Reviews For Funny Cuz It's True with Elyse Myers

Love how Elyse takes you on the journey with her— consummate story-teller. Her genuine delight and awe around this venture is contagious.
I relate to you on so many levels. Being a choir need, having adhd...I get you. Absolutely love your podcast and I'm so fricken proud of you!!!!
She interrupts the interviews too much way too hard to follow the storylines honestly is very annoying
Awww good for you babe, I’m so happy for you :) you’ve helped me so much. I appreciate you greatly ♥️
I love this podcast for its depth of conversation and Elyse’s raw honesty.
I really appreciate seeing Elyse’s process. I don’t know of any other shows/podcasts that let the listener in like that. It’s so vulnerable and so real. I love seeing her growth. It inspires me. It’s absolutely wonderful and refreshing, and I think it will only continue to get better with time.
Update... just gets better. Each episode, I love this podcast, and Elyse, more. It's a happy place to be every week. I love the honesty in this, the way Elyse interjects with after thoughts, like admitting that she made a quick response she doesn't hard agree with because she didn't know what else to say in the moment. Sharing foibles, insecurities, stories that are funny when you've got enough distance from them, talking about the creative process, and how so often people just persevere even when they doubt or are scared is just a balm to the soul. The podcast is smart, sweet funny, and brave. Thank you, Elyse, for doing the scary thing, being so open about it. You're such a force for good in this world.
Elyse has made me laugh out loud too many times to count (neighbors are looking at me funny as I walk the dog while giggling). She is so authentic, humble, vulnerable and did I mention hilarious? I stumbled onto this podcast yesterday and am obsessed. I have already shared with my teenager telling her it is a must listen. Elyse, thank you for being you and sharing!! You are now a part of my community!
Elyse is the most relatable person I’ve found on social media. I am here to follow and support her in anything she does. Loving this podcast so much!
I love this show it’s so relatable to my life and inner monologues !!! Also I could totally get down with “just do it scared”
I find Elyse Meyers fun and adorable !


By ashynah
I love the messages and lessons each person brings!!! I normally hate guest hosts/interviews but the way Elyse soaks in all the parts of the interview as she also breaks it down for herself reflection as well. Magical!
I have a whole list of podcasts I’ve tried to listen to and couldn’t get into. I found Elyse through Instagram, like I’m sure most people did. She’s so funny and real about life and her feelings, etc…so when I heard she had a podcast, I knew I had to listen. And I actually WANT to listen to the episodes. Not just to keep up with it, but because I love hearing the stories. Keep it up, Elyse!
I love you so much Elyse! My expectations for the podcast were outrageously high. The first few episodes were rocky for me but I kept coming back. You keep getting better. The episodes keep getting better. The sky is the limit for you TV, movies, music! Keep going girl!! ❤️❤️❤️
Elyse Myers’ is the most authentic person I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.
The best thing about this podcast are the personal memories/stories Elyse tells. They're fun, entertaining, and relatable. Unfortunately this is only a very small portion of each episode. Elyse can be funny and adorable, but most of the time, she is just being too cringy for my taste. Her constant interruptions of the interviews/conversations are annoying and the un-prominent guests make the episodes boring. Every episode is filled with Elyse depicting her nervousness and lack of confidence... It all becomes repetitive and takes away from the fun. Elyse- put away your insecurities and just talk about your hilarious life stories. It's all your podcast needs.
I’m not a big podcast listener, and when I choose to listen to one, it’s a very specific theme or storyline that keeps my attention. Listening to people chat isn’t my usual thing, but this is the most authentic content I’ve experienced in a while. Elyse is somehow able to make every guest feel like a new pal she thinks I’d be best friends with. Everybody becomes relatable when they talk with her. On top of all this, her style of comedy just exudes joy and silliness. I’m not really sure how she makes such miserable experiences become so simultaneously hilarious and endearing.
I feel in love at tacos, but then I discovered how amazing of a person you’re. I love watching you on TikTok I look for you to make my days more joyful. I almost cried to find this podcast. If anyone deserves their dreams to come true it’s you, I love I get to join you as they all come to true. This podcast is everything I knew it would be.
I love the side commentary & getting Elyse’s afterthoughts during the interview, the classic elyse story in the beginning, and the chill vibe throughout the entire podcast. ❤️❤️❤️
I am not a fan of the stories or the way the podcast is interrupted often.
I’m absolutely LOVING this podcast! Listening to Elyse have these conversations and even her own commentary throughout each episode is so enjoyable to hear! Definitely a must-listen!
Elyse manages to make you laugh so much you don’t even notice that she’s boosting your self-confidence by embracing her authentic truth. The chaotic energy with which she tells her story is as endearing as it is entertaining. I can’t wait to see where this show goes!
Hilarious, relatable, and very entertaining. While I’m sure Elyse is trying very hard, her pod comes across effortless. Absolutely yes.
Did I say love!? I found this fabulous relatable woman on TikTok and have been a fan ever since. She’s helped me realize how I’m not the only one with certain fears. She’s helped me grow. She’s immensely authentic and that’s what we need more of. She’s a strong woman and hilarious on all avenues of life, mental health, et cetera. I’ve binged the Podcast all day and I’m NOT disappointed. This is my new favorite Podcast and I can’t wait for more episodes. Thanks for being here for us nervous anxiety-ridden girlies and making us feel normal. Sending love from the bottom of my heart ❤️- Jess
This is a podcast for the ages! So relatable in a way I have never heard before. MORE EPISODES!
