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Really appreciate how more grounded Alex’s reporting has become. She’s calmer and more seemingly sincere. Always sharp. I look forward to her growing confidence and occasional humor. Rachel Maddow has been a hard act to follow! Congrats Alex.
Nobody else is Rachel M. and I think the Alex W. and the show could have a chance for success if they stop trying to make her Rachel M. Perhaps if the show embraced the skills and style of the current host, the long-winded and redundant introductions, tendency to interrupt guests and leave little time for them to speak will take care of itself.
Alex is decente but not fabulous. There is something about the way Rachel explain every intrinsic situation that is easy to digest and open eye. That isn’t Alex forte. Sad to say.
I was very sad to see Rachel drop to one show a week. I refused to believe anyone could pick up the mantle and succeed. Boy am I glad I got over that. Alex is a fabulous host, the team is cohesive and has kept the same feel while allowing Alex to make the show her own. She’s charming, the reporting is great and the guests she has are interesting. Bravo, Alex! PS - if you love Alex, check her out as the host of The Mole on Netflix.
alex said today, “the evidence, or how they see it” referring to doj. is this the best msnbc has to offer for this time slot?
Must you cover Trump in EVERY episode? He’s washed up! Move on! Is there no other news to cover? I simply cannot listen anymore. Complete waste of time!
Unfortunately Alex does not have Rachel‘s depth, both intellectual depth and emotional depth her news style is somewhat gossipy in a way that Rachel in spite of her informality did not project. I find I don’t look forward to her broadcast as much as I used to when Rachel was at the helm.
The Dateline-type ads bring the whole show down a notch.
Alex, you’re doing great. I enjoy your style and commentary. Keep it up! Once used to your style, your show is very informative to watch. Definitely worth listening to every day.
Alex is doing great. I have some concerns regarding her performance. 1. Alex gives a long introduction, which is great, but when she calls the guest, she talks a lot again, and repeats what she just said. Sometimes she does not let the guest to talk, and surprisingly, interrupt the guest! 2. It may sound rude, but can not stop telling her. Alex needs to work on her open mouth h while she listens to the guests. Hope someone in the studio will point it out to her. Otherwise, I never miss her show.
Alex is the perfect addition to the MSNBC line up. She’s smart, young and passionate. Loved her on The Circus, and now too.
In yesterday’s show (Oct 28) you played the truly chilling Jan 6 calls to find Nancy Pelosi. Then in the next segment, you played them again. This is not news! This is just keeping the violence on the front burner. It does nothing to improve the situation, it only further traumatizes those of us who are either targeted or are very sensitive to the current public ire. It is not responsible reporting.
Hi Alex, I am enjoying your show but I want to caution you about your frequent and varying use of the phrase “it’s just terrifying”. Fear spreads like wildfire and the republicans are constantly using it as a way to control the masses (or maybe “their” masses). While the circumstances that surround us are deeply concerning, I do not allow fear in my life. Just a thought! Thanks for your great show!
I generally like her coverage but I question the 21 October show’s emphasis on all the specifics regarding the county office’s safety precautions. By asking and detailing each of the safety measures that have implemented you render them ineffective as it makes it easier to “plan around them”. C’mon. You can highlight that safety measures have been implemented without giving the exact dimensions and limitations of the measures.
Hmm.. Louisiana doesn’t sound at all “great” to me. Wonder why the phrase “ the great state of…. must be proclaimed when so many weasels run the show there Great reporting, interviewing, perspective!! hey it’s election time, it’s a frenzy and tiring. Sure hope enough bright people come out to vote and cease the absurd make believe reality and the lie machine and cardboard Christian’s thinking they are so holy,, Jesus shudders I’m sure!!!
It’s so distracting. Otherwise great reporting.
Taking over for the best, Alex is doing a great job.
Alex, fill Rachel’s shoes, if only it was that simple. I read that in the ratings war she has dipped considerably. I found myself questioning why. Simple answer people like to be comfortable with the Status Quo. They were used to that black jacket, the 9 o’clock hour belonged to Rachel’s l, still does on a Monday. An almost impossible act to follow. If you want to know the truth I used to get sick of Rachel continually repeating herself taking a leaf out of theOrange man’s tactics. Say it often enough some might stick. However her overall show was compelling. Having said that I like the pixie features of this new presenter. she is smart, in every sense of the word. I was a little worried with her plunging neckline on her first show but since then the cover up came and so did the stories. She is good, a very active listener the hallmark of any good interviewer. She has a good team around her and she is starting to show why her bosses chose her to replace Rachel. My advice to her is keep going as you are, people will get used to you. I like what I see.


Shes not Rachel and can never replace her. Sorry but those shoes are way too big for you girl.
I miss Rachel and her history lessons. This is just another echo chamber. In my opinion, Nichol Wallace would have filled Rachel's shoes much better. Alex's cadence is off and the tone of her voice doesn't speak seasoned. Admittedly, I have not seen any of her previous work which might have been more impressive and explain why MSNBC gave her the slot. As a women I applaud the efforts of news organizations to offer prime time shows to female newscasters. However, to fill this particular opening the person doing it had to have the chops, the it factor and the hard hitting undertones of a gritty reporter regardless of their gender. I have not heard any of that. In this podcast, Alex feels like a lightweight not commanding the chair. Plenty of women will high five her simply because she is a women. That's a mistake and MSNBC will pay for in it's ratings.
