The Letter Season 2: Ripple Effect

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Absolutely awe inspiring !! Cried a lot and learnt so much
While the production quality is great. It’s syrupy, overly emotional and VERY hard to believe that people could be so easily manipulated. “He left Catholicism and became a Mormon! He MUST be good now!” 🤦🏻‍♀️
I am familiar with this story, but never knew the depth and heartache the actions of one person caused to so many. Amy did an outstanding job telling this story and including so many people that were affected. I think being given the opportunity to share their feelings was possibly therapeutic and helped release some trauma from all these years. The Rasmussen family, and Karla and Norma Booth are an example of true forgiveness and how we as humans should treat others.
This podcast has been strangely healing for me in the wake of my own experiences with both loss and terror. I’ve been struggling to forgive someone and I am awe struck with the transformation each family went through to eventually forgive those who murdered their loved ones. This podcast is incredibly well done, and I’ll always be glad I had the opportunity to listen and learn from them. Thank you again!!
The two seasons of The Letter both bring such insights and profound inspiration about many things but especially the thread of human nature that can be easily glossed over especially in times of trauma and loss. The level of personal understanding and forgiveness shared by each person in their own time and own words is inspiring and moving. The strength and power of forgiveness in the midst of tragedy and loss that is shared shows the impact on each and every person involved and how pervasive it can be on all involved.
Such a refreshing and inspiring story! In this world of podcasts, which is typically so dark and depressing, this pod demonstrates what it means to truly live a life elevated by the one who can teach us how to live in a different way. Thank you!
Firstly, I’ve never listened to a podcast with SO much crying EVERY single episode. Secondly, up until Michael Moore’s death, he was a psychopath who managed to manipulate even his two victims’ families to the point that they offered up their forgiveness to him on a silver platter. The host and podcast should continue to do more research before they shed any bit of positive light on this murderer. It took me all but a few key strokes to uncover information about this murderer and his final years in prison. We should all be so relieved he was denied parole and never saw the light of day outside prison.
When I just listened to this podcast, I was in the depths of a deep depression that I was struggling to find my way out of. The incredible acts of the Snarr family really forced me to get out of my own head and reset my mindset to look at the positive in my life instead of focusing on the trials & tribulations. Bless this family and you for this podcast. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.
Each episode is great! Congratulations on such a great listen!
Both seasons have touched my heart in a positive way. Forgiveness is easy to say we can do but extremely difficult to actually do. These families are true warriors. Thank you for this podcast.
A beautiful, emotional roller coaster. Incredible story and powerful storytelling!
I am an avid podcast listener, and no podcast has moved me like this one has. Absolutely stellar.
This is really powerful. I'm more of a spiritual person rather than religious but these people that were profoundly touched and sent messages from a higher power have really moved me and inspired me to be more open to receiving messages in the universe.
I’m out, not enough content to pay for. Nice try goodbye.
Possible narcissism and lots of emotions I'm not even done listening yet. The reporter has a great voice and does a good job with her part. A couple of things stand out to me as a mental health professional. One is that, even while behind bars, this guy seems to need to set him up as the prison hero. Other people feed into this by talking about how he is doing so much to help everyone. I fully acknowledge that we get very limited information, but just based on what is shared in this podcast, I'm guessing he loved being so important. He could do things with computers… He could speak multiple languages… He taught all kinds of classes… He kind of had a captive audience where he could feed his needs for admiration and to be the smartest guy in the room, or in the prison. He was indulged a lot of ways and continued to blame Jordan, stress, the dad who stood up for him in court and at parole hearings, and only took responsibility when it seemed like it would help his case to do so. Meanwhile, the families are devastated. I don't criticize anyone for being emotional and expressive about feelings in situations like this, but there was a lot of it throughout the podcast from the sisters and the wife. They are obviously vulnerable and the man who killed their loved ones is certainly capable of taking advantage of those vulnerabilities. I don't think I've heard so much crying in any other podcast, and again, I say that with complete respect for his victims. It speaks to their pain. I understand the strong religious convictions and the feeling that this ability to forgive came from God and I do not question that. I am just concerned that their emotions were manipulated by someone very good at doing exactly that. I was not there, obviously, but nothing in his letter or that was recounted from their meeting with him anything other than cliché and what you would expect someone to say who is trying to seem as though they regret what they did. Just a year and two has sentence, he was already trying to get out. He did not take responsibility at that time and distanced himself from his crimes with his language about "what happened. " how in the world this conversation could have even been entertained so soon into his sentence is completely beyond me. If he was delusional, had not slept or had anything to be under the influence of substances, experiencing paranoia, or whatever, you would think those things would've been focused on more at trial or that a defense would have been made that he was experiencing some level of mental illness at the time of his crimes. That did not happen. it certainly seems he displays traits of entitlement and narcissism and I am concerned that he was simply good at making other people believe he was something other than what he truly was. He retained his ego and was able to get even more of what he wanted when he apologized to the families and ultimately had his apologies and statements of regret accepted by them. Ultimately, the opinions of these women and their families are the ones that matter the most, and if going through all this in the ways that they have has brought them some peace and healing, then I suppose that is what is important.
I just found this podcast and have binged the first season and now the second. I love “The Letter.” The stories are told so beautifully and the families they are about are amazing and inspirational! I have also listened to the “Violation” podcast and can’t stop thinking about the forgiveness vs the hate and rage that are spoken about by the victims in the case against Jacob Wideman. I wish that the Rasmussens and the Snaars could meet with the family that is fighting to keep Mr. Wideman in prison for the rest of his life. The contrast of these stories is unbelievable. So enjoying The Letter!!
One of the best true crime podcasts you’ll ever explore….Amy Donaldson is a master storyteller and the story makes you really think deeply about how to forgive injustice and how to navigate through the darkest hours.
This beautiful podcast is incredibly well researched, organized, and narrated. The concept of respect and non-judgement for the reactions and actions of those who’ve been harmed is so important. The objectivity is also amazing. Just listen.
Thank you. The entire story is so insightfully written, and wonderfully presented. The bonus episode with your husband restores one’s faith in humanity. Please thank him.
I don’t even know how this is a story to tell. Someone does something bad, people are hurt, bad guy is brought to justice, and that’s all folks.
All of these true crime podcasts now are requiring subscriptions to listen to on-top of ads already no thank you. I’ll stick with the free ones that are left in this world. This podcast in particular has so many closed premium episodes that apple should remove it because what is the point of having a podcast if most of the episodes are closed off to the public?
I wanted to like this podcast and I have it a solid try but it just fell flat for me. I am empathic to the family for such a tragic and senseless loss but it seems reliving this trauma has been more than difficult for the wife. She cries through every single episode. So much so that I worry doing this podcast took a negative toll on her. It’s difficult to get past the crying. As far as the story goes, it’s really only interesting until episode 3-4. Unfortunately I’ll be moving on but I do hope you all find success.
Such a powerful story of tragedy, lament, grief and finding peace and forgiveness in the most unlikely place.
This PODCAST is by far the best that I have ever listened to. Season One just grabbed my heart .Season 2 is just so powerful!! I feel my heart breaking for the wife’s, the children, the family members that tell the story like it happened to them yesterday. I cried so hard with episode 4 that I had to pull my car over to finish it. I honestly cant wait to hear the next episode.
Really great and respectful stuff. But definitely don’t need to hear this random dude go off on policing in this bonus episode. Not sure how it’s relevant to this story in any way, nor am I convinced that this guy is worth his salt. How about bias in the media? Certainly not Lily white. Kinda mad I paid for this.
Such a powerful story and such a professional podcast. I've finished Season One and am on Season Two. I hope you all do MANY stories. Absolutely love this podcast.
Binge listened! I can’t wait for an update on George’s parole.
Great writing m
I have not yet listened to Season 2 and look forward to it as that is the one that threw me in. But I thought I would start with Season 1 and I’m really glad. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and none have made me shed so many tears as the last two or three episodes of Season 1. I am so inspired by these incredible people and you did a great job of delivering the message. Thank you.
I love this podcast!! I look forward too Tuesdays!!


