Reviews For New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

New Heights is just absolutely incredible. Jason and Travis Kelce are both incredible players and have a ton of personality, which comes out in the podcast. The show is really authentic and candid, which is so refreshing. It really gives a person a glimpse into the thoughts of NFL guys and how they all interact with each other. The Kelce brothers do a fantastic job and this is my favorite sports podcast or radio show, hands down. Also, as a UC alum, I always enjoy following these two and am proud of how they represent Bearcat Nation!
Great podcast! I listen every week! 💚GO BIRDS 🦅 💚
Brotherly love and a chemistry between two of the best players in the league make for a great way to spend an hour listening to football talk. Makes me want to sit down and have a beer with them even more. Both provide good insight and show their professional approach to the game.
Best FOOTBALL podcast. (Period) This applies not just for Eagles & Chiefs fans but for anyone who loves the game. We all know the Kelce bros & enjoy watching them play football the way it was meant to be played. The fact that these guys will call one another out honestly, like any good brother should and not edit out the emotion of the response!!! Honest conversation from two Dudes, with whom you’d love to hang! Do yourself a favor & subscribe
Travis is the best tight end in football! Now he’s the best podcaster!!
Travis have a personally my favorite player in the league
Those two compliment each other so well. They offer great player insight from two tops teams and the best at their positions. It’s funny and entertaining - I’m not sure what else you need. Maybe just a follower nickname, I’m going with new heights crew
I’m the mom of 2 adult sons, I love them both equally. Your momma speaks the truth, y’all.
Jason and Travis Kelce have the best pod cast (not just sports) the episode with Hurts was incredible. The way they play off each other is amazing. New heights SZN
Very in sight ful and a great listen Sam L


