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If, like me, you enjoy being terrified, heartbroken, infuriated, aghast, depressed and eternally hopeful that justice will be served, this is your podcast. Excellent production. Please, Matt, keep at it, the children and families deserve justice! The hotel owner knows!
This is far and away one of the best true crime podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Graves does an exceptional job of familiarizing the listener with the time period, the crimes, the criminals and the impact of the crimes on a populace. It is very rare I make time for “appointment listening,” but consider this series precisely that. Please keep up the amazing work & I look forward to each and every new episode.
This is one of the most horrifying true stories I’ve ever heard and the full extent of how big the criminal ring was is still not known. Thank you for the superb reporting and production. And thank you for helping expose these monsters.
Made it through 2 episodes listening to the atrocious writing hoping the story could keep me hooked. I just gave up beginning of episode 3 when the host says “I remember thinking, hmm I guess losing your kid in a supermarket is a big deal here.” Guaranteed reading about this case on Wikipedia is time better spent.


This is one of my fav podcasts to listen to!
One of my favorite true crime podcasts. Very creepy and a bit disturbing to listen to at times but beyond interesting.
This is my favorite podcast! The host is great at telling the story. I had never heard of this case before and now I am hooked!
This podcast has truly touched my emotions from fear for my own children to sympathy and even a sense of helplessness. The information is accurate and you can tell this research was very well verified and emotionally difficult to hear and pass on to us. Thank you for remembering the victims.
Does a good job providing lots of info without confusing the listener. Lots of people involved but the narrator does a great job telling a clear story. Heart breaking for the families and such a cautionary tale when government can fail.
About 15 mins of content regularly interrupted by obnoxious ads. Too bad. Makes it hard to enjoy.
I was initially excited to see a podcast covering this topic. Yet after seven episodes I have found it difficult to continue listening. The writing is awful, with no structure to how things are presented and the host often making outlandish claims and embellishments with no reporting to back things up. Everything was “obvious”, the police were incompetent or corrupt and everyone knew it! It makes following the story difficult when I’m just trying to actually learn about what happened.
The worst nightmare a parent can go through! The host is a great story teller!
Great podcast and great narration. I also really appreciate the journalist's perfect accent! The story itself is heartbreaking and the opening music somehow makes it feel even more haunting. My only criticism is the obnoxious ads. Three long ad breaks per episode is way too much.
But where are the other episodes?? A Forbes article profiling the series mentioned 10 episodes — yet there have been no updates since 9/20/22. Anxiously awaiting more….
Episode 7 is taking too long to come out. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks
I was almost kidnapped in Belgium in 2008. I really lucked out… but now hearing this I wonder if there could’ve been any connections. Very sad and heart wrenching, but provided me some very useful info and context around the way the police treat these situations.
I can’t wait! Such a great pod.
Thank you for creating this podcast. I am Belgian, I was 19 in 1995. I don’t think any Belgian will ever forget Julie and Melissa. And like you said in one episode I will never forget their pictures on the missing posters. I saw all the news about them (and the other girls) back then. I thought I knew everything about the case. But wow, I was so wrong. This is so interesting. Again, thank you!
The guests are excellent and the storyline is riveting. The host is mediocre at best. Also, to pivot to the ad about helping “solve a mystery” about the best fiends game is in really poor taste against the backdrop of such a somber subject.
The case is very interesting, but the host has a bit of a distracting voice and doesn’t tell the story in a very dynamic way. I find myself being more annoyed then actually taking in the information. Some of the sound effects can be a bit much and are a bit too loud at times. Sometimes the host seems to take creative liberties with what the victims were feeling or experiencing. It comes across a bit patronising.
Funny story - I am a huge true crime podcast fan but searched for "Belgian podcasts" because my daughter has been living and studying in Brussels for the past two years. I am so interested learning all about the country. This podcast came up and it ticks both boxes!! The reporting is so thorough. I really appreciate it! This guy was truly a monstre.
This is well thought out Leaves one hanging waiting for the next one A very sad and brutal story Monster was a good titular as that’s what they are
It’s stunning to learn that Belgium was so lax regarding sexual assault of young people. Almost as though the authorities might’ve been hiding their own sins.
This was great and it left me wanting more
Absolutely love the hosts voice and way he narrates! Perfect mix of interesting and eerie 🙌
Next episodes
When is Episode 4 coming? Thanks
Great listen so far, I feel like it really shows all perspectives from everyone involved.
I was glad to hear a commercial for this pod on Culpable. Since I hold Culpable in such high regard, I had to give this a shot. I’m glad I did! This podcast is well researched and well told. The host has a fantastic voice to boot. I looked all over Facebook for a page to connect with others and know when new episodes will drop because I am HOOKED! I don’t see a page but will be checking regularly to find out when episode 4 will drop! Well done! Highly recommend!
This podcast is so good. It is well researched and the host is amazing. His voice is low and soft and he doesn’t spout stupid opinions all the time or talk about “full body chills” like another one we all know. I had never heard of this case. It is scary and fascinating.
I’m hooked. Great job. Definitely recommend.
Im already a fan of this pod- haven’t heard this story before, which is a plus. Nice mix of background info and story, includes first hand interviews, and seems well researched. Unrelated, the host’s voice is unique and the pacing is perfect. Really engaging and off to a good start.
I've listened to the first two episodes and I'm hooked. I had never heard of these cases in Belgium, and now, I have to know the whole story. The host is top notch, as is the quality of the journalism used to relay the story. Original witnesses are interviewed and details are reviewed for the listeners. This podcast is a cut above others.
Im from Belgium I had a teacher that had his own independent newspaper in Belgium and he would tell me that so many people was involved in this Dutroux case we talking about politician, priest, big family names he would always say why do you think this guy his in a jail cell with a computer, television he gets anything he wants in that jail or else he will start dropping name please do the correct research and found who was all involve. I was a child when this happened and I was terrorise about this story it really impact us as children of Belgium I hope this is finally being told the right way.