Malcolm X Reloaded

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I listened to all the episodes of this podcast and the presenter does an excellent job of presenting the facts. The delivery was good, I was not bored to death. This guy answers some of the basic questions about the Assassination of Malcolm X & about the NOI. He also answers some questions I had been thinking about for a long time. I would recommend this podcast to people who are interested in the life and death of Malcolm X and his relationship to Elijah Mohammed. I can tell the speaker has a great deal of respect for Malcolm X and that he did research.
I am learning to podcast, so I am listening to all I can. You are a breath of fresh air, and May Allah bless you. Ignore the haters on here! They are of the devil!
If you listen just keep it in mind that these guys are not Muslims. One thing I thought was funny, they said Louis Farakhan is the most famous Muslim in the world. Give me a break. I hope they drop the racist policy of black superiority and follow Islam which tells us everyone is equal in the eyes of god.
I'm white and I'm not a Muslim but some of the things said in this series are truly profound. The speaker has an evident love for both God and his people; whether or not you agree with the Nation of Islam, there is learning to be had here that can apply to all people of every faith and color. A must have for anyone who loves to learn!
This opened my eyes to a new light, before listening to these speeches and reading the autobiography of Malcolm X....I was blind, and ashamed of where I come from. I learned being black isn't something to be ashamed's something to cherish even though each and everyday the white kids in my school call me the n word and all that stuff. So I say thank you to Abdul Muhammad because you made me hungry for the teachings of Elijah muhammad and I know he will feed me with knowledge of self. Peace
This is fantastic and inspirational!!! I am informed and enlightened. This is very true and beautiful thank you for this.P.E.A.C.E.
What an idiot. I am so glad that I am not a member of the NOI. What is said is that good brothers and sisters get caught up in this nonsense. What irritates me the most about these people is that they call themselves Muslims and say they follow Islam. That could not be further from the truth! Look at the guys name: Abdul Muhammad. No Muslim would name themselves that. Secondly, the idea Qur'an clearly states that what makes a man or woman better than another is not the color of their skin, but their closeness to God. These people are still caught up in this Black superiority nonsense. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) was a truthful person who was killed by the NOI and probably with the aid of the U.S. government. Brothers and Sisters, leave the NOI, and come to Islam! Come quick, before it is too late!
This is an excellent podcast. I have admired and studied Malcolm X for many years and I can appreciate the level of research that went into this lecture. The presenter is very knowledgeable and humorous. I enjoy the presentation and I can say that I actually learned something. The best part is when he deals with facts surrounding the day that Malcolm X was assassinated. I would recommend this podcast to all who wants to know 'who really assassinated Malcolm X. It is evident that some of the other people that left comment did not listen to the podcast.
This podcast is a fraudulent podcast. Anyone who followed the history of Malcom X knows that Luis Farrakhan was involved in the plot to assassinate Malcolm along with the FBI. In fact, Betty Shabazz, Malcolm's widowed wife, was later conspiring to assassinate Farrakhan in an act of revenge. Yet, the author of this podcast has the audacity to claim that Farrakhan is following Malcolm's example. This is as much a joke as Farrakhan is. In reality, Farrakhan is nothing more than a nationalist Black Capitalist who poses no threat to the social order whatsoever. Also, Malcolm become more of a threat when he left the nation and understood the struggle in worldwide context as a struggle against colonialism. Malcolm became a revolutionary, which is something Farrakhan, nor Elijah Mohammed never were, nor never will be. The post NOI Malcolm was really the most important one to understand, and this podcast, as well as Spike Lee's movie, both aim to focus on the NOI Malcolm only, which is really blasphemy and amounts to nothing more than the second assassination of Malcolm X. If people want to see the living example of Malcolm and Marcus Garvey, you must follow what Omali Yeshitela is doing today.
This was a very good podcast. I leared more about the man. It is a good addition to the autobiography.
This is just more propaganda from the Nation of Islam. They seperate united brothers and sisters from the real problems in the world. The problems are not of race but of class. White skin does not mean someone is white. There are white skinned Mexicans, Iranians and Chinese. These people are not white. White is a social standing and not a race. What the NOI tries to do is seperate the working class from each other and have poor light skinned people and poor dark skinned people fight each other. That is not the way forward. The way forward is uniting as a class and taking down capitalism. Only once capitalism is abolished will there be equality and brotherhood.
Throughout the history of man, God never sent down a Prophet that taught racism or that one race was superior or inferior to the other. From Adam, Noah, Moses, David, Jesus, Muhammad - All were sent with a universal message: Worship God alone and you will be successful in this life and the next. Yes, it is true that each Prophet had some differences in their teachings, but the universal message always remained the same. Why then all of a sudden you have a man (Elijah Muhammad) who claimed to be a prophet bringing a different message? The proof is in the pudding. All above mentioned Prophets have followers in the millions and billions, while NOI's followers are in the thousands. The number is quickly declining even more so since it's last leader Warith Deen Muhammad also like Malcolm X saw the true light of Islam and became an Orthodox Sunni Muslim, joining the rest of the 1.4 billion Muslims around the world. Islam is for black, white, and everything else in between. This is what Malcolm X witnessed during the Hajj. Notice how Malcolm stopped yelling in his talks after entering Sunni Islam...