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This is asking and as a father of a 6 year old son I could not thank you enough for this podcast at home to protect my marriage and my family and son and bring prayer and Christianity to my family and home!! Also, do you all travel? Any of the Beveres, my wife and I would love to see you or attend any conference! We are in Kansas City! Thank you again for your obedience to God and your openness because there are so many of us, especially young fathers who didn’t grow up with fathers we could look up to that this means more than you have any idea! Please keep it up! Any advice on fathers and sons? I do have a question about that because we struggle behaviorally with our son he’s 6 and our only and his behavior is out of control. I feel I’m failing so if you can help I’d appreciate it!
I love these episodes! Please expand more on how God is outside of time. I loved that part of this podcast and have so many questions about it. Thanks for bringing these relevant and honoring to God episodes!
I remember the first time I heard Lisa Bevere preach in 2017 and it changed my life. Now hearing all of these episodes, its changing my thought process again as a Christian, wife, and parent. Thank you guys so much for all your insight and wisdom and never shying away from the truth!!! Would recommend to anyone!
Such biblical words of wisdom shared on this podcast, thank you! Not many family podcast that help families navigate it all- we appreciate you folks.
As Lisa shared I could feel my faith rise up! Thank you for speaking openly and honestly about the authority we have. I listen to Conversations (up to date on all episodes) and now this podcast. I appreciate your faithfulness in sharing Gods truth, especially in subjects most try to avoid! Love you all.
They bring up challenging topics and give such valuable insight. I love hearing how they speak out of a place of wisdom and history. I also love how much the women and men both have equal respect - and the ability to challenge each other in a beautiful way.
I LOVE this podcast and this family! They seriously love Jesus and pursue Him daily. They share their faith and knowledge with seriousness yet grace and they’re real life people. I love how they share their real life mistakes, shortcoming etc. I just love this podcast and how they share on tons of different and random subjects that we’re all curious about! Thank you so much Beveres for your faithfulness, love, dedication and joy of the Lord! Your family gives me hope for my 6 young children! Even if we as parents make mistakes, you’ve showed that your children can still be in love and follow Jesus! My question is, (if this is the place you put questions, if not so sorry!) Is it wise for Christian’s to send their children to government ran school systems? Is that form of schooling Gods best for our children?
I’m leaning in to listen to Lisa because she raised four godly men. I’m a boy mom too. When I was young in my career as a new college grad, John’s Honor’s Reward teaching was foundational to my career growth. Your stories are so relevant to every aspect of my life stage. Thank you. I’d love to hear more about Lisa’s background. Are her parents serving the Lord now? How did they overcome infidelity? Are they still together? I’m going through a difficult divorce right now myself. What can my family look like?
I am a prodigal daughter and came back to the Lord fairly recently - getting baptized in 2021. I have 3 small children 5 and under. I went from full throttle career as a detective to stay at home Mom raising little disciples of Jesus. Seeing people I admire in the faith share their struggles in parenting and marriage and life, and how they’ve overcome them, with the Living Word (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, is so helpful I cannot even begin to state how much so. It can be lonely in this stage of motherhood breaking generational curses and strongholds and to hear how Lisa and John did it and have learned, and then how their grown children have learned and to glean from you all, it’s such a blessing! Thank you for your obedience to Him. Love you all! God bless you
Hey guys! My name is Brenten. I am from Arkansas, and I listen to your podcast while I have down time at work. I enjoyed the talk with John in the last 2 episodes, and I was wondering if y’all could give me some advice on how to introduce the practices of praying over our home and children to my wife. We have 2 kids ages 2 and 4 and one to be born in a month. I feel discouraged when I feel the desire to protect my home because my wife doesn’t see things the way I do. I appreciate anything you would have to offer for advice! Sending love and blessings to your family!
Love listening to these conversations… sharing what went well, what you messed up on, what you learned and having your sons on, sharing their experiences growing up with the wisdom you’re sharing is so helpful as well! Thank you for this and please keep them coming! ❤️
Thanks for making a great podcast!
Truly one of my favorite parenting/family podcast. My husband and I listen to every episode as it comes out. We feel challenged and encouraged after every episode. Thank you for sharing God’s wisdom and the lessons you all have learned over the years! The podcast has been such a blessing to our family!!
I'm a mom to 3 teenage boys - ages 13, 15, and 17. I was introduced to the Bevere's through Lisa's study "Fight Like a Girl" when my boys were all under the age of 5 and I thought I might not survive. It was in a women's ministry group where we read the book, did the study guide, and watched the DVDs. Hearing Lisa for the first time, I felt like FINALLY there's someone who gets me and survived raising all boys (and an additional one to the 3 I had). I've loved following your famiy over the past decade, and am a proud monthly supporter of Messenger Intl. Listening to your podcast gives me hope that my boys will marry beautiful, godly women and do great things for the Kingdom. Thank you for being relevant, transparent, and addressing the hard things about family life that need to be addressed. If only we lived in the same place I have no doubt we would be fast family friends! I listen while I'm running or out walking my dog, and always intend to leave a review but quickly forget once I'm back home. What you are doing and discussing matters. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life with us!
