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By garth1k
When the guest is talking, please stop interrupting them with “yea, uh huh, okay, uh huh, yea, yea, ohh, uh huh, yea, okay, ohh, uh huh”… it’s distracting and annoying!
I just discovered Dr Tara and LOVED this episode. listening to get others now! Awesome!
Dr. Tara makes change so doable. The way she intertwines science with real life experiences…really hits home as I am embarking on a “transformation”. Change is hard, but Dr. Tara provides the perfect mix of advice, scientific evidence, and application techniques to deliver a seemingly doable formula for deep and lasting change.
I have watched seemingly hundreds of interviews on Lewis Howes YT channel and you stand out. Keep moving forward with your focus on drawing similarities to spiritual beliefs and modern neuroscience. What was once considered mystic is scientifically supported more and more each day (with of course acknowledging frauds not being so) and your internationally validated education can give you a platform to speak honestly about any consistencies you see. Joy to watch and enjoying your curious nature as opposed to a “know it all” approach. Cheers!
I love the different type of vibe & energy you bring. Looking forward to learning more about your expertise and how that impacts our daily lives.