I think it is a great idea to be able to move tracks back and forth. you know sometimes you love a song an want to play it to death. thanks for the music, it is beautiful. David from Los Angeles.
Great job, just what I was looking for....
Great for helping keep the pace at work. Flawless mixxing. Great mix of tunes. Really enjoy the 80's mixes too.
Agreed the Fleet sounds great - long intros but when it get to the meat you feel it... Thanks for the sounds


i love the fleetwood mac! keep them coming!
Hey Hey! Love the mix!! Very upbeat. ;) Keep 'em comin'!
Amazing...while some cuts are rough, I have to admit the mixes are cleverly arranged and respect the original. My favorites are Leave a Light On, Faded Like a Flower, Livin On Prayer, Everlasting Love, and for some reason I can't get the Fascination/Vogue mosh out of my head now. The complexity and over-production you often hear in todays dance music is ignored. These mixes are simple and nostalgic, but make for a fresh take on pop/rock. EXCELLENT! Indeed, cue up some Kool and The Gang!
Keep up he good work with 80's cut and sliced,......got any Kool and the Gang in there?