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I’m confused- I keep looking for episodes 7 and 8 and cannot find the anywhere
Good story and very good production quality. Just appeared to me that they missed a lot of background - like a paint by numbers and then they were done. What happened to the ex-wife? What happened to his kids? What happened with Mark? Probably a few more what happened to … I think it’s great that he found life after jail, just wish the podcasters would’ve finished the stories. Good production quality though, thanks for the story.
Subject matter is interesting but whoever edited this needs to be fired. Same stories repeated more than once in an episode or from episode to episode. Larry would tell a story and then the lady who wrote the book would literally tell the same story 5 minutes later. Obviously she heard the story from the source (Larry) who literally just told us, you don’t have to repeat it! Also repeating the entirety of someone’s credentials every time they speak is annoying. Assume by episode 3 we’ve heard the first two!
Very interesting story, well produced.
Another story about a white male sociopath who gets everything on a silver platter, feels free to do horrible things and gets disproportionately light punishment for it. The writer and host shows absolutely no criticism towards his subject, it’s ridiculous to listen to
There’s nothing like a podcast to get all the people involved in for interviews. That’s not an easy task. It is very well put together and engaging. I would love to pay for this podcast now that I’m done but I don’t see a place for that. Definitely preferable than joining some club and paying for every month. I do wish that the podcast had gone and a little deeper into larry’s family life and his current life as well as a few other things. It’s too bad we didn’t get to hear from the FBI agents but that can be near to impossible.
Excellent narration and story. You can’t help but like Larry, even after knowing his past. This is a must listen to podcast!
To be fair I didn’t listen to much of the podcast because right away it seems to treat Larry as this celebrity who is harmless
Great show, good production…except…Jesus Christ folks, fix the last 10 minutes of episode 4, it is a chopped, version of an edit. It is right at a critical juncture the first three episodes build to. I can’t leave feedback on the website to tell them. They should already know this as I am surely not the first to notice. Fix this and leave a place on your website (that I don’t have to leave an email to send) to let you know about your own mistakes. I’ll change my rating then.
Very interesting and well done. Love the way commentary from the actual people was mixed in with the telling of the story. Just the right amount of detail. I hated listening to the last episode, knowing it was the last episode. Look forward to more from this podcast.
Straight up amazing. Wonderfully depicted, Exceptionally narrated.
So is the Dixie mafia one. Awesome job guys
The trailer sounds great. Love all the interview excerpts and music. The story seems almost unreal! I’m excited to listen. I’ve listened to the entire series since my initial exposure and response to the trailer. This was exciting and suspenseful and surreal. The writing and separation of incidents into episodes and the full arc of the story were just wonderful. I enjoyed the character development and descriptions. I felt like I was watching everything in my head. I was disappointed when an episode ended and had to wait. But it was so worth it. I cannot wait until season 2!!!
Binge on.
This story is almost unbelievable. Narrator gets big cheer from me because I hung onto every word. Highly recommend!
You have to binge this one! Great listen!
Great story and well told in this podcast. I loved the books and this podcast doesn’t disappoint either.
Great production, great access, and very compelling. Wish there were more podcasts like this one.
Loved it! Wanted more when it was over…
Really holds your interest as you try to figure out what makes this guy tick. Ultimately I concluded he’s a really smart and personable guy with serious denial and narcissistic issues.
Great listen.
This is a great podcast with excellent storytelling and interviews with direct people who lived it. Including the man himself Larry Lavin. I loved it. I binged it. My only complaint is they didn’t close the gap in the last episode on what became of Larry’s wife. I would have liked to hear from her or at least hear what happened to her after he went to prison.
What a narcissist Larry is. Not once in the entire story does he show one grain of remorse for his crime. Drug dealing is far from victimless but all he talks about the entire time is how amazing he is, what a hero, how he dealt with every situation like a rock star. The real hero’s of this story are the FBI agents who didn’t give up.
Excellent podcast. Thank you
We’ll done
Wow! Incredible story! Someone needs to make a movie about this!!
Great true crime story I had never heard of. Well written, nice pacing of the story without being overly dramatic. Larry is a character I found fascinating and his story is as outlandish as it is typical in American society. Great listen!
Wow! Well told narrative. So interesting
Well done podcast, it was the first thing I listened to every Wednesday when it was released.


I enjoyed the telling of this story. I hope his children and ex wife are doing well. They had to go thru a lot as well. And I highkey had hoped he would get away😅
This Larry guy is a disgusting creep of the highest order. He acts like he is guilty of a victimless crime. Deserved life in prison.
Well done podcast. But I have no admiration for nor sympathy for him. Arrogant, smug, and selfish.
Two narcissists walk into a bar…
Great and well told story. but at the end of episode five it’s just drops off. Leaves you hanging. No mention of season two or episode six . What happened to Larry? Do I really have to go to Google to find out?


Larry is a sociopath, they/he try to justify why he found his way to crime because his dad was poor and he wanted to be wealthy. He isn’t remorseful, he tells stories about stealing and cheating like he’s proud or smarter than everyone else. He’s gross and this podcast is too for giving him a platform.
21 minutes into episode two, I’m enjoying the story so far and all of that, but they literally said the same sentence twice. The part about strong arming people. Would be nice with a little careful editing and cutting out the repetition.
What? Great story that ends without a summary or resolution. It just ends without any logical stopping point. It would have been five stars if it had concluded. Wah.
I binged it. I too wanted Larry to get away with it. But then it ends!! I had to google what happened to him. Where is the bonus episode??
Finding humor in this idiots tales of dealing in drugs is why America has so many drug addicts
Really enjoying this true crime story! Very well presented.
I love the intro and then background provided to stir up empathy for the Levin. You end up not wanting him to get caught. The attention to detail for story telling and honesty of the participants is refreshing and real. Definitely a show I will follow!
Excellent listen into a world that is so unfamiliar to the majority of society! Saddened I have to wait an entire week for next episode.