Been listening to Elyse since her TikTok beginning, and I am so happy she came out of her shell enough to share herself with us, her dedicated and loyal fandom. Keep it up Elyse, we are tuning in to listen to your perfect analysis and self-depreciating humor. It touches and speaks to the masses 💙 I can't imagine a better compliment and ego boost than having Paul Feig promote you and your mind! Next... I wanna hear you with Melissa McCarthy 🙏😃
The podcast we ALL have been waiting for. 5 stars Elyse! Love it. ❤️
I love Elise as much as the next girl but this podcast doesn’t resonate with me. I feel most people will really love it but the strange pauses to add commentary (maybe while she’s editing?) is so out of left field and weird. The Lance Bass episode I could push through because I love him and her but I can’t do it anymore. I’ll stick to her TikTok’s and singing, 5 stars there.
Loved it. I feel like too much of the time it’s easy to stay in the black and white and say you aren’t good at something or it’s not something you could do. I felt that Elyse was more and more empowered throughout the episode to just give it a go and I loved it. It feels naturally awkward in the best way. You got this!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Elyse is so genuine and relatable. Listening to this makes my heart so happy because hearing her perspective of life experiences makes my neurodivergent, people pleasing, awkward person myself feel seen and understood in a beautiful way.
Elyse is working to normalize talking about mental health in a really open, honest, and hilariously relatable way. This is a new favorite podcast for sure!
I absolutely love her so much! Her commentary on her interviews are the BEST! The editing are as magical as her TikTok’s! Can’t stop listening!
I love her funny storytelling but really dislike the way she interrupts her interviews with side commentary. It is too disruptive and breaks the flow. It makes me actually forget what the interviewee was talking about.
I absolutely love this podcast and the vulnerability that authenticity that Elyse brings to the world. I love the cassette click when she stops the tape to add her thoughts because this is so much like how I approach the world. Like telling a story and having to pause to explain how I was feeling or add new information. She is an absolute bright spot on this earth.
Fun podcast and a delight to listen to! She has a true gift for story telling. Her quick stories from the awkward adolescent years are terrific and bring back painfully amazing memories!! Love it! How I wish could story tell like Elyse though! I actually listen to podcasts on a different app (not Apple) but came here so I could review since the other app only has the rate option.
I found a Elyse on Instagram/ TikTok and absolutely fell I love with how authentic and funny she is. This podcast is exactly like her videos. She is unapologetically herself and it translate so beautifully into podcast form! ❤️ So happy I found it!
I like listening to podcasts that are positive and lighthearted. Sometimes I get too much in my own head so I like to listen to something happy while I’m washing dishes, folding laundry, running errands, etc. This podcast is both light-hearted and thought provoking in really encouraging ways. Elyse, thank you for helping me conquer my to-do list. You make cleaning the kitchen for the millionth time more enjoyable ❤️
Elyse feels like you are listening to your childhood best friend tell funny and interesting stories with incredible humans. It’s easy listening, relatable and you feel like you’ve known her for years. I love the snippets where she inserts her personal thoughts throughout the interviews. Looking forward to more episodes. Thanks Elyse, for being America’s storyteller and best friend!
I first found Elyse on TikTok and when au stumbled upon this the other day I was ELATED!!!! I’ve binge listened to the first 4 episodes already and can’t wait for more. Thank you for sharing your honest and funny stories and interviews with us!!!
My new favorite podcast - Elyse is an incredible interviewer and I love everything about the show!
Yay Elyse Myers!!!!! I love this!!!
I love Elyse on tiktok (yes, we are on a first name basis) and this is even more fun. The interviews are great on their own but then she cuts in with asides and talks about what was going on in her head while she’s talking to a Very Cool Person. And that just makes it even better. I love hearing these deeper thoughts and I find it so relatable and encouraging. It makes me think about my own anxiety and creativity in a new way. I love this podcast! More, please and thank you!
Lighthearted, funny, honest and GENUINE! great light listen in a SUPER heavy world! ❤️
If you found Elyse on TikTok, you’re probably with me in the amount of joy she brings! Just listen! Take Elyse with you and know you’re not alone in this awkward human experience called life!
I like the show and the host in general, but I am not a fan of all the pauses so that she can give quick commentary during the listen-through of the show. I understand if that’s a piece that she wants to include, so once or twice I get. But I haven’t made it through a full episode without just being annoyed by that and stopping midway through. Hopefully this is just one of the bumps that eventually get worked out as the show goes on because I think it could be very enjoyable, but it feels like a person who can’t help but interrupt someone else speak.
Her commentary on her interviews are pure gold!
When I first discovered Elyse on TikTok, I went all the way back to the beginning of her videos, and watched them all…twice. I remember telling my husband I wished I could put them on a loop and listen to them as I fall asleep. I just found her so comforting and entertaining that I wanted to be able to simply sit back and listen to her stories. Now, with this podcast, she’s given us the gift of being able to do just that. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Listen to it! You’ll be glad you did.
I know Elyse from Tiktok so I had to come find her podcast. She’s so real, so honest, and SO funny. Her transparency and vulnerability make me feel at ease and like I’m talking to a friend. Her openness about her mental health and struggling with anxiety speaks to me and I will forever absorb all of her content. Wishing you all of the best on this podcast journey.
I first found you on TikTok, and instantly was intrigued by this woman who could use words to describe exactly what I was feeling. To say I relate with you is an understatement! Thank you for being brave to share your story, humor, and incite, even if you didn’t feel confident or brave at the time. I LOVE the podcast, it speaks to my brain and my heart! Like the Office Ladies said, “You’re doing it!”