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Thank you for this. I have gone through so much of this recently and this pod cast has really helped me deal with so much. I deal with anxiety daily and am going through a lot in my marriage right now. I have trouble communicating and that section will really help.
Everything to do with proverbs 31 and lysa is always so uplifting and inspiring and Biblical done
I have loved listening to these and have recommended them to my fellow Christians at every opportunity, including getting to do a brief discussion and art therapy project at Bible study. My hubby and I struggled to be honest in our first decade, so this has been helpful for us to expect honesty in ourselves and each other.
Thankful for your podcast Lysa and the professionals that you interview and converse with 🙏. May God bless you richly for this blessing as I know he is in it. I suffer from a mother who has passed away and was a covert narcissist to me. Have eleven siblings in denial. In therapy but will look for a Christian counselor soon. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
That should never be combined. Stop following religion and your life will improve.
Thank you for this beautiful podcast! I feel like space is being held for me that I haven’t had before in my family and friendships. I deeply appreciate the integration of therapy and The Bible. This is EXACTLY what I have been needing to guide me on my healing path and direct me to places in The Bible. Thank you.
I feel like this podcast contains infinite amounts of wisdom on how to navigate life and relationships. It has been absolutely life giving and life changing for me. Thank you to all the people who are making this podcast possible!
I am sorry but I just do not like this podcast. I follow Lysa TerKeurst on social media and I have found her to be very encouraging because much of my story is so similar to hers. I am just not enjoying this approach. I feel like so many others cover these topics better (Leslie Vernick, Bare Marriage, to name a couple) and Lysa comes off condescending a lot of the time. When her therapist co-host used the phrase “hurt people hurt people” in the one of the recent episodes I was done. That blanket statement has been used to enable so much harm and is simple not true. I appreciate what is trying to be done here, but if you are working through healing from abuse and betrayal trauma I think you will find other perspectives more helpful.
I just found your podcast, what a blessing. I’ve been binging episodes. LOVE how you present themes in a Christ center way. This is what Christians need to listening to. This is podcast is awesome, God bless you and keep up the great work! I will definitely be recommending this to everyone!


By lrw870
S2, Ep5 Recognizing Red Flags Getting clarity! Have feared the phrase “emotional abuse” but this makes it so clear. I’ve stopped counseling several times as I’ve felt guilty for talking to someone about what’s happening in my marriage. Never wanted to journal for fear of him reading it. I can’t cover it up and justify it anymore. Thank you!
As a Biblical Life Coach who has experienced a lot of Biblical Counseling (client) and is a perpetual student of both therapy and theology, I’m absolutely loving this podcast. I’ve been a fan of the P31 First 5 app and resources for years, as well as Lysa’s books. These convos between, Lysa, Jim and Joel are fantastic. I’m sharing this with all my clients, family and friends. Thank you Lord for this solid resource!! 🙌🏻💕


By IowaPR
I finally found a podcast that is helping me to work from the inside out and set clear boundaries with those who have jutted me. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety all my life . Growing up it was miserable living in my parents house. These podcast is helping me deal with the pain that I had pushed down since forever. Thank you
There is so much wisdom here and I want to love it! I keep trying to listen… However, I always turn it off after ten minutes or so because of how much the older gentleman interrupts the other two. It is incredibly frustrating for a listener. Please allow each person (especially Lysa!) to finish their thoughts. Thank you!
I cannot say enough good things about this podcast. So glad I discovered it and I’m sharing it with friends almost daily. The truth, love, freedom and transformation that is shared among these 3 powerful people is life-changing.
Thank you so much for being willing to put this out there! I wish I had this information years ago but still grateful to have it now. The church has a lot of work to do as far as this goes. Thank you for being a Christian role model with a strong Godly voice! Thank you!!! Blessings to you!
Thank you for your open heart and sincere mind. You lean in to life with a full voice. Appreciate your partnership of spiritual life with counseling and therapy. Keep up your healing love.
Love everything about this podcast! I’m a childhood domestic abuse survivor and a narcissist survivor- so much these 3 talk about I not only can relate to, but adding in the Bible and verses from the Bible just validate so much! Thank you!
You put the pieces together for women to move forward. Sometimes the words pierce my heart as memories of my past return. However, you reinforce my value and worth. Don’t stop this podcast!
Thank you for showing us that we don’t have to live with the heavy burdens we all carry. Thanks for giving us practical ways it to overcome.