I listen to each episode as they come out. I am always so excited to learn what y’all have to share. I have 3 kiddos, (5, 4 & 3) and my husband and I are church planters in San Antonio, TX. We have been blessed by your many other resources, books and podcasts! This particular podcast has given me so many applicable truths that I can actually apply to our life and parenting! Just a huge blessing! I know yall have talked about discipline and when spankings before and it’s been very insightful. My question is just really how to know when certain disciplinary actions, including spankings are appropriate in certain situations. I have trouble buckling down and catch myself continuously giving grace (which is great but) but then getting frustrated. I feel guilty to discipline when I know it’s beneficial over all. So just a little help and insight would be great, THANK YOU!
Love the inter-generational wisdom that is poured out through the microphones in each episode. Great stories, sound advice, Godly and Scripture-based principles and practices. In a couple episodes I have heard you allude to, as it relates to child development, that a child progresses from dependence to independence to interdependence as they move to adulthood. Could you explain those stages more and flush that progression out? Thank you!
Love all of you guys! Thank you for taking time to share your wisdom, practical advice, and most importantly, scriptural foundations for everyone to follow. I’m deeply encouraged by the truths spoken and so thankful that I get to glean from each podcast episode and your ministry. (As a homeschool mom to 3 boys I need as much as I can get!) Also, such a great family dynamic….honest, genuine, and relatable. Keep up the amazing God work Beveres!
Such an encouragement and breath of fresh air to have access to this podcast. The Beveres give practical help for how to apply biblical principles into parenting/family/etc. They always point us back to the Bible and I’m sooo grateful. Also… TOPIC SUGGESTION: Can you give guidance on a biblical perspective of having a balance between forgiving someone but, protecting yourself/others from that persons continued negative patterns (especially with a family member). I know I am not bound by unforgivness and have taken physical actions to let this person know they are forgiven and loved. But, this family member is extremely toxic. I’ve shared Gospel, etc many times. Where I’m stuck is wondering if I should continue subjecting myself/family to the toxic and evil patterns of this person for the sake of hopefully being able to witness to them more. Or is it more appropriate to protect my feelings and the generations I am trying to build to break the negative curses off of my family? Maybe you guys could make a video on navigating toxic families as a Christian. GOD BLESS you guys!!
I just had to share what a blessing to watch and listen to this podcast for the first time Thank you all for sharing your life with us on this valuable topic I’m a grandma with a 15 year old grandson and a 10 year old grandson so I shared this podcast with my two daughters I pray they receive the wisdom of God spoken here 🙏 Thank you again and God’s continued blessing over your family and this ministry ♥️ in Jesus precious name…..
I’ve been listening and loving this podcast since it started. But last night I literally cried out to God because I’m having a hard time parenting my son who is ten and starting to go through emotional, hormonal changes. He has a hard time talking to me about it. And literally woke up this morning to the podcast with Asher giving wisdom and advice from his perspective. I guess my burning question would be, can Asher have a whole podcast for young men to listen to like my son? Such a good Godly example that my son needs and looks for to help him understand and navigate his feelings and what he’s going through. My son has a loving stepfather who such great example, but coming from a broken home I think it’s a little harder for him to open up. What an amazing young man y’all are raising. Thanks for being faithful to your calling. This podcast was an answered prayer.
Like the title says. I’ve said my piece.
I honestly don’t have the words to fully express the impact this podcast continues to make on me. I grew up in a amazing Christian home, yet listening to the Bevere pour out wisdom with such raw vulnerability and the upmost honor for each other just about brings tears to my eyes! I am so inspired to one day have a family of my own that reflects God’s beautiful design as their family does! Keep the episodes coming!! Thank you all so much! Many Blessing!! 🙌🏾✨
Wow. Every time I read or listen to something with Lisa I feel like we were brought up in the same home, which just encourages me and fills me with hope that I can be a mother and wife that I truly desire to be and one who God is pleased with. So much wisdom and truth and I’m incredibly grateful for this podcast please do not stop! Also I’ll say, for the single bad review here, the earlier podcasts they did sort of talk over each other but the later podcasts they have certainly stopped doing that so don’t let that stop you from listening!
Thank you Jesus for these individuals and their obedience in answering the call for ministry. I have been so blessed listening and learning from the transparency and authenticity that is presented in this podcast. Such a fan! To God be the glory.