Alex you are doing a great job, keep up the good work. Thanks, Sandy
If you are leaving the program please leave. I’m tuning in specifically on Monday for you, not Alex (no offense). I get that you are super busy, you must be, your brain is so huge, of course you’d be working on lots of projects. But if you are unable to do even this one day consistently you should just cut the cord and I’ll just have to get used to this new person. Sincerely, Zorn B Taylor Avid Rachel Listener
Ms. Wagner is just trying too hard to be witty or funny too often. She cuts off her guests to get her “Witt “ out. It is just annoying to listen too. Also, it would be nice to actually hear what the guest has to say.
I thought Rachel Maddow was far enough left for me. Alex Wagner seems to take this show to Fox News levels of ignorance. She referred to the conservative’s federal 15 week ban on abortion attempt as a gift or blessing or something to that effect. She uses verbiage seemingly in an attempt to belittle the Republican Party. I’m confused as to how she got this time slot. You don’t put someone in this time slot with the expectation they’re going to take time to get up to speed. This is not a reliable show if you’re fact searching.
I’ve given Alex Wagner a couple of weeks and my impression of her is not improving. Plain and simple, she makes a much better substitute host than a permanent one. MSNBC and Rachel Maddow blew it on this one.
Way to long on the explanation and introduction into the interview with Pete. You are doing well, don’t talk too much when you have a special and brilliant guest. Give them the air time. Also why do you call Mara Lago trumps “beach house”? Seriously?
Great stand in for Rachel in her own right. Enjoy this very much!
I so dearly miss Rachel Maddow, but Ms Wagner is a perfect fit for this time slot. She delivers quickly and clearly. Her professional approach is similar to Ms Maddow, which makes every episode interesting, insightful and delightful.


I love that Alex has her show in place of Rachael. I wish Rachael was still doing a daily show, but having Alex is great. Thanks for the fresh voice on my podcast.
I notice publish times are getting later . Where is tonight’s timely episode?
Hi Alex can you please stop calling him “President Trump “today he is NOT the president. Thank you
Illustrating a possible legal outcome for Trump, I suggest tracking your Enron segment to the Richard Scrushy/HealthSouth trial. I think it was first case using the new law passed after Enron. Despite convictions or guilty pleas from 19 or so Chief Financial officers for HealthSouth, CEO Scrushy was found not guilty. I’m thinking this portends any case against Trump: his minions go to jail and he goes free.
She is the perfect choice Brilliant Ably explores different views It will take time for her to find her identity Don’t try to be Rachel Be you! WHERES ALEX TODAY!!!!!?
But it seldom updates in a timely manner. Example: it’s almost 1AM Central (2AM Eastern) on an early Friday morning, and Thursday’s 8PM Central show hasn’t dropped yet. By the time I get to listen to it, all the news will be old. Rachel had some issues with this, too, but not nearly this bad. And I’m bummed because I *really* liked to listen to Rachel (now this show) as I settled down to sleep at night so I can catch up with the day. I guess I’ll have to find something different if they don’t work out the issues.
I hope it gets better. So far, interviews, points, and themes are not made as clearly as they were with Maddow. Guests get interrupted more and the themes of interview are lost. I thought the temporary host did a better job. I will give the show one more week!
The only “clown show” is this Podcast!
Thanks for your coverage regarding Hillsdale’s influence in education here in my state of Florida. I’m a gay (former for now) teacher, and I taught at a hillsdale charter school for two months. I’m so glad to see you raising awareness of the chilling project they are undertaking.
In this first week, Alex Wagner is quickly becoming a show I look forward to and I hope she continues to improve. Her discussions are intelligent and her insights are helpful to those who don’t dive deep into topics. I would like to see guests who are willing to answer uncomfortable questions. I also hope that she develops a segment around one of her personal interests like Rachel Maddow’s Best New Thing and cocktail moment. I miss those segments because it countered the darkness that our current politics can bring.
It appears that with each episode she is getting her feet.
The content of the new presenter’s program is excellent. My only issue is that acoustics for Alex’s studio is like an echo chamber. The remote guests sound fine but the audio for Alex is very unpleasant.
SO far not in my favorite top 3 msnbc nightly shows
Love that Alex is covering issues that are a departure from the daily boilerplate of news all the other shows cover. Great ep and guests talking about education system in FLA.
I think MSNBC has a new star. I am so pleased with this show after the first two episodes. As a dedicated listener to Rachel Maddow I look for analysis that has the highest levels of intellectual rigor. This show delivers. The research is well done and the analysis is deep and on point. In all a great show.
Her fun personality and her professionalism comes thru. I’m looking forward to the next one Alex.
No substitute for Rachel, unfortunately.
Alex is fabulous! Wonderful guests so far and interesting questions with follow up’s. This is well worth your time.
I was really said when Rachel Maddow took a step back from the network but I’m so happy Alex got this show. She will be great.
I have always valued Alex’s integrity and skill to present thoughtful cover! I am thrilled this in podcast format. Thank You!
Entertaining and informative with heavyweight guests. Highly recommended to learn what is happening in National politics.