I very much enjoy the thoughtful, practical, emotional, and theological way of reviewing various subjects. Your words inspire me and educate me at the same time. Thank you endlessly!!! I look forward to each session. Xoxoxo
I absolutely love this podcast not only for the relevant topics but that they also bring scripture into the sessions. I savor each podcast, and although I’m behind on the most recent podcast, I like to let what I heard sink in. I also like to go to the transcript page after I listen to write down things that God spoke to my heart on. Thank you for such a great and informative podcast!
This podcast has be therapy to my soul!! I’m in my 30s and lost my dad suddenly 6 months ago and I listened to this whole series while I was training for a half marathon. What a great balance between these three! The Lord really used these sessions to grow and heal my soul! From the grief of the loss of dad, learning more about myself and growing as a wholistic woman of God - this has been one great tool in my road to recovery from this tragedy!
I love how well rounded this podcast is. Full of practical ways to work thru different issues with biblical backing.
Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I wish I was taught these skills at a younger age. This information is applicable to so many situations in all walks of life . I love the breakdown what of constructive criticism truly is. I grew up with hearing this from coaches, teachers and friends. This podcast is helping me transform my mindset and build skills for boundary setting. Instead of second guessing and doubting my perception or questioning my validity; Was I right, I say that wrong, I shouldn’t of said that, maybe I am not clear. It’s bringing out my confidence, validating myself on point, so there is No room for misinterpretation.
Every single Episode of this show has delivered the right message at the right time. The words of wisdom I have gained have helped me to see if I am truly owning my part when necessary, what I am owning, is it mine to own and to question whether I need to break agreement with the lies that I have believed for a very long time! Love the show.
MY #1 PODCAST. You actually minister to my soul. There are no words to express how the Lord has used the 3 of you in my life. The only thing I can say, is thank you for your obedience to the Lord
I’m so thankful I found this when I did. I’m in the hardest journey of my life and this hits every mark. This is the first podcast I have ever listened to and I never want to shut it off. Thank you for the work that you do!
This podcast is one of the most significant podcasts available!! I love their heart that not everyone can financially afford high levels of counseling, so they wanted to make teaching available. (Not to replace a good Christian counselor, but a great resource!) Then the theology component…understanding the original meaning of Biblical text. They address real issues with phenomenal input. LOVE. THIS. PODCAST!!
This is a great podcast! I think the Mile Markers of Healing is my favorite episode. That one helped me so much! I listened to it twice.
All I can say is where was this about 4 years ago! I am sure it’s because we were going through our “wilderness” at the same time. The struggle I had with feeling so alone in my battle, the guilt and shame I had to overcome, and still overcome was immense. But God! I have become a new person, the old is gone and new has come through He and I alone, and I wouldn’t change it. I had lost me in my 25 year marriage, and had to put up boundaries to start over again. Through 2 years of psychologist, life coach, counselor, and marriage intensive, I have become the person that God always wanted for me. I am no longer married, and that was hard to let go of, someone that didn’t want to change, always was the victim, and of course blamed me for everything. These things are real ladies, and we don’t have to continue living this way without support and the ability to change. This podcast and Lysa’s new book coming works! I have walked through this, and I am on the other side walking with my God and joy in my heart. God is so good! And although it is hard in the middle of it, the pain and struggle is so real! God can take that, and make you new and whole if you will just let him. Thank you all three of you, I enjoy listening and learning, and for me also confirms that I wasn’t alone, and God was guiding my steps all along. And what a gift for people going through this, we will both keep sharing our stories!
This podcast is just what I need to hear right now, I thank God for leading me to these lessons!
Thank you so much for these podcasts! I really appreciate how real, how down to earth, and how applicable to real life these podcasts are!
So much knowledge and wisdom picked into each episode. It’s a gift to have the biblical and therapeutic insights interwoven. Appreciate the insight of emotional maturity going hand in hand with spiritual maturity!
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.(A) In this world you will have trouble.(B) But take heart! I have overcome(C) the world.”


Amen God did lead to you. I’m understanding myself better. Thank you
I loved this podcast! The perfect blend of therapy based in Christian principles. I learned so much. I can’t wait for more episodes 🙏🏻.
