoys as well as I do! There have been many episodes I have laughed and cried while listening. The content is relevant, engaging and challenging.When people ask for a recommendation for a podcast this is the one I tell them to try. If they have littles I recommend they start at the beginning.
This is the first podcast I had ever heard and it led me to other Catholic podcasts 7 years ago. I love everything about it and look forward to it every week! Keep up the great work!!
I love this show. So down to earth & funny. I like the easy banter back and forth. It feels like hanging out and catching up with old friends. My favorite segment is when they riff on the gospels. They don't do it every show, but when they do, it's hilarious. Mac even wrote a book taking the best of those riffing segments; it's called "Clueless in Galilee," so now I have all my favorites in one place. Thank you for the laughs.
This podcast is so entertaining. Laugh out loud funny at times, thought provoking, uplifting.
This podcast helps my wife and I keep some semblance of sanity as we struggle to raise our three children and keep them grounded in faith and family in this crazy world.
I have been listening for a few years now. It took me a moment to get into it, but figured out the consistent format after a few episodes, and really appreciate having some actual production quality (some podcasts I listen to sound like they were just recorded and posted right then). Catholic Stuff segments vary a bit from profound to light, but always provoke at least a little thought. Like a set of friendly neighbors from Georgia.
I love it. Everything about it. .
Mac and Katherine are a dee-lite! The way they banter reminds me of my own relationship with my husband. I love hearing about their lives, and kind of wish I lived down the street, so I could pop in for a cup of coffee or home brew. Their take in movies and books is fun to listen to, and I appreciate how they tie in their Catholic faith at the end.
This couple and their family are bright spots in my podcast world. Thank you. Having said that. Please leave the gratuitous political comments off mic. There is no reason to alienate half the audience. We get enough politics in football. God love you.
I look forward to the show every week and I appreciate Catholic content I can play with my little ones around.
What a wonderful podcast! really freshing and funny,they share from their hearts and minds, down to earth people who are building their faith just like all of us, going one step at a time, going thru RCIA class as well,after being protestant all my life!! I'M COMING HOME!!
CST is a great mix of humor, advise, faith and out right ridiculousness. I have been a listening since 2011 and there can never be too much Max and Katherine!
Been a regular listener for several years now, and still look forward to each new show. Mac and Katherine are a wonderful mix of funny and heartfelt, and always real. I particularly appreciate that their reviews of entertainment include whether or not the show/movie/etc is kid-appropriate! Catholic or not, if you are juggling family, work, and faith in this techno-crazy world, this podcast is a must-try!
I love Mac & Katherine’s podcast. They’re a great couple who live out their Catholic faith. The production is clean and fresh.
A great podcast that takes you along on the fantastic journey that is Mac & Katherine and family's Catholic life. I always look forward to each next episode. I've even started getting some of my kid's to listen now as well. The oldest (who is ten) of my six kids enjoyed the most recent episode with me. God Bless. Andres
My favorite podcast. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the humor, banter, and down to earth conversation between these two.
Catholic in small town great love there love for the lord
I enjoy listening to Mac and Katherine almost every week - the stories of their joys and struggles raising their family and living out the Catholic faith. This is my favorite podcast. While I rarely submit feedback (so it's definitely a one-way thing!), I really feel like I know them and that they are friends!
Real hope, real folks. This is a great podcast.
Listening to Mac and Katherine is like having a conversation with your next door neighbor. You really feel connected to them. They're honest, funny, and spiritual. I can't wait for their podcast each week. It's good to hear about another family that goes through some of the things we do and did. They can be quite thought provoking on faith issues and their entertainment reviews are quite fun! All in all, this is a must listent to podcast for Catholic's with children!
I have been listening for almost a year now. My favorite episode involves their fig tree impersonation and Catherine's various voices such as her military voice of "You must go there now!" There are times, especially episode 391 where I'm snaughling so hard, I may need to pull the car over while commuting. I also enjoy Sam giggling in the background. Great way to start the day, especially before work. I started listening to them because of another podcast, Greg and Jennifer's Adventures in imperfect living.
I have been listening to these 2 for a couple of years, they are beautiful together, love that they share their family.
