Meditation for Children and Teens

Reviews For Meditation for Children and Teens


Don’t listen to this, please!
It is a great podcast
Thanks for all the great content you put out here. I use your meditations for myself, with my kids, and with teen girls 💕👏🏼💕
As a teacher, mama & fan of meditation, I love these!
There used to be a meditation about Christmas for the kids that my boys loved! But I can't find it anymore. Any idea where it went??
The Guiding Star Meditation and Healing Meditation help my 8 yr old feel better, wish I found this two years ago!
These guided meditations are amazing. They literally saved my sanity when my daughter was struggling with giving up her pacifier. She loves the star one and the Christmas one the best. It puts her right to sleep, happily. Thank you! Will there be more coming? :)
I only wish there were more!
I love this and so do my kids!
This is not meditation This is hypnosis and suggestion but definitely not meditation.
I love it because it is relaxing and fun
I use the Santa journey in my preschool classroom when the kids are having a "busy" day. Calms down all 16 kids in just a few minutes!! This is a must have!!
The 2 meditations we've listened to are incredible. Not only does my six yr old love them, I love them!! GREAT JOB WITH THESE!!


By amar007
Very positive and great for childrens self esteem and self control.
I'm 13, and at first I searched meditation just to see what would come up. When I saw this podcast, something dinged inside my head. Still enjoying all of Stin's work today! My favorites right now are Inner Peace, Healing Meditation, and Think Like A...Great Student. Her podcasts are wonderful and uplifting. I look forward to experiencing more!
Beautifully crafted. These are simple but powerful meditations. Highly recommend.
she loved it and now she listens to it whenever she feels anxious or scared. really cozy and nice.
My five year-old loves to listen to these meditations before going to bed, and it gives her such a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. The healing meditation has also really helped her, as she confronts her anxiety about starting kindergarten. I've been searching for ways to help her learn meditation and this has been great. We'd love more!