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The guests and hosts go over the same information again and again and again. Lovely story and heartbreaking at times but this did not need to be drawn out into 17 episodes, I stopped listening
I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts, rated few and reviewed even less. This story impacted me in ways I didn’t imagine. I cried feeling the depth of Zach’s mother’s grief and sobbed realizing the breadth of her forgiveness. The ripple effect of George’s letter extends past those directly involved, to those who listen and bear witness to the true essence of forgiveness. Zach’s life continues to have meaning and more surprisingly, his death was not senseless. Thank you for sharing his story.
This is now one of my favorite podcasts! I believe it to be well- balanced and equitable. All parties were treated with respect. I listened to the last episode today- the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So appropriate and much appreciated.
The story is heart wrenching and intriguing. It will stay with me for a long time. Compelled to review to say that the focus on the LDS church is too heavy and took away from the overall story, particularly the bonus episode with the church meeting. Had to skip through.
As a true crime junkie, I started this show not knowing what I was getting myself into. I got literal chills at times listening to this genuine account of how a family extended the smallest gesture of mercy and in turn found beauty and healing in the darkest of places. 10/10 on the reporting and story-telling.
Beautifully done.
This is such a sad, tragic story - this family is amazing..
I stopped watching television a couple of years ago because the commercials were ruining the programs. Based on this podcast it seems podcasts are following. What a shame. Just as we are starting to enjoy the podcast it breaks for too many commercials. By the time they are over I can barely remember the plot of what I was listening too! Truly a disappointment!
Way too many ads! I couldn’t focus
I listened to all of this to see where it went but it brought me to tears. At work. On an assembly line. I could literally feel everyone’s pain. Well done. Got me in the feels. I wish everyone involved peace. Even George.
Too many ads and perhaps a story somewhere ? I’m definitely not buying a peloton


Excellent podcast.
Unfortunately I couldn’t keep listening. I’ve never heard so many ads in a podcast before! It was so distracting. The story is interesting but it could have been told in 2-3 podcasts.
Makes you think about forgiveness. True forgiveness. God bless this sweet family.
As a podcast, I felt The Letter was very well done—organized into both perspectives and chronology. I thought the hostess was very easy to listen to and never seemed to be anything other than genuine. I appreciate the respect for all involved—I believe the goal here was to tell a difficult story, without exploitation or bias, and that goal was achieved. The story allows us, the listener, to form our own views about the whole situation. It makes me sad that some other reviews denigrate the decisions of some of the people involved. We’re allowed to listen and learn, but we’re never browbeaten into agreeing with any one perspective. I wish others could appreciate that about the story/reporting instead of faulting the podcast because they disagree with how the story unfolds.
Honestly, I would skip this one. It was so slow, way too stretched out as these podcast tend to be. I ended up listening to it on double speed and fast forwarding a ton, and still got the gist. The family forgave the murderer, cool… This probably could’ve been told in one or two episodes. this is not a story that needs to be told in podcast form, or with cliff hangers. not everything needs to be a podcast, and I feel strongly that this is one of those stories.
This was very good, sad, and inspiring. I’m not sure I have it in me to forgive like they do, but it’s very interesting how the relationship caused them to feel lightness again.
There are so many ads it is almost unlistenable. I realize this is a motivator to subscribe to the paid podcast but this is above and beyond.
What a beautiful blend of true crime and the worst and best there is in humanity (in an honest and true format). It will make your head spin, confuse you, and inspire you all at once. Thank you for sharing to all involved.
Wow! Listening to this entire podcast has really opened my mind and heart to thinking about second chances and what she told those through. The best podcast I have ever listened to. Thanks for sharing the story with the world. I hope all in the mind their own peace in the coming years