A great podcast about life, family, entertainment and faith. I've been listening for more than a year and I'm consistently impressed with the quality of their conversation, which is lively, spontaneous, playful and genuine without getting stale or bogged down in pet subjects. Great job and well worth a listen.
I love this show! I'm not sure how I came upon this show, because I'm not Catholic, but I enjoy hearing Mac and Catherine chat about their life, what they're watching, and how they are living their religion. I am actually an LDS (Mormon) mom of five and love the fact that despite our different religions that we share a lot of the same values. Keep up the good work!!!
Really enjoy this!
This podcast is hands-down my favorite! It's a great balance of faith, family and culture and I look forward to every new episode. Enjoy! I assure you, you will not be disappointed!
I've been listening to Catholic in a Small Town for over a year. Mac and Katherine are a lot of fun, relatable, and have a good Catholic perspective on life.
This show keeps me up to date on current shows and movies my children are watching AND they even do book reviews! Love the Catholic element- thank you
Mac and Katherine are the neighbors I wish I had when I lived in the South. I look forward to the podcast each week and feel connected to the topics even if I don't care about a particular TV show or Boy Scouts. There are even times when I totally disagree on a serious topic. Those times sometimes make me want to fast forward, but I find it helpful and informative to hear from view points different than my own. Overall, it feels like a home-cooked meal after being on a long vacation.
One of my favorite Podcasts...Look forward to the weekly download...,Sharing their faith in such a fun and amusing way. Give them a listen ! Mac and Katherine will make you smile and laugh while also sharing what it means to " Keep the faith"
Say it isn't so!? It's a Catholic show that has a little bit of everything. From busy schedules of an all American southern family, to entertainment recommendations, to faith filled minds, there is something for everyone! Mac and Katherine keep me laughing episode after episode all while encouraging me to be a better Catholic! If your not listening to them, then your missing out! It's so good, it's "Litterally" Scandalous!!
Mac and Katherine are always fun, personable and full of insight.
These days, there has been so much darkness and negativity that is seemingly impossible to escape. This podcast is that escape! Mac and Katherine's podcast can make even the heaviest of hearts lighter by talking about the wonderful, beautiful things that life has to offer. Hearing about their lives, family, Catholicism, favorite media, and experiencing the joys and sorrows they experiencing and seeing how they handle tough situations and how they bring humor and joy and goodness to the table is just such a blessing. They also prove to be incredible examples of the type of life I hope to live in the near future. This is one pick-me-up you won't want to miss! :)
Mac & Katherine, what can I say...I love listening! I have been listening to this podcast for more than 7 years. They are a great couple who compliment each other in so many ways. If my life gets too busy, this is the show that still gets listened to out of all my podcasts. Not only do many aspects of their lives conincide with my personal circumstances, but I also love their recommendations for movies, shows and books. Keep up the great podcasting!
Ever since they went to a weekly format, Mac and Katherine have consistently gotten better, especially the Catholic Stuff segment. Catholic in a Small Town is funny and heart-warmingly honest. If you don't get it at first, keep on listening--it will be worth it!
Just the right amounts of faith, family and humor. Nice folks. Great podcast. Helps to know other husbands and wives are on the same journey. A clear favorite.
I love Mac and Katherine. They put together such a quality show, every time. They are so relatable, and not at all preachy. I don't necessarily agree with them on everything, but my confessor told me I need to work on letting go of microaggressions so I'm trying to rise above (small "inside" joke, listen to the podcast). Mac and Katherine are funny and genuine, and each episode is a really nice mix of faith and fun. I stumbled upon them by accident, and they got me listening to podcasts. Do yourself a favor and check them out!
