PodCastaway: Liveaboard Cruising

Reviews For PodCastaway: Liveaboard Cruising

I really enjoy this podcast. Keep it up, Martin! This podcast discusses the realities of cruising by sail. Martin talks about issues with the boat, with the destination, visiting new places, latest rumors and anchorages, etc. It makes me - a total landsman - want to go cruising.
Love this podcast, it's so modest yet interesting and entertaining.
The haulout video was very interesting. I do hope you'll video going through the Panama Canal.
My husband and I very much enjoy your podcasts. Marketing them to wannabe cruisers is probably a good idea. This is not a podcast for folks casually interested in sailing but rather those who are preparing to cut the lines and leave on an extended cruise. I think you can shorten your audio environment sections or diversify them. But the content is very useful and entertaining. THANK YOU!