Wow! I recently discovered this podcast and family. I am so encouraged and thankful for their honesty and transparency. It is beautiful and very much appreciated!!!
Thank you for inviting us into your home as you discuss such relevant topics around the table. Every episode encourages me to draw deeper from the well of God’s Word and gives practical tools that I can use on the journey of parenting. I am a mom of four boys (7,5,3 and 1 year old), and I would love to hear you guys share wisdom on how to handle strife between siblings. James 3:16 says “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” And I certainly do not want any part of that in my home. There are moments when I’ve dealt with it very strong in prayer, because I recognize the enemy at work and I refuse giving him any foothold in our family. But when it seems almost daily that there is an opportunity for strife between brothers, I would love to to know how I can navigate through it and point my kids towards Christ as they deal with the strife in their hearts.
Faithful listener to this podcast! I just listened to guardians of innocence, and as a mom of two small boys, I just want to thank you for talking about real REAL topics. And not only that, but thank you for being so transparent about your own family and experiences with your own children. You guys are awesome! ❤️
This show has been such a blessing! I was not raised in a Christian home and was recently saved 5 years ago and so much has changed! But this has been so helpful in navigating parenthood. I now am married to a wonderful man of God and we have a blended family, I am not sure where to submit questions for the show but I didn’t know if you guys could speak into raising children who are sharing a home between one parent who is saved and the other who is not. My daughter is exposed to a lot more at her dads and we struggle with voicing our concerns without villianizing her father, who she loves.. she’s only 8 and it’s so much to navigate.
So so thankful for find this treasure! I have been so encouraged and equipped by each episode!! I am sharing with my Mom friends and replaying each episode to glean the layers of wisdom, instruction and paths to blessing in parenting!! Thank you Bevere family for sharing and providing this resource !!
Thank you so much for the topics you address in this podcast. Thank you for addressing the difficult topics we all are facing as parents and families. The question I would love to hear discussed is what are the best ways we can protect our children from predators in this increasingly dangerous world without instilling fear into them?
Thank you so much for this amazing resource! It encourages endlessly. Can you discuss raising kids within the context of parents being in ministry? 💜
Addicted to this podcast 🤍🤍🤍 As a mama of 3 there is so much rich insight and wisdom from these couples. Do yourself a favor and go listen.
I love you all are taking precious time out of your day and making this podcast. Answering hard questions.
Quick question… In John’s book, the Awe of God, in Chapter 38 about Legacy, John mentions crying out to the Lord for his sons. He also mentions they were wayward for short stint during their teenage years and he and Lisa continued to cry out. What promises of God would you cry out to the Lord for on behalf of your sons during their teenage years? As a parent of a 14 year old, I need to cry out more…just curious about a starting place! Thank you for EVERYTHING you pour into this podcast, your books and ministry!
I’ve listened to the Bevere’s for years, and recently discovered this show and quickly added it to my podcast list! I have three sons, and was told once by my pastor to study the life of those who have succeeded in areas you endeavor to succeed it. We want to raise our young men to grow up honoring God and serving Him the same way the Bevere boys are. These conversations are just exactly what I need to hear, what I want to know about how decisions we make now truly impact our boy’s future. Thank again for pouring out the anointing on your family!
The heart of this family for God is so amazing! They have so many amazing tools and resources! I could pick up any book by any of them and read it and know I would be encouraged, challenged, and would draw closer to God! If you're not the reading kind, they have amazing videos, podcasts, and video study series also! MessengerX is such an amazing FREE resource for disciplining and growing in your walk with the Lord! I know when I listen, read, or watch from this family it is grounded in Gods word and truth! Thank you Bevere family for all you do!!!!
Thank you for sharing about Grandma Bevere and her joy. I am taking to heart what you shared and want to adopt her outlook on life. Thank you also for your amazing App. I have shared it with all my friends! I’ve done the mini courses for Honor’s Reward and Under Cover and am now in the process of reading the books. Every Christian would greatly benefit from these two books/courses!! I’m also reading The Awe of God 💗Thank you!! You are such a blessing to the body of Christ!
I came across this podcast while looking for something encouraging to listen to at work. I follow Lisa Bevere on IG and an so encouraged by her wisdom, and I’ve seen them speak a few times at Zion City Church (formerly Victory Worship Center) in a Tucson, AZ. I have a question that I would love to see answered in a future podcast: What does honoring your parent(s) look like in an adult child/parent relationship? Some backstory: I’m 26, married and live about 40 mins away from my parents. My mom and my relationship is highly strained and she tends to fall into manipulating, and gaslighting. She is a believer, but often uses scripture to condemn and control. I haven’t seen her or talked to her in about 4 months because the thought of seeing her causes so much anxiety for me. I love her and I want us to have a good relationship but it always seems like every encounter with her is like walking on eggshells and just turns into a records of my wrongs and awful I am. Her relationships with my siblings is the same way. I feel sometimes that we may never have a close relationship, but am I doing something wrong? Am I meant to just take the beating and call her and go see her like she wants and suffer through for the sake of loving and honoring her? Thank you for reading this, you guys are always so wise and encouraging.
