The Ballad of Uncle Drank

Reviews For The Ballad of Uncle Drank

Great Podcast, laughed a lot and couldn’t wait to hear the next episode.
Excellent podcast! Had me laughing out loud. Worth a listen.
Great music..! Songs are amazing
Love a good ol’ fashioned musical comedy. Can’t wait to hear all the songs
I was honestly unsure what to expect when I heard about this and had to check it out. Just finished episode 2 and this is incredible. It is basically a Spinal Tap type mockumentary in podcast form about a Jimmy Buffett type character with some of the funniest songs I have ever heard. I’ve been laughing out loud all morning listening. Looking forward to the new episodes. Highly recommend if you want something that pokes fun at country music and Florida panhandle life.
One of the absolute funniest podcasts I’ve ever listened to. This is Will Sasso’s calling! I can’t wait for more… I almost had to pull over my car I was laughing so hard.
Most scripted podcasts do not get comedy correct but with the combination of music and humor here this series is making me LOL- Love Blendy the talking Blender. 5⭐️
Just tell me it isn’t true
So excited to listen to this. The trailer sounds like everything I’ve ever want to listen to.