New name for the podcast. Like.
I deleted all the nice things I said because you keep snapping the ball over Jalen's head. Stop doing that and I will put them back.
This. Is. Awesome. TheProdigyCruz™️
Not only is it too obvious it rolls off the tongue :-) Being born in Kansas City, I’m a KC Chiefs fan!!! That being said, I’ve lived an hour and a half out of Philadelphia for 45 out of my 50yrs on earth. I love listening to you Kelce brothers as a reminds me of growing up with four older brothers, a younger brother(tallest @6’5”) and two sisters. Chaos and competition!!! You guys are a great listen. I love the 92% QB sneak success rate, and overall perspective of an offense of lineman. I was a center and long snapper in high school. You are both clear-cut Hall of Famer’s which is incredible. You both have Super Bowls, but I only drove out to the Chiefs’ parade. Sorry, Jason. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl, a year to the day of my mom’s passing. it was an unforgettable memory with my family. It was a Happy Groundhog’s day, in case you didn’t know. One last fact, my niece loves both of you and shares the same birthday of October 9 with your mom. Keep up the great work, I would love to see a Chiefs vs Eagles, Super Bowl. Go Chiefs!!!
The New Heights podcast is helping me to push through some tough miles backpacking on the 220+ mile Ouachita Trail across part of Oklahoma and Arkansas. Travis and Jason are both hilarious and insightful. At the end of episode 10 I think “The Yeti” nails it with his description of he and his brother as “Knuckleheads”. I think that is what all of us listening to this podcast are- a bunch of “New Heights Knuckleheads”. Time to get back on the trail with “Fat Batman” and “The Yeti” as I extend Chiefs Kingdom into the wilderness.
I joined the podcast initially because I am a Chiefs fan. The podcast is so much more than that, it is a great blend of football talk and humor. Jason and Travis are entertaining and hilarious. Keep up the great content.
As a birds fan, hyped to get some insight on all things Eagles, and maybe cheering for the Chiefs a little due to this pod. Nickname for the fans: New Heights Heels.
Welcome to Kelcedelphia 🦅 Two guys (and brothers) just kickin’ it and talking about football and the football community. Do you need to be a football fan? Nah, but it is football-centric.
Life long Eagles fan (Jason, you know), you guys are awesome. The great brother relationship makes the play off each other fun for all of us. What a great inside look you are sharing. Your football IQ is evidently high but the way you share it with fans makes me feel like I’m part of the game. I’m joining the podcast in week 10, so it’s funny to see how your predictions play out (Ep 1, QB moves). Good luck the rest of the year with your day jobs and this podcast!
I love listening to this podcast each week. The brothers have me in stitches with their stories. I’ve learned a lot more about the game too. Thanks guys!
Love the podcast! Jalen Hurts interview was a treasure! Keep up the great work men.
Can’t get enough of these dudes …By far the best all around podcast out here .There is never a dual moment and this is the only podcast that have never skipped anything.Loving the show fellas keep it up #FlyEaglesFly #Sorry Travis still got love for ya
Climbin’ it!
New Heights Flankers…🤣
Must listen sports podcast. Kelce bros are awesome. Keep up the good work boys!! LETS GOOOOO!!!
Great Pod guys! I never miss….. got a name for the crew, New Heights Neophytes. A new convert to a religion is sometimes referred to as a neophyte. 😂
Funny and genuine
Call us Heights Homies🤙🏻😎 Great pod guys!
These Kelce boys are fantastic on the mic as well as the field! Smart, funny, candid, sometimes outrageous. And always a good time! Great listening for the casual football fan, as well as those who really enjoy getting into the weeds of the game. Is it really any wonder they have the number 1 sports podcast in the universe? I hope to see/hear them both transition to the broadcast booth in the very distant future, after a few more rings. Keep it going and stay healthy guys, AnneMarie-InKC
The boys are insightful, hilarious, and lots of fun. My wife loves Travis, but probably a little differently than I do
If you Love football and family this is a joy.... Never boring, full of insight, finnier than you think....Best broadcast bros around.
It is just amazing to see two of my favorite NFL players get together in like a podcast together which it turns out their brothers and I just love watching it every Wednesday
What is your favorite fan tradition? I just have to say I was born and raised a Chiefs fan, but I now have a soft spot for the Eagles thanks to Jason 😂 you two are electric!! What about Kelce Krazies? 😂 I hope this podcast continues after the season!!
Love the Kelce brothers, as a Giants fan i never thought I’d love an Eagles player 🤣🤣
Love the humor, football knowledge, and brotherly love.
Come on my guys. Sincerely, Senior Kelzones P.S. Go Birds
Love you both (go birds)! Hilarious and warm hearted.
First of all - as a life long Eagles fan, and of course a big Jason Kelce fan, how could I not give this podcast a try. I work remotely, so, obviously we have a lot of Zoom meetings, my background for about a year has been Jason in the Mummers outfit. Also - I once broke a laptop way back in the day when I was trying to draft Travis in fantasy football (before everyone knew how great you were) and it glitched on me and drafted Vernon Davis. Anyway - the fans of the podcast name I want to suggest is “New Heights extended family” Thanks for putting this podcast on guys, couldn’t be happier listening to you guys every week. Keep up the great work.
Love this Podcast! Go Birds!


New heights with brotherly love theme song he’s not heavy he’s my Brother
Fantastic podcast!!!!! “Kelce’s Army” kinda like “Kiss Army” for the Kiss fans
Heights Kingdom!!
These guys love football and they show it. Passion, insight, positive energy, this is an incredible podcast. These guys don’t trash anybody, they just spread their love of the game, with juice!!
Love the chemistry between brothers. After listening to the podcast where the Kelce bros talked about the Rock I just wanted to say Jason you are that person too and people love when you mention or recognize them! You guys are fun to listen to it’s a nice change of pace
I’m a 65 year old retired grandma in Oregon. My son turned me on to your show and I love it!! I learn more about football with each episode and look forward to watching you guys each week of the season. The years my kid played football in pee wee, middle school, high school and in college were the best years of my life. Sports have a magical way of teaching us lessons. Hearing you guys each week is proof of that. Carry on, #1 worldwide sports podcast! You are killing it!!!
This is what you should call the listeners!!