Englewood Baptist Church

Reviews For Englewood Baptist Church

Give just an hour of one day of your life and you will finally start to understand Bible very clearly. Dr Cloer always can teach with such accuracy each Bible verse as he breaks it down for anyone to understand thru his teachings. We are Blessed to have such a wonderful Teacher.
There isn't a rating low enough for me to choose. I am baffled at the sermon about the LGBT community. People like Cloer are why there is so much hatred in this world and it makes me sad to think people actually listen to him.


I sat as a child under the awesome preaching of Dr.Cloer and have missed him so much. I'm so glad I can still hear his preaching from these podcasts.
If you missed church this week, or you just need a spiritual pick-up, this is an awesome church with a very blessed pastor. Dr. Cloer speaks in such a way that brings everything to "today's" life and ways of living. God bless this church and all they do for our community!