I recently left a a long term emotionally abusive marriage and was desperately looking for Godly, scriptural resources to use in addition to my personal counselor to help guide me through the healing process. I have been blown away by the quality and resourcefulness of this podcast. The advice, both from a therapeutic standpoint and a scriptural one, has been immensely helpful to me and my journey through this situation. I highly recommend it to anyone experiencing pain as a result of loss, trauma or abuse. God has truly spoken to me through this podcast and I know He is walking me through this season and I will grow closer to Him during this time.
Whoa boy if this isn’t spot on! We’re all human and I bet there isn’t one of us who isn’t suffering in some way. This is a great source of strength and healing. It is a great way to get on a path to become a better you!
Awesome content and very accurate
This is truly exactly what I needed , I see a therapist who is Christian, but to really listen to it all at once this teams of Christian’s spell it out when I need to listen the most. Definitely worth listening too and taking notes each episode.
I have found this a relatable, informative and sincere podcast. I am grateful that a friend suggested it, especially at a time when I really needed it. Thank you for your openness, wisdom and transparency.


By mejzsd
I’ve been waiting for a Lysa Podcast for awhile now, and this is beyond my expectations! I have walked a similar path as Lysa and her vulnerability and transparency has allowed me to heal and grow right along with her. As I’ve gone through trauma counseling, learning about boundaries, narcissistic people, and struggling through a divorce after 25 years of marriage, Lysa has been my closest friend going through it with me, even though we’ve never met. She gives us such a gift by sharing her story, her struggles, her victories, her counselor, and her theologian.
I’m so thankful for these podcasts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to them. It brings practical wisdom with much biblical truth. When an issue domes up - I look up a podcast that “fits” where I am. I hope they continue to do these!
I am skeptical of podcast offering help but ask you to subscribe and listen to there sells pitch before you start listening. The mics are very hot and it’s sonically hard to listen to. I wish they talked calmer, slower softer like they really care about the listener
Great podcast for those wanting to better themselves and revive tools to heal and handle many situations. Can be applied to all aspects of life.
I cant even begin to recall the series of tramautic events that led me to these podcast and how in less than 10 days and only listening to 3 of them I have more clarity and hope for my future. I have been praying for God to speak to me and this week someone originally started to talk about boundaries and recommended I listen to your podcast. I started scrolling and originally clicked the narcissism podcast first. It was spot on and I could feel God moving in my heart. Then…I listened to the one about boundaries…Wow! I went straight to the website and bought the bundle for Good Boundaries and Goodbyes book, because I know I need to learn more about establishing healthy boundaries. I got the additional podcast about Toxic people. Last night as the enemy was attacking my thoughts, I listened to that podcast. I took notes and just the reality of what had really been happening the past two years of my life hit me. I shared this immediately with a friend that is coming out of a very challenging season. Then realized I have multiple amazing people In my life that could benefit from listening to these podcast. They really are for anyone anywhere regardless of whether you have been in a season like this before. Thank you for allowing God to utilize all of you to help us work Thru what we walk thru!
Here I was laying in bed this morning going over and over the memory of a painful experience I had this week and the Lord brought me to this podcast through the Proverbs 31 emails I get. I have never heard healing can come through these ways of thinking. Letting go has always been the hardest thing for me to do. I love deep so I hurt deep. Obsessing over the painful act has riddled me with bitterness and anger. After hearing this one session I am convinced that the Lord wants me to truly heal so that I may experience true peace and have a life in Him. My thoughts in the morning will be for God and only Him. No more allowing the thoughts of the painful traumas I’ve experienced in the past and present take over. Today I have learned that I have the choice to be at peace in my mind with God and choice to let go of the pain and person over to Him. I’m so incredibly grateful for Lisa and all the ministries that daily come into my inbox. God knows that I’m checking my inbox daily and knows He’s going to get to me through my e-mails. I love how much He loves me and cares for me that He continues to show up when I call out to Him through my emails! Lol He is good and so gracious. He is using y’all to heal me and I’m thankful for that. Love y’all and I’m definitely going to keep listening to the podcasts on healing and I even am looking for a Christian counselor too! God continue to bless all the ministries y’all are doing! I am learning to literally let go and allow God to take over!
Very good episode on Narcissism. As ya’ll described what a true Narcissist is, I couldn’t help but think that Donald Trump, from everything that I hear about his behavior, has got to be a textbook case. Anyway, good podcast. Keep up the good work. Peace to you and yours, Keith Mathis, Los Angeles, California.