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For the algo
Love listening to this podcast when doing daily tasks and commuting. Love fitness in my life and really enjoy the entertainment this podcast provides. The guests are always intriguing and hosts listen to their audience. Great people great podcast.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. My screen time is dedicated fitness industry content and your podcast is my favorite. Your content flows with ease and love the humor.
Great Podcast ly
Love you soosh and jam. Review for the algo💪🏻
Great podcast
Literally started listening to the pod cast on my road trip to Dallas now I’m always looking forward to the next one
Jam and Soosh y’all are so comfortable on the mic it’s nice to hear y’all be real with it. Love the YouTube but podcast is great for work 🤙🏽
Honestly been a fan of Jam for longer than I can remember and to be able to go through and listen then re listen to all his and Sooshes fantastic interactions with each other and guest has been a pleasure. 10/10
title says it all.
The only fitness influencers podcast I listen to. Guests and convos always quality and entertaining
Started watching the pod since episode one on YouTube and it is great to see them expand and grow so much as to now be on apple and Spotify. Keep it up and wish nothing but more success ✊🏼
Good podcast I enjoy how the balance between the 2 views and how this is one of the few “gym bro” podcasts that isn’t all about “the gym” and not hosted by some meatheads. Soosh can get pretty annoying with his bar-partying-drugs-smoking-different th0t every week-lifestyle, but I like how he’s not afraid of saying what we’re all thinking especially when there’s a woman haha. James is great and clearly the one that keeps the podcast interesting, “intelligent”, and grounded. I would be cool as the podcast grows to include different people from different backgrounds later as fitness influencers can and could get pretty repetitive.
When I first heard that these two were starting a podcast I thought, wow two more guys going after that sweet watch time metric on YouTube. I’m happy to say I was wrong, both James and Brandon have a natural chemistry that lends itself perfectly to hosting a podcast. Their ability to ask good questions that create natural conversations with their guests is on the level of joe rogan, and unlike other podcasts started by YouTubers (h3h3) they actually let their guests speak and follow up with questions that dig deeper, rather than following a script of written down topics. These two have something special here and it’s definitely worth an hour of your time to check out. Keep it up 👍🏻


every episode is good 😈
Most entertaining podcast out there, fitness industry or not. Keep ‘em coming fellas
This is the greatest podcast ever
I have been subscribed to Soosh and Jam since before this podcast and even the mover to Texas. Their content is consistently entertaining, genuine, and knowledgeable. 5⭐️ pod
Should get 6 stars
Love mogcast haven’t Missed a vid
It’s soosh and James what can I say.
Always have watched this podcast. Very relatable and informative stuff
Top 2 pod and it isn’t 2
Soosh and James finally!!! So hyped that your finally on Apple podcasts
I follow several podcast and I’ve been following this one since it was on YouTube only and this podcast engages you completely, they make you feel like you’re there with them ! Keep up the good work.
Best podcast to listen to in the car, gym, plane, boat, anywhere. Very chill and interesting. I wait for the podcast every week. 🤝🔥


By Evank7
Good pod always have interesting and relevant topics. Also has sick hosts whom are both inspirational in bodybuilding and self improvement.
Best fitness/life podcast for sure. Have been following both for a couple years now and they’re so entertaining. Def should listen
The podcast is always fun and I enjoy feeling like I’m there with the boys because of the tone they maintain. Every episode has a guest I wouldn’t have thought would be interesting, but I’m always wrong!


Yay! finally on Apple! My favorite podcast ever best duo combined. Very entertaining and doesn’t feel like time is going by.
Fire podcast, been listening since March 2021
Thank Christ you finally have this on podcast so I don’t have to load YouTube 7x each time the app restarts and I lose my place lol
Do urself a favor and Take a listen


Great podcasts and relatable to us
The best part of my day is when a new mogcast is out, I love James and Soosh, everybody needs to listen to the mogcast and try not have a good time because you can’t


By ZayGann
Goat podcast
I love to listen to this podcast I would always listen to this during the gym and on walks. Soosh and Jam are extremely genuine and listening to them talking is like having a conversation with your friends, they give lots of advice and just talk about their overall lives. They have amazing personalities that you will bond with as well as amazing physiques. Soosh is funny, while James balances him out with his intellect they are an amazing combo!
No one compares to these two difs
I love listening to the genuine conversations. They touch on important topics while making it a comfortable conversation with simple jokes that blend perfectly together. Glad I listened in!