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So often "kids music" is synonymous with annoying, repetitive catch phrases that end up stuck in your head for days on end. This podcast finds kids music that sounds like **your** music, but with positive messages, kid-appropriate lyrics, and just pleasant sounds to either dance to or wind down to. So happy to have found this podcast!
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Great music once a week! I love that they mix good (clean lyric) adult music with music made specifically for kids. It's a big plus that they love They Might Be Giants as much as my kids and I!
My 4 year old and I love this show. It's original, and turns us on to good kids music that we'll both enjoy.
They Might Be Giants made a huge impact on the potential for whole-family music to embrace its smart, quirky, geeky side, making family music time fun and enriching for all involved. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, curated by Bill Childs, builds upon what TMBG has done, opening every show with this seminal duo’s “Don’t spare the rock” song. Much of the music played on Spare the Rock (including some of my own) fits thematically or stylistically with TMBG’s body of kids’ music work, whether or not directly influenced by it. If you think you and the kids might enjoy rocking out to tunes with a quirky pop or punk slant, fire it up and have a great time!
My only complaint with this is that the iTunes feed is very very slow to update. Sometimes it can take weeks before episodes appear. (Notice the January episodes weren’t released until February!) This bums my kids out when they want new music but it isn’t available yet. A weekly show should have episodes available every week. Still giving it 5 stars cause the show itself is fantastic!
I joke that this podcast is part of my children's curriculum. Like any joke, there is truth in humor. I miss the previous longer 2 hour format, but I still enjoy this. We listen often, I find songs I like, my kids find songs they like, and those might be the same songs. Keep it up Bill!


Quite probably the best thing to happen to kids music ever. Good songs. Good artists. Good host and guest hosts. Thanks for the hard work you put into this program.
Spare the Rock is essential listening for any family trying to raise independent, interesting, and passionate music-loving kids. You'll hear all the best kindie rock and some thoughtfully selected "grown-up" tunes sprinkled in. No other radio show in the world can make the transition from Vampire Weekend to Ralph's Word or Brady Rymer to Neil Diamond sound better, let alone even attempt it.
I like most of the music, but a song for kids about finding renewable energy and global warming? Give me a break.
My kids love these tunes. It's a great alternative to corporate branded kid pop and it rocks for parents, too. The real telling moment for me was when I realized I finished listening to an episode even though I had dropped my kids at school 30 minutes before. Great show and great music.
Spare The Rock has become a part of family dinner on Thursday nights....better than TV
I was psyched to find this podcast. My whole family loves listening to it and I love it because I'm always in search of new music for my kids.
Great music for kids and parents. If you feel dumb listening to "kids music," you gotta give this a listen.
we've all been there, stuck in the car, house, yard with a terrible selection of kids music. well this podcast is a fantastic way to sample some great children's (or child friendly) music. bill and ella do a great job of putting together their weekly selections. itunes should pay them for this podcast because i am always inspired to pick up one or two more selections after listening to this radio show.
Fun and kid appropriate, with a great music selection that kids will love and their parents will appreciate.
...Spare the Rock Spoil the child is for you! My little girl & I listen to this everynight durring her bath time. The music is great and fun from bands that play strictly kids music like Scribble Monster and Dan Zanes to bands that have been inspired by kids like Lisa Loeb and Paul Simon. I have also been introduced to many new bands I had never heard of, and reintroduced to some I missed ( I dug out all of my TMBG CDs from college after hearing the first show!) Many thanks from Mississippi for having such a great Podcast!
This is the type of of music id expect kids 3-9 to be listening to. Its really fun and has great beat to it.