This crew is the real deal and their words stir and encourage, convict and push my heart to draw near to the lord in my season of parenting. I’m so grateful for their family dynamic being on display as it brings hope and a tangible reality to what can be- the lords intention for families following Jesus together. Thank you Beveres!!!
One of my favorite podcast for all things family and parenting. Some episodes I listen to twice just to soak in all the wisdom! Highly recommend it no matter what stage of parenting you are in. These days I am feeling the weight of parenting during this crazy time in the world, I would love if you guys did an episode on parenting through fear. I feel so overwhelmed with the world in chaos, feeling like I can’t ever turn on news unless I’m alone, which is never with 3 young kids. I don’t even know where to go for news, but I feel I need to know SOME of what’s going on in the world. I am usually a very peaceful person but lately just feel so consumed with sadness that my kids are growing up in the middle of this. I feel like I’m mourning the childhood that I loved and they won’t experience. I believe God made them for such a time as this, but I still feel the fear and frustration of our world on a daily basis! If you guys could give some instruction on this, I would love to hear your perspective.
I have SO enjoyed and been encouraged by this podcast! The Beveres just have a way of communicating the realness of life and how to apply a Biblical worldview to it all. Spiritual encouragement, tough love, kind discourse, and practical tips. This podcast is a must listen for anyone aiming to raise a family God’s way. Thank you Beveres!!
Excellent discussion about real life situations and from a biblical perspective I learn a lot and enjoy even the kind disagreements It show how we can express ourselves in a kind way and not be offended
Do you ever listen to something and realize God is using someone to speak directly into your life? That’s how I feel listening to this podcast. It feels like you are sitting at the table with these two couples as they share their personal stories and struggles. 5 stars for sure!
Parenting can be a bit of a rollercoaster when raising boys to become men. This podcast has been incredibly insightful over the past couple months I’ve been listening. They cover some tough topics and ways to navigate them. I have been both encouraged and challenged to be the Mom the Lord has called me to be.
This podcast is an answered prayer. I’ve been so contemplative about family, and relationships as a whole. They’re just so hard and it’s so easy to believe families like The Bevere’s have done it successfully because they spent more time with God, or had a Christian home and had the right people in their lives or because they were in Ministry and God had favor on them. This podcast truly is a breath of fresh air as you hear about flawed humans and a flawed family like you and I who just are trying to run the race well, while falling down and getting back up fixing their eyes on the ONLY perfect One there is. It’s beautiful stories and testimonies to how God redeems and restores brining Beauty from Ashes. This podcast will make you laugh and cry while feeling like they’re your next door neighbors or neighbors you’d love to have! It's convicting, comforting and points you to the ONE and ONLY person capable of bringing you the redemptive HOPE of the Gospel into having a family filled with faith, love, peace, restoration, healing, growth and promises rooted in Jesus!! Thank you for your faithfulness and letting God use your life story as a testimony to others! I needed this!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
This podcast is so needed! The Beveres approach subjects without fear and being a much needed biblical basis. Their wisdom and passion for sharing the truth with others has been such a blessing to me. I want to be a better mother to my adult children and the best grandmother to my grandkids and this ia a took that will help! Renae
I have been loving this podcast. I find myself relating a lot to Lisa. I have 3 young boys and my husband works away a lot and have just felt mentored and encouraged every time I listen. Everyone offers such great insight and perspective into raising a family and living life biblically. I love hearing from Lisa and John about what they have learned and I love hearing from the other two about what they are currently walking through. Some reviews have said talking over and joking can be distracting but I have found it to be like I’m sitting with family or friends over a cup of coffee just chatting about real life. There is such wisdom to gain from parents who have gone through what you have as well as those that are going through the same thing at the moment. So I love that they are capturing these conversations for me to listen to!
My husband and I love this podcast. We listen to each episode and discuss it afterwards and as we’ve done so we’ve learned so much about the each other—even after 15 years of marriage. The multi-generation family dimension is what makes this podcast so unique and potent. Pulling no punches, I’ve walked away from each podcast with relevant Biblical perspectives on modern family and cultural issues. My only request is that the length of each episode be extended. Just as the discussion reaches the marrow of the topic, the episode—usually—comes to an end. Thank you for creating this podcast.