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Wish they where alittle longer.but really enjoy the podcast
Amazing podcast for learning more about the CIA and spies. Great content, with Dee and Walter sharing what they can. Cool guests, too.
I was so excited to listen to this when I first heard about it. It turns out I was wrong, what a snooze fest. I gave up after 3 1/2 episodes. Not a single interesting story or guest.
Way more boring than I was hoping for. I didn’t expect like a step by step retelling of how they participated in overthrowing of certain governments but I wanted more than a pitch from CIA HR about how to become a pencil pusher. There’s gotta be some more interesting history they can tell us.
Interesting background about what CIA does and the various methods used, and who does the work. I look forward to future seasons.
They pick easy things to talk about as far as “misconceptions” or “failures,” sometimes followed by a cringe-inducing chuckle. Assassination plots are “arguably undemocratic” but they don’t mention Patrice Lumumba by name, and so forth. They should listen to the FBI Retired podcast series, where retired agents talk about actual past cases, often sharing surprisingly frank assessments of what they and their agency could’ve done better (think Paul Rico). When JFK made Allen Dulles retire, he (JFK) spoke some diplomatic words about how CIA failures become known and successes are kept secret, etc. as the kind of face-saving language you use at that level at an official ceremony. Now it’s become their go-to formula each time they mention failure. CIA: Nobody’s asking you to put on sackcloth and ashes, but when you have a real history of actual human rights abuses, you need more than pizzicato strings and bland generalizations. Be humans showing human feelings about the harm the agency’s done to other humans.
Platforms and promotes war criminals and human rights abusers
This show is straight propaganda from the US government. PR for a terrorist organization.
Abysmally boring podcast from a couple classic dullards employed at the most evil and incompetent agency in the world.
Hey!! I am a fan of history and science content that is actually interesting and tells the whole truth. I am not a fan of people who defend war criminals and an organization that is the source of carnage and death to so many people across the world.
I curse you will all of my heart.
I love the format and hearing from the people that actually are doing the job. Love the “ Question” segment at the end of each episode! I need an Insectothopter!! Keep up the good work and interesting topics!!
I was excited to hear about this new podcast but I was expecting so much more. I gave it a chance and listened to first 4 episodes. Not worth the listen.
Very very basic information one could guess or find out. Nothing to capture the audience No stories.... Nothing... We can look up online how to get into the cia or process. We want to hear about declassified stories or even things we may not know about the cia that is interesting. Need to have a one person from the agency and then a random person who is not part of the agency that would have the burning questions that we as normal people would have
I am a high school student I listen to there podcast and listen to the YouTube channel and go to the website time to time I love there history also I like the clandestine service I know it nothing like Hollywood likes to put it and like it still the missions from the past like project Azorian where they took the submarine I also like there inventions like like that spy plane the A-12 or other why’s known as oxcart also invention anyways I hope I one could join the C.I.A but I fear i never will because I got a little bit of autism and I have ADHD I am in special classes which means I will have to work very hard to get a real high school diploma and I am against covid vaccine but will look for way to join without it I won’t let any of that stop my ambition and determination I don’t know why some of the people who gave it one star think this pod cast is boring and I also know that the CIA has a bad rap because of Conspiracy theories I am conspiracy theorist too but I believe you change the bad to good anyways I find this podcast fascinating I was not expecting expecting bill burns to speak In the first episode which I am honored that he came to speak because I bet he got a really busy schedule being the Director of the cia anyways love listening to pod cast can’t wait for number ep 4 and good work Dee and Walter and have a good day and be safe out there
You’re terrible people and you should be ashamed for working for this awful agency. Look into anything the CIA has done, do you think they’ve magically started doing good things out of nowhere? No they’re still just criminals preying on poor people in 3rd world countries.
Too short and topics are danced around without actually saying much. I get it you can’t disclose a lot but then why have a podcast feels too corporate millennial recruiting idea also the cia is bad
Lots of very basic information about who CIA is, passed in an almost NPR style tone. It would be better if they offered more stories about successes and failures which are publicly acknowledged. I’m sure they’re very limited on that front, even as to whether they’re allowed to use open source, though. One thing for the hosts: Ep 2’s question has two answers, the one they gave, and Bush airport in Houston, TX.


How many brown kids have you killed so that you could not protect us?


By HoBro93
Within the context of celebrating the Agency’s tenure and demystifying elements of the Agency’s work, this podcast is entertaining and informational.
Mike, no disrespect with these suggestions. You killed it in this episode, if you hadn’t…wouldn’t have written. 1) Change the name of this Podcast to “The Langley Reports” 2) Search engines connect you with the SPECIFIC audience you are looking for 3) Directorate of Digital Innovation
Yeah feds are pedos and drug dealers. Send em to prison. This podcast is the big gay.
They are bureaucrats.
Check under your table for bugs
Lacks substance and is mostly a pat on the back for how long they’ve been around. Lots of positive things said by people who have worked at the CIA for a long time, but without actually saying anything of substance.
If the CIA wants to “find” a mascot it should be a mole.
Is a worthless piece of garbage
I went to listen to this podcast and got drone bombed.
This is an honest deconstruction of what Hollywood depicts espionage.
It’s crazy, one day he was there advocating for systemic change and the next he killed himself by shooting himself 6 times in the back of the head.
First two episodes provided nothing of value. Will be dropping this from my list. Sry.
Maddeningly bland & dangerously obsfucating curated propaganda.


That is all
Not sure what I expected but first 2 episodes put me right to sleep. What a wasted opportunity...
I wanna see what they come up with before we throw this in the propaganda bin
A splash of spying, a dash of destruction, and a classy clandestine take on the world. I would be sweeter in your dialogue and more assertive in your inflection, the people want to wonder. Kinda like Kim.
I know this podcast will be really fun and informative to watch. Great first show!! 😁
Giving 5 stars to offset the intellectually dishonest 1 star reviews. Very broad strokes introduction to the reality of the agency. Not as much of an in-depth tell all as advertised but a good first step toward cutting through the noise and getting the record straight about one of the most misrepresented organizations in the world.
Great first podcast. Thank you to the CIA and all of you that help keep the USA safe.
🥰💪 #ty
Why listen to this unreliable propaganda podcast, when you can watch the 2019 film The Report to know what are actually CIA crimes.
I fricking love corrupt institutions so much. They are so incredible and helpful and I’m glad that they are held totally accountable in the democratic nation we live in. Surely there are checks and balances that effectively monitor and hold the CIA accountable for what they do. Looking forward to the things you have to say to me!!!!
I enjoyed listening to your first show, it was very interesting! Looking forward to more episodes.
This is something the agency should have envisioned and put into practice years ago.Engaging with listeners on a platform such as this will make the agency seem more humane and transparent.This is a move in the right direction and will allow engagement with this new generation of millennials.Intellucoolevtion is challenging in the 21st century and will allow for increased recruitment efforts, with the appropriately qualified future applicants.God Bless America.
The Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for enacting and supporting the worst crimes of the American empire since it’s creation, from Operation Condor to the crack epidemic. This brazen attempt to normalize its terroristic reign over the world relies on Americans’ ignorance of their horrific crimes, and frankly it will likely turn out well for them. No one should listen to what the CIA itself says, instead I recommend looking into the crimes it has perpetrated against countless people around the world. I would be very, VERY surprised if a single guest of the show turns out to not be a murderer or a war criminal. Don’t waste your time on this propagandistic effort by the largest terror organization on Earth.