Reviews For KILLED

I love hearing the stories behind the stories, from the journalists who experienced the highs and lows of writing major pieces that almost weren’t. The host is great.
I really enjoyed the different stories. Not all we’re true crime related but all of these stories were interesting. 10/10 recommend!
The production and host is another matter.
She puts out terrible work and I’m shocked she’s still employed.


Pseudo intellectuals trying to sound cool but make it difficult on purpose to sound super creative.


Sorry, I just can’t get into this.
An excellent look at the sausage-making process behind a lot of the challenging work of real journalism. Each episode follows how a story emerged, how the journalist investigated it, the people and factors involved, how it was presented to editors, and then onto how it sometimes got traded around, buried for lack of interest, and sometimes deliberately killed because people higher up the food chain wanted to provide cover for those in power.
Not sure I understand all the whining on reviews about these stories weren’t new and eventually were published. From my listening, that was states upfront ….don’t think the show ever said they were the ones to pull them out of the trash bin. What I got from the podcast was a starker reminder of how painstaking, expensive and controversial real journalism is…not the news/entertainment that screams at us each day with little or no journalistic integrity.
I was excited about the idea and title of this podcast. I am a regular listener of Crime Junkies, The Deck, and Park Predators. I have attempted to listen to 3 separate episodes and none of them have held my interest. Disappointed.
This is an excellent series! I really enjoyed all the different stories that were told and the way they were told with such detail. Can’t wait for Season 2!
The premise sounded so cool. The reality is boring at best. Most of the stories are well known, with popular podcasts or documentaries available at your fingertips. Most annoyingly, there are weird pauses and dead air throughout every single episode. No wrap up endings, a person just stop speaking and it’s done. Very odd. AudioChuck should have killed this podcast before it began.


Love Audiochuck. But this show doesn’t keep me begging for more. First, a quick google search will tell you these stories were not killed. Regardless, I have it a go until I reached ‘The Blueprint’ which was such a snooze I couldn’t continue on. Even as a huge fan of all the other Audiochuck shows, I can’t fake a good review here.
This is not a true crime podcast, it is well done and interesting but it is about journalism. Unfortunately the advertising was misleading, all of these stories have been published and are pretty well known, they just originally did not get published. all said it was enjoyable just not what I thought it was going to be and not overly exciting.
This is embarrassingly bad for Audio Chuck. None of these stories were killed. My god, wikipedia even covers the same topics. The best is a millennial acting like she is making huge discoveries for the older topics. Um, no. They were covered before you were born. This is tabloid quality at best. Cheap, check out stand tabloid reporting.
I am a huge fan of Ashley Flowers and Audio Chuck. So when I heard about this show I was excited but it’s a bit misleading. The show is called Killed and the tagline is “bringing dead stories back to life” but that’s not true; all the stories got punished after they got “killed”. Some stories got shelved and not technically killed.I probably won’t listen after this season. Maybe the show should have been called “back to print” or “back from the dead”. Good concept, not so great execution.
I love all of audio chuck and subscribe to them all. This Killed came out and I was kind of excited. I love the way she talks and how she has people who talk about it. But…like most podcasts some of the episodes were not exactly Killed but just set to the side. This is only the first season and I hope it keeps going. But knowing she has done other podcasts, I am worried this will become her format. To sum it up it’s nice but could be better.


By vanaek
The thought behind this podcast was good. But the actual result is just pretty boring to listen to. I thought this was going to be stories that actually never got published and no one else knows about. Instead, it's the stories of writers and their story IDEA, and how many times it got blocked before it was actually published. And then you don't really get to hear the story itself, but just what the writers had to go through to get it published. I got bored and stopped listening to the first episode like 3 times and had to rewind and listen again. I honestly don't remember it I finished it. After the same thing started happening on the second episode, I gave up.
I love this podcast!!!! Please make more episodes!
The premise is that they are going to reveal for the first time killed stories. All the stories were eventually published they were just killed at some point during the publishing process. If the premise we’re going to give you insights into the world of publishing and how stories that didn’t get published eventually did. That would be far more accurate. That said the stories were pretty well told. But there is no outro or closing. The episodes just stop. Very rare
The most interesting part was learning how the media controls the narrative. I thought it was pretty ridiculous when the same journalist in one episode talk about the cost of $1k/day to send him places, then later laments they didn’t run a story because of advertisers and money. Pretty out of touch in not understanding where funding comes from 🙄 overall it’s just a lot of very self important people talking about themselves.


