Reviews For Raised By Ricki with Ricki Lake and Kalen Allen

I love this show so much! I’m 41 and Ricki was my after school babysitter in the 90s🤣! She’s always sort of felt like a big sister or favorite aunt to me and I’m so happy she’s back on the air. And who doesn’t love Kalen? They are perfect together. Only thing is I am searching everywhere for the video podcast to complete the experience. Please make this a weekly podcast video so I can see y’all’s reactions plus the replay of the Ricki clips💓💓💓


Love Ricki but Kalen is annoying. Go solo Ricki…you don’t need a sidekick
I love this podcast, it takes me back to the 90s when Ricki had her talk show, it seems nice to hear her voice and the guests and the topics are always interesting! I look forward to each episode.
I grew up watching you and to this day still love Cry-Baby. I love every second of you, I’m so happy you have a podcast!
A fun look back on my fave after school show!
Ricki… where do I start.. I grew up watching you everyday! You were such a part of my life as a teenager. You spoke to us and made all of us feel accepted. When I was in high school a few of my friends was actually a guest. What an experience! Thank you for making this show! You guys are doing an amazing job and I love listening!!
I was literally just thinking about Ricki and (insert doorbell) she popped up on podcasts. I love her voice. Her vibe. Just her. As an 80s baby, this was one of the first shows that I could relate to.
I stumbled upon this podcast and it couldn’t be more perfect for me! I’m a millennial latch key kid who rushed home everyday to watch Ricki Lake. Also I am a huge fan of Kalen and follow all of his social media. These two are hilarious and I love reliving these memories with them!
Growing up watching Ricki & she’s back here today! Awesome! Kaylen is a breathe of fresh air … great job guys!
This is a +great* show! Whomever put you two together SCORED. And now, we too scored!! You both just be vibin’ off each other in such a perfect way. I love this show! Thank you Ricki & Kalen, ‘cause we NEEDED a good show like this! Xox
I look forward to the weekly Podcasts but would love them to be daily💕 Keep them coming!!
I grew up watching Ricki. I love every ounce of this podcast. GO RICKI
Omg I love Ricki. It’s so great to have her back in my life. And Kalen is hilarious. I LOVE this show already and sent it to all my gal pals. Please make it daily!
I LOVE RICKI LAKE!! While searching for something new and fresh I stumbled upon this podcast and I COULD NOT BE MORE PUMPED! I’ve missed you on my screen! Please don’t leave us again! ❤️❤️
Ricki, you’re amazing. And I adore you. Glad to listen
Great show! Great hosts! Great guests!
I was a latchkey kid and grew up on Ricki Lake. I loved her movies. This podcast is great. She tells great stories and her episode with Rosie was perfect. Glad you’re back, Ricki! You’ve been missed.
Perfect pair of hosts, fluff and depth, love the guests, so fun!!
Go Ricki Go Ricki! I used to race home from high school to watch Ricki Lake at 3pm every day. When I saw that she was back with this podcast I was so excited! The podcast is really good but it could use a few tweaks. I love the discussions about the shows and what the norms were then versus now. I am having a hard time with Kalen’s input because he is too young to have ever watched the show. I see that they are trying to build a bridge to connect to a younger generation to the past buuut I don’t feel like it’s fine tuned yet. I’d love to hear some old memorable guests and hear the perspectives of people who were there and what they think now. I’ll totally keep listening to the show but I think it’d be better with a cohost who was a little older.
Why does Kalen have to talk in the “black gay voice” all the time? So far the show has had a gay guest on each episode. I see the trend…
I grew up watching Ricki Lake. My mom would put it on after school and I’d catch myself watching it. Learning so much about life and the differences in our world. One of the best talk shows in my youth. Now I get to learn even more as an adult on what went on behind the scenes.
300 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩


By Fun1894
But Kalen is so screechy.
The way I ran to my podcast app after Kalens announcement on TikTok. I was a latch key kid who was Raised By Ricki!
Such a fun and insightful podcast, Kalen and Ricki are great together and balance each other out. I wish Ricki was my aunt and Kalen my best friend 💛
Looked this conversation! I’m already sold after episode one!
I love it! I went to a Ricki Lake show tapping with my uncle and grandmother because my uncles god daughter was a producer! It was the first tapping of a show I ever went to. I can’t remember what the topic was on the show but seeing my grandma in the audience on TV cracked me up!
As a long time Ricki Lake fan … “Raised by Ricki” is a great addition to the podcast world. It’s shows a great comparison from then to now. Kalen Allen brings a fresh prospective to the younger generation. If you grew up in the 90’s or even in the later 2000’s this podcast is sure to draw you in, and give you that nostalgic feeling. Go Ricki!
My friends and I spent every day watching Ricki!! This podcast is hilarious. Takes me back!
I really enjoyed the first two episodes of this podcast. It brought me back to the days where I watched her show. It is a really interesting behind-the-scenes look at what she went through during the show’s run as well as learning about how she evolved since then.
New episodes every Thursdays? Count me in!
Great job Ricki and Kalen!!
I read an article about this show and had to check it out. We watched Ricki every day after class in college. It’s like having all my friends back in my dorm room eating popcorn. It’s my new #1 podcast already. I love this show! It’s hilarious. You owe it to yourself to listen.


By M.Ing.
a fresh spin on pop culture classic. love! go ricki, go ricki
I love Rikki!
This podcast is my favorite new discovery! The Ricki Lake show shaped a generation and revisiting it through the fresh eyes of generation Z is brilliant and super entertaining!
What a smart, sweet, joyful peek into the world of celebrity, talk shows, and the lives & careers of two warm and vivacious stars.
I think my generation is in this unique position where we remember shows like this being a pivotal part of our upbringing, but we were still a little too young to grasp the full complexity of the themes when they aired. Listening back is like being wrapped in a warm and fuzzy blanket while being intellectually stimulated by something new at the same time. I have also been a long time follower of Kalen and it’s so bizarre and awesome to see these two people who came into my life at completely different stages, come together. It’s mind blowing. I’d also like to put a message out there to Rosie. My generation and the generations after me love you and loved your show and the impact you made in our lives. We just didn’t have the means to easily express it to you the way younger generations have today. Maybe it would’ve have helped with some of the pain you went through….Just know you are still revered and missed by so many.
LOVE the memories this brings back - we were all raised by Ricki without even realising it 😂❤️ Go Ricki! Go Ricki!!
Ricki and Kalen are magic!!
Ricki and Kalen are MAGIC together!!! Such great back and forth - I want next week’s episode to come out now!
This podcast is the best! Amazing!
Omg I love this!! So good!!! Love Ricki!!
Loving the show so much! So glad you are back!
Traveling back in time through this iconic journey and listening to the insights of how it all magically came together is incredible!! Ahead of her time and paved the way!! We are so lucky! Thank you Ricki!
The producing team at Lemonada are so talented and hard working. A joy to work with! ♥️ and that Kalen Allen is an absolute dream!
Such a perfect moment for this podcast. Funny, deep, and unexpected - this podcast really feels so comforting in a nostalgia way, but also current and fresh. Ricki and Kalen are a natural pairing that are so easy and fun to listen to.
❤️Ricki! was in my mid 20s when talk show came out, it was absolutely my fav she was always 💯,💯% of time. So excited to reminisce‼️ first pod great, keep it up 💕
Well god bless the gay-baby Jesus. Ricki Lake is back with a new star, Kalen Allen. Cannot wait to hear what this has in [more] store for us.