After listening to this podcast conclusion, I’m disgusted by the Snar’s zealotry. As religious people, they’re incredibly presumptuous by nature. They assume that Zack would want this, they assume that God wants that, the only person whose perspective they don’t take into account is the one person who is alive, and could be seriously and devastatingly affected by their actions. I feel for Yvette. I think the Snars are very selfish in this instance. Forgiveness has made martyrs of the Snars. It’s turned them into this epic example of forgiveness, to be gawked at by the less pious. That said, the letter seemed sincere. I think it was genuine. But I think forgiveness on this level is overrated. The podcast itself was great. Amy did a great job, and the story is well told.
Forgiveness is one thing but I find their bizarre relationship with their son’s murderer confusing and kind of disrespectful to the two victims. Trying to get him released from prison against the wishes of Yvette, the survivor of the crime, is just plain awful. Even though I listened to the whole thing (the free episodes anyway) I found it infuriating. Since there was a season of another Lemonada podcast about gun control, I also think this one could have talked about whether there were consequences for the idiot who bought the gun for him and then allowed him to keep it even after he started talking about shooting someone just for the sake of seeing what it’s like.
I shed many sad tears and even more happy tears. Two amazing families collide in the worst way yet work at painfully surviving. Intense.
Not only is this story a hard, yet beautiful story, it is very easy to listen to because of the production quality. The production reminds me of the old radio shows I’d listen to in mom’s kitchen in the 1970s, where there were bits of real life sounds thrown in to make it feel more real. I reached out to Sy and Ron Snarr on IM (Facebook), to thank them and tell them how much their story has touched me.
Interesting story, and yet, I feel like Zach’s family prioritized THEIR feelings over Yvette’s feelings of safety and comfort. Honestly, this left me feeling really bad for Yvette - she would have to live with her murderer released if Zach’s family gets him out. There was no acknowledgement about this conflict bu the family. I don’t know anyone that would sing and dance about that. So, it got too singsongy for me at the end. Zachs family’s choice to pick Jorge’s side over their son Zach’s love interest, Yvette, is kinda odd to me.
This story was told beautifully, including all perspectives. The Snarr family is an incredible example of how to show forgiveness. And Yvette is a perfect example of how to overcome adversity. They are all inspirational. Thank you for sharing their stories! Excellent work!


By Miz so
This ends up being more of a beautiful story about forgiveness and redemption
I listened to all 8 episodes in one day. Amazing, emotional, and raw. I have no words for how much I loved this podcast
The most inspiring part of this story is Yvette. She overcame immense trauma, and I wouldn’t accept a letter either. You can forgive someone and still protect yourself and others. She chose her life, it wasn’t determined for her by if he sincerely apologized or not. George belongs in prison. It feels like a political push to abolish the death penalty, with sappy music in the background.
After listening to this podcast I realized this is what I am always looking for and can rarely find in true crime stories: redemption.


By ama14w
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this one tops my list of “favorite limited series”. True crime is probably my favorite genre, but this show is soooooooo much more than true crime. It’s a beautiful story about love, hope, grief, healing, and forgiveness. Thank you for telling it and doing so in such a wonderful way! The story is great, but the production and quality of the story telling is truly top notch.
I am honestly taken back from this story. The strength of this family is remarkable. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
This is truly a well told story of the power of forgiveness and how it effects those who embrace it! Thank you for telling this heart-warming story!
So often we watch the headlines, and hear stories like this of our worst nightmares. We feel sorrow for the families and hope some how they can heal their hearts from the pain. But so often, we don’t hear the rest of the story, they process they go through to put their lives back together as best they can. We don’t hear how it changes them forever. Thank you all for sharing your painful and yet hopeful journey. It is one of great courage and hope for us all.


By gc scam
The parents are mentally ill. Their poor son, I hope is isn’t somewhere watching his mom say I love you to the evil trash who blew his brains out.
I really enjoyed this podcast and listening to the Snar family. What an amazing family. With all their losses and the grief they had to withstand, their ability to forgive is truely breathtaking and honorable. I think we can all walk away from this podcast wanting to be a better person.
Wow. This is one of the more powerful podcasts I’ve listened to over the past 3 years. I was surprised by everything. The grief is intense. The healing is greater. Can’t say I’m a changed human, but I am impressed if not shocked. Would love to know what therapists think of this.
The podcast was entertaining, but I pray George never ever gets out. Yvette deserves a say in the matter as she has to live with that terror every day. I do feel George could be conning everyone. He wouldn't be the first prisoner to try it!
There are no words. These people are incredible and it helps to wash away some of the cruelty in the world.
Thank you to all for sharing this story. It was told so beautifully and i honestly wish i could reach out to both Zac’s mother and father here. Such an example of compassion and empathy that we should all strive for. Thank you
I am grateful for the story told here. Society and culture usually push us to hate and disregard, but Jesus shows us there is another path - the most difficult, and the most rewarding. Our burden is heavy and His is light. I am so grateful to the Snarr family and the producers of this story. Thank you for sharing about forgiveness and enlightening us to a deeper sense of our humanity that is so lacking in our world.
Such a beautiful story of hope and forgiveness. I loved every second of this podcast.
Wow! This podcast really cuts to your heart. It’s beautifully put together with actual interviews, taped conversations & readings with almost every person on all sides of this unbelievable story. As a mother, I would like to think I could behave the way the Snar’s have, but I’m torn wondering if I would feel the way Yvette does. I would hate to have to be the Judge who will have to make a decision on George’s parole.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!