This show seemed very good, and I honestly love listening. However, recently my support was lost after the shows producers made light of the issues minorities face daily (micro-aggressions) and the very real challenges patients of PTSD face when challenged with content that can trigger them having not been warned (trigger warnings). These are very REAL things, and the producers made a show that could misinform listeners on the subject, belittling it, making it seem childish. As a Catholic who tries my hardest to be faithful to the Church (which I'm sure we all do) I can not support a show that actively dismisses, belittles, and makes light of the plight that people of color must carry every day. It is fine to disagree. It is not ok to use a platform such as this to spread misinformation and contribute to the problems these people face. Catholic social doctrine calls for us all to help those lowest among us; how can we help when we wont even listen and believe in the very real challenges they face, challenges that aren't even noticed because they have become a part of every day life in an established, institutionalized, pervasive racism in our country. I love the show. Typically great content. But this is a serious issue that was more or less brushed aside as if it doesn't impact millions of lives every day. If you don't take this as serious as I do, the show will be great for you. But when they named a whole show for micro-aggressions and then proceeded to give false information, make fun of it, act as if it's something childish instead of somethings people of color must fight every day.... That is too much for me.
A good show that will take a while to get into (lots of names and relationships to learn!), but I personally have grown to like keeping up with the Barron's. Most of the show is just talking about what happened with their family that week, but they have a small portion at the end of the show about Catholic stuff, and their reviews on books and movies always have a strong Catholic stance to them.
Listening to the way you are both handling marriage, children, faith helps me remember when I thought all that was a struggle. Now, I am in the years of care taking for my sick husband and wish I had a crystal ball…I would enjoy every minute.
Mac and Katherine consistently deliver entertaining, thoughtful, valuable content. They let listeners into their lives and keep episodes balanced with a good mix of lighthearted conversation about movies and tv, as well as thought-provoking discussions on parenting and faith. I look forward to each new episode they put out. CST is at the top of my list of regular listening!
I have been listening to CST for so long I can't remember. I feel as though Mac and Katherine are just great friends who live far away. The format of their podcast is just perfect. I love a Catholic podcast that isn't always everything Catholic. You can have actually get a look into the lives of this (young) Catholic family and the joys and struggles they have with four boys. Their sections include "Happenings" which is what happened this week, "Entertainment" looking at books and movies, and "Catholic Stuff" which is normally dominated by Katherine (just wind her up and let her go!) and is always faithful and true regardless of who speaks. I have been challenged to be a better father to my children and a better Catholic in general. I would recommend this podcast to anyone of any age. Mac and Katherine are funny, insightful and even a little scandelous (oh my!). Just a great balance that everyone needs in their lives.
Fabulous Podcast! Katherine's laugh is contagious and Mac's sense of humor is witty. Thanks for all the good stuff guys. Love it so much I pledged through Patreon!
Been listening to this podcast for about a year and have enjoyed every minute of it.
This is a great podcast...I have listened since 2009 and love to listen to it with my wife on long car rides...I usually listen by myself on my way to and from work, but I will have often say to my wife "I have a Mac and Katherine to listen to" when have longer rides and she is always looking forward to their updates....they have a great perspective on our Catholic faith and of course, I look forward to their movie and TV reviews...
Such a fun, funny and uplifting show! I love it! Keep up the great work!!
It may be a total cliche today but this pod cast totally took me from, “Hello my name is Mac..” Now it wasn’t Mac himself that bought me but it was this WHOLE podcast itself. Katherine and Mac together offer up a winning team. Whether it’s reading from their mailbag, to drinking their coffee (Which one is it this month?), to talking about their boys and just amazing reviews of scripture or of topics in today’s world. I look forward to their podcast every week to where I became a Patreon member JUST to make sure they new their value. Thank you for helping make our day full of insight, “scandalous” ideas/thoughts and just a time where I can laugh.
I am not a Catholic. In recent years, I have not even been a believer. I came to CST through SQPN almost a decade ago & have enjoyed the warmth and humor of this couple intermittently over the years, only becoming a subscriber last year. The great thing about this show is the humanity which shines through. This is an often hilarious podcast, but unlike most comedy podcasts, it's not a humor that degrades. There is content related to faith in most episodes but unlike most religious podcasts, it's non-judgmental and avoids controversy. Perhaps the thing I like most is the humanity which shines through. You get to share the joys and sorrows of family life in the modern age. You may cry, you will laugh. In a world blunted by everyday distractions, you get to feel something. And maybe, just maybe, you will be surprised by hope.
I finally took Greg and Jennifer Willits advice and gave your show a try, and I LOVE it!!! I am now a faithful listener!! Blessings, Vanessa