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By draney
Understand the need for ads, but quit with the PayPal words -- coin, remittance, pungle for god's sake -- or I'm done
As a career English teacher, I was more than disappointed at the mispronunciations of the word “despot” in the episode. The correct pronunciation of the second syllable is “putt,” not “pot.” Too bad the commentator didn’t look it up at Merriam-Webster.
One of my favorites. I wouldn’t mind 5 minutes per episode with a bit more explanation and more usage examples. But I still love it no matter what.
Everyone should hear this podcast. It’s so good. It’s smart and just cool. I don’t have a huge vocabulary and you need one to enjoy words, or this podcast.
Audio isn’t great. Sounds like the guy is sitting too far away from the mic or the room has an echo. The intro and outro are WAY louder than the rest of the episodes. Please fix.
I enjoy Peter’s voice. He pauses just when I need a moment to reflect on what I am hearing. The examples and word origins are interesting and helpful.
The album figure may be have a problem of showing on iPhone. Will it be fixed ?
Exactly what it should be: short, digestible and intriguing.
So many podcasts have gotten too long and cumbersome. This is short, simple, and informative. A great refresher and teaching app. Don’t change a thing.
I use MW dictionary everyday and I do not recommend this podcast. Don’t get me wrong, MW dictionary IS the best dictionary out there, but that doesn’t change the fact that a dictionary podcast is BORING!
Changing definitions for political reasons relegates you to the #fakenews dustbin.
This podcast is very kind and helpful for me to learn a new vocabulary and its history. The description of the word is very well written as well. I am not only able to listen to it but also can read the word and its description. I am very grateful for it. Thank you MW.


By Vosgita
This is the best idea for a podcast, thank you.
It is very informative. Nice to learn about history of each word.
I enjoy this podcast, not only because I am a logophile myself, but because learning words is not just about words. It is history, geography, science, and it enhances your understanding of the languages and people around you. Also, even for words I think I already fully grasp this podcast enlarges the scope of my understanding of the additional uses of those words. Keep ‘em coming.
Wishing it were a more interesting list.
This podcast starts off my daily news feed. I enjoy the information that is shared on each words etymology. Even when there's a word that I already know, I learn something new about the history of that word.
I love the content of this podcast, and a 3 minute length is refreshing, but it's really irritating that none of the episodes download. I can still get them but downloading would be nice. It's not me, it's you.
Daily dose of word of the day is highly recommended. Make yourself smarter. Listen closely and you'll catch some sly witticisms slipped in occasionally. The narrator, Peter S., is the best!!!


By ggosy
Just discovered this. Will add to my daily feed. Thanks!
If you like word of the day calendars, this is the audio version of that.
Can't download 😒
This is a great podcast and I've been listening to it for years. Earlier I was able to auto-download the episodes and play them whenever and wherever but for a few months now the download feature is not working at all. This is a huge drawback for those of us who want to catch up. Please fix it.
The word of the day is not downloading and draining my battery cancelled it.
This is a very well-rounded podcast that is a must-listen for any writer.
Ever wondered why you can be disgruntled but never gruntled? Curious about whether there was ever an actual "riot act"? Want to know what contumely means? Then you should listen to this podcast. It provides the definition, context, and etymology of an interesting word everyday in less than 3 minutes. Plus it's Merriam-Webster so no unnecessary vowels inherited from the French.
Highly useful tool for vocabulary expansion. As a former HS foreign language teacher, I particularly appreciate the etymology and word origin
it's great that webster came up to this type of podcast. men, m-w never fails to amaze me.
I love this podcast. So helpful and good for expanding your vocab.
Mostly a great podcast. Very informative and great background on the origin of the words. Unfortunately I had to unsubscribe because the repetitive ads at the beginning were too annoying. Upon receiving so many episodes - daily I believe - I'd like to listen to several at a time. But doing so feels like one long advertisement for their English as a second language product.
The podcast itself is excellent. But I and, at it appears, many others have consistent problems downloading it. Please fix!
This podcast has really helped to increase my vocabulary. I enjoy that they not only give you the definition, but also a discussion of the word origin which can help you understand other similar words.
This podcast gives the spelling, meaning, pronunciation and origin of the word. It dresses it up in fun music along with tongue in cheek summaries.
How do you mess this up on a daily basis?!! Like learning new words, but also want to know how it is spelled visually. NPR kind of voice. Feel like I am listening to a spelling bee.
The words and titles don't match anymore, so I've in subscribed from this podcast. It's unfortunate, since it was so enjoyable/helpful (i.e. fed my inner nerd), but if the premier dictionary can't get it right, then I won't bother listening.
The words listed don't match the actual "word of the day." It would be nice if this was fixed. Otherwise, a good podcast. Simple and quick. I even try to use the word at some point during the day.


I love learning new words and their etymology. One question: Has anyone else noticed that the word of the day no longer jives with the title of the podcast?
I love words and their history. This provides that.
Fix the download problem.
I love this podcast and have used it for years but have the same problems downloading it as others…and they seem to be getting worse. I used to just have to continually pause and restart to finally get the entire thing. Now that restarts the download, so I end up with 4-5 minutes of partial podcasts. I subscribe to multiple podcasts and this is the ONLY one that has this issue. I've complained before and others have as well. If it's not fixed soon I'll have to look elsewhere for my WOTD.
With increasing frequency, podcast downloads stall. This is the only podcast this happens to. I'm looking at the download of "lagniappe" right now, and iTunes says "5 minutes remaining." This happens just about every time now, and I don't want to deal with it any more, which is too bad because I like the podcast. Perhaps post something on the app site when you've got this fixed or can tell me what I've got configured incorrectly.
Hey MW, multiple reviewers have told you that your podcast downloads very slowly or not at all and, in the last two months, most of the podcasts skip and loop. I like the podcast. These are easy things to fix. I don't understand how you can care enough to do the podcast but not care enough to correct serious problems which are easily solved.
Yes, many of us love the WOTD podcast but are frustrated by it's balky download. Now under the new iTunes it's a disaster. It won't download completely and playing it at iTunes itself gives a "rebufferin stream" error message. Been this way for about a year guys, time to get someone whose on the ball.
Just recently subscribed, and find that every time the podcast begins to download, it stalls. I have to pause and restart twice in order to get the entire download. Not helpful if you have several podcasts queued. Otherwise, love learning a new word daily.
This is a great podcast even for native speakers who like to brush up on their vocabulary. Thoroughly enjoyable. One problem I encounter, however, is that episodes periodically don't download and the iTunes reports a download error - something I have not encountered with any other podcast. Anyone else having that problem?
This looks like a great podcast if it worked. It took more 5 minutes to download a 2 minute podcast please fix review your work
This is by far the most listened to podcast in my collection. I would pay for this if I had to. PERFECT.