By Kbares
Just not good.
I find this podcast very interesting and well done. I read some other reviews and agree that the endings come quickly. The narrator is very good and I like to hear the actual people speak about the events. Please keep these coming!!
Well-done and interesting show. Only con (which is unfortunately kind of a big one) is the apparent association with Ashley Flowers. Ick.
Some of these episodes are quite good and I would recommend them. The problem is that some episodes lose the plot of their own podcast. The mapping story, for example, wasn’t a killed story. It was just shelved, because they weren’t that crazy about it and couldn’t make it fit into their show for a while. Isn’t the whole point of the podcast to tell about great stories that powerful people don’t want told? The episodes that do that are good. Episodes about mediocre stories that no one liked enough to run don’t make sense in this forum.
I just finished the This American Life Chinatown episode… I thought I was listening to a podcast on a killed story but instead it was about a guy who got a typical story on the air. It was a bit dull… what was the point? No story was killed and it just sounded like a telling of a standard path towards getting on a radio show. Turns out hearing a guy talk about wanting to talk about maps was boring, who knew?
This is actually a great concept, you can tell when journalists listen they can really appreciate it. I loved it. Going through the reviews is always interesting, but on this podcast doubly so; you can see where people can try miss the point and how journalism/story telling goes right over peoples heads. Like the comment about going from boring story like Chinese map to Epstein gave him whiplash. The literal whitewashing of America and the refusal to report on it seemed unimportant to him. SMH. That’s why Podcasts like this is important to have out here.
So I really enjoy the idea of this podcast and the stories that are covered over the episodes are really interesting. I guess the podcast is more about the story coming to life than the actual story. If they extended the episodes and gave us a summary of the story the show would be so much better. I would also love esch episode to be two parts with the second part covering the story or even the article read by the journalist.
I love all things audio chuck, this was a let down. The neighbor wasn’t a killed story. There’s a fantastic podcast on it already.
Loved this podcast. So so good. I highly recommend.
I really couldn’t vibe with this show! What they’re trying to do is awesome but it just didn’t work for me
Love the show except for the abrupt endings. And all the Ashley Flower promos 😒😒


By s-jose
I enjoy all of audiochucks podcasts. This was hard to follow the timeline and seemed to stop suddenly. I listened to all of them, but not my favorite.
As a journalist, this topic hits close to home. The quality and depth of the research is top notch. Couldn’t turn it off! Thanks for the incredible work
Language is horrible…..only lasted 2 minutes into the first episode and deleted.
I work in construction and listen to a lot of different podcasts throughout my day. I also have a bachelors degree in mass communication so this podcast already peaked my interest, I however was not expecting it to be my favorite one. In one day I completed the first season and can’t wait for more to come out!
Now let’s see how unpolitical you are and feature the story about Hunter Biden’s Laptop being suppressed so that it wouldn’t look bad for daddy!
It is really refreshing seeing the true crime genre from this angle. I like the variety of stories. I learn about something every episode even if it is just learning what it takes for a journalist to get a story to print. Thanks for interesting stories without gore.
Better than the other AudioChuck shows. Great storytelling. Thought provoking.


LOVE THIS PODCAST. Keep it going!!!
I wish they would label them which episode is which. Very hard to follow along when you don’t know where to start.
I’ve read some mixed reviews and I think some people are missing the point. I see reviews saying it’s too focused on the journalism side of things and it’s boring. The whole point is to tell the actual stories which are all very interesting it just happens to be told from the point of view of a writer versus a storyteller. Just listen to the stories. I thought it was great.
I love all things audiochuck, but this was a disappointment. I struggled to get through a few episodes and had to give up. I’ll stick with all my other audiochuck podcasts.
I thought the idea of this podcast was to tell interesting stories that were kill and never been told by the media but I have hear all the stories already nothing new to learn there’s podcasts about some of the episodes Also there are few episodes with very sensitive subjects and other that seems very random and so not necessary.
Dims protecting Dims and other Dims are shocked. Hillarious
I love most of the audio chuck shows. Listening to The Deck right now and it’s incredible, I highly recommend. However at the beginning of every episode is “psst…” and the following ad is so terrible I can’t even bring myself to listen to an episode of Killed.
Every episode was so interesting! Excited for season 2!
It’s entertaining but would not be my first choice if I have other podcasts with new episodes available.
Personally, wasn’t super interesting - it’s very journalistic - a little out of touch for the average listener that has little to no knowledge of how journalism works. Thought I would maybe learn something new at least and I’ve listened to 9 of the episodes because I’ve really been trying to like it but I just really don’t. Probably ok to someone in that industry and likes gossipy-style stories. Episode 10 is the worst one for the record.