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Long time listener of Fanboy Planet podcast. I have tried the others listed by iTunes and Fanboy Planet beats them all hands down. Funny, insightful, and engaging.

By DVD91
Keep up the good work
This is a great chatty podcast for all things nerd. I don't even hold it against them that they like Doctor Who so much. Seriously, its a brilliantly fun chatty podcast. Me, I think the best part is the discussions of comic releases. I enjoy it every week!!
These guys cover superhero and fantasy genre popular entertainment in a very entertaining and heartfelt style. They are worth hearing and I hope they keep their humble qualities as they gain more exposure and acclaim.
Great hosts and great topics! Thanks for all the time and work for this great podcast.
The hosts are genuinely funny, spontaneous, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books and genre fiction.
Been meaning to get to this but life been getting in the way. This is one of the best comic book/genre podcasts on the interweb. These guys are funny, have good chemstry and the best catch-phrase and theme song. They've introduced me to few new comics and that's not easy to do with an old hat like myself. May they keep going until the end of time - and use their powers only for good.
This is all you need. They touch on just about everything, from comics, TV, film, conventions, and even wrestling. Recorded live in a comic shop on comic delivery day, this is a cross between All Things Considered and your local Morning Zoo radio broadcasts. You're a fanboy, or fangirl, so listen! (Catchy theme music too...)
Great podcast, love the content and think that this should be heard by all of my firends.