A beautiful story of loss, survival and forgiveness. But honestly. All about love. It’s a little slow at times in season 1 but now that I finished it? It honored every person with the time they deserved. Great podcast but as an empath? Sometimes the darkness got to me but I always went back.
I just discovered this podcast last week and I can’t stop listening to it. It has changed my life. Thank you for such a positive podcast.
What a respectful and beautifully done podcast. A shining example of restorative justice on steroids. It’s restorative love. Thank you.


By JLK100
The first two episodes intrigued me but then…no episodes for weeks. I’m confused.
I went from so mad, heartbroken and experiencing, every feeling this family had to WOW!! The power they showed me in forgiveness, was one, I will never forget.
The storytelling on this podcast is fantastic. After the first episode I think season 2 may be even better than season 1. It’s hard to wait for the next episode. Worth a listen!!!!
I cannot believe how hooked I was on the first episode. I am waiting for the next one.
This is such an amazing story of hope, love and forgiveness, and healing. The Snarr’s are an amazing family. Yvette is amazing and so strong.
The Snarr family are the most amazing, loving family. The humor of Ron is beautiful and inspiring. Best podcast I have heard in a long time!
What an example of how we should live, love, and forgive. And, how some people can really change. We need more people in this world like the Snarr family. They are true lights to this dark world!!
What a beautiful story. People heal from tragedy in different ways. But I think we know that harboring bitterness will literally eat your body and soul.


One of the best podcast I have ever listened to. This story is healing to listen to.
This podcast is a heartbreaking and joyful story of forgiveness! Highly recommend everyone listen.
This podcast was emotionally draining and painful to listen to. A wonderful story on forgiveness.