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Excellent reporting and story telling. I was captivated from beginning to end.
This was an awesome podcast!! I was gripped!! Great job Josh!! I was terribly sad at the end though for Heather’s daughter. 😞😞😞
Is the narrator insinuating that men can’t be sexually assaulted? He basically told the interviewee the story wasn’t believable
Compelling! Loved every minute! Great job Josh!


Any new stories coming out?
Great podcast but I agree with other reviewers- host scoffed at the claim a man could be sexually assaulted, as if the idea was preposterous. Granted, the claim seemed to be a stretch of the truth in this particular case, but men can certainly be sexually assaulted, especially when a power differential is in play.
Love this show!! Josh and the Dateline crew are fabulous!
I just binged the entire show & WOW. A story full of twists & turns with that heartbreaking end… narrated so eloquently by Josh.
Enjoyed this podcast. Keep them coming.
I love hearing Josh tell a story, best voice.
Dateline, keep doing these podcasts, please! I’ve been watching the show since it’s inception, but as someone who remembers radio broadcasts that told mysteries, scary stories, being able to listen “on the go” is so entertaining. 5 stars. ❤️
Dateline always does an amazing job telling a story. This particular story will definitely give you chills into how psychotic people can be, and the unexpected term of events that follow. Great Story, but also very sad. Another job well done by Dateline.
Love Josh and Dateline, but let’s not push the narrative men can’t be sexually assaulted!
Great work
Josh’s voice literally puts me to sleep every night! Shawna clearly has mental health issues (borderline personality? ) and Ig’s series of bad decisions destroyed the lives of so many. She definitely deserves to be locked up. I feel for Ig- he continues to suffer and pay for his mistakes.
Another outdated, sexist, and cheesy true crime podcast from Dateline. This story is interesting, but please update your style to be more respectful to the victims and women in general. Making fun of untraditional gender roles and claiming men can’t be raped is not ok.
I couldn’t stop listening! Very well done. So glad they released it on other podcast platforms. Keep the stories coming!!!!!
Really enjoyed spare time to listen.
This is an amazing podcast! Learned about it from “A Date with Dateline”. Binged it in 2 days. A must listen!
The great narrative and overall recollection of this grim story has received just a little more justice. This story is from where I’ve been born and raised and just two blocks from my childhood home. Such a sad thing no matter the circumstance but again you did a great job. Very informative and real!
How a series of bad decisions leads to the most tragic consequences imaginable. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, my god, they can…. Men, if you’ve ever contemplated cheating or worse, if you ARE cheating, listen to this podcast and stop. The only thing that comes out of that sort of betrayal is ruin and a lifetime of regret.
Josh and Keith Morrison have the best voices to fall asleep to! I have nightmares but it’s worth it. Thanks for getting into the pod game, Dateline!
Along with Dennis, John has the voice one want to hear many tales from! Love the narration and the breakdown of the case. I know we knew the story from before but! Who doesn’t want to hear or watch the work these people produce! Love it! Could had done without sound “effecless” music on background…


By Kay5353
I couldn’t stop listening!!
I gave the story a chance but there is nothing interesting or unique about it. We’ve heard this one a thousand times before. A couple of narcissistic people make a mess of their lives, someone innocent dies, and the lives of loved ones are ruined. I was bored after episode two and turned it off a few minutes into episode three. I looked up the story on the Internet and it affirmed my decision to turn it off.
We’ll done
I have really enjoyed this podcast. It keeps me on my toes. Looking forward to many more.
I couldn’t wait for each new episode. It’s always tragic to learn how the innocent lose their life. There’s much to be learned when reflecting on someone else’s deadly decisions. Now, I must know if there will be a season 2?
Love me some Mankiewicz
I don’t know why everyone is complaining; you don’t have to pay for anything! You just need patience. I listened to all 6, free. You just have to wait for the following week! I remember this “story” from a few shows on the ID channel. I like that their are 6 different episodes. Looking forward to more seasons!
Episode 6 just circles and doesn’t play☹️
I love Josh Mankiewicz and his style of reporting. I didn't care that the story had been on Dateline a few years ago. What ruined it for me was the incessant sound(s) while Josh was telling the story. At least it wasn't the same strident note plinking on a piano or xylophone, or a flute or oboe playing throughout most TV documentaries these days. When will producers realize that for many of us, it's as annoying as putting 2 images on a TV screen and blurring them together? This podcast was good enough that I didn't turn it off after 3 or 4 minutes and have the feeling of "Ahhh, it's gone." It was the same as the one that Keith Morrison narrated. These guys have the BEST voices in the business but someone lets a sound guy lay a track on there to "enhance" the experience...and it's an awful idea.
Confession: I only started listening because “Josh” and “Dateline,” not knowing what to expect. Wow! I was hooked from the beginning, anxiously waiting each week for the new episode.
I really enjoyed this podcast and look forward to more.


Come on dateline open up number 6 for me I paid for it! While your podcast is awesome your technical difficulties are NOT! Annoying that now #6 is there I’m a subscriber and it won’t PLAY!!! What’s up? The rest of them play however they stop without warning and they start up when they want. I never had this problem with any other podcast book or music.
Interesting story, but very disappointed in the reporting and victim blaming from Josh. Not helpful or necessary to continually spread the false rhetoric that it’s “unbelievable” and “ridiculous” that a man could be sexually assaulted. Please learn from your mistakes and do better!
Have these people complaining about the subscription never listened to a podcast before? Have some patience. Also, people are entitled to be paid for their labor. If a podcast chooses to have a subscription model, that’s their prerogative. Anyway…I do not think, based on the facts presented in this podcast, that the outcome matched the evidence.
Such a tragedy
Free until the last episode! NOPE! No more Dateline 😡
Please tell me there will be more seasons of this podcast?!!
Tragic & horrifying story. Told really well by Josh. Couldn’t stop listening.
Great job as always from Josh M. and the Dateline team! The very last part of episode 6 is a gut punch. Btw, episode 6 is free starting today for those who haven’t seen that subscribers get early access.
Excellent work guys thank you!
Very intense!!! I could not stop listening! Just awful how all this could have been avoided. Very sad.
I agree with multiple other posters about the 6th episode being behind a paywall. No thanks. Love Dateline, but this is a bummer.
You let us listen to 5 episodes… THEN you withhold, or ask for payment to finish the podcast?? Hugely disappointed.
Definitely wouldn’t have started this bad I known I wouldn’t be able to finish it without a paid subscription. Too many free true crime podcasts for me to pay for a subscription. Sorry.