Spark Hunter

Reviews For Spark Hunter

A fascinating and beautiful story set in the future about the most advanced AI yet (in a robot body) and the confusion she feels as she experiences the human world, as her senses are overwhelmed. And the fear humans have in their potential rival. If you’re looking for an action drama, this isn’t it. But if this were a short story it would be winning awards. It’s philosophical, wonderfully written, and actually quite technically realistic (except for the robot part, probably, but it’s a great storytelling device). Cannot recommend enough
Lots of amazing storytelling out there, but this one stands out. A dissertation on human morality combined with compelling performances and mind blowing imagery. Take this journey. It’s a soothing balm for your mind.
We need to hear more work from the writers of this radio play. At times it is sheer poetry.
Almost all science fiction that involves strong AI skips right to the part where the AI is fully developed. This story does not. At some point in the future, an AI will pass the turning test. What happens next? Does passing the test mean it can be let loose in society? What else do we want/need to know before giving it autonomy? Should it have a job? How will it learn how to push boundaries? How much leeway should we allow it to do so? Spark Hunter explores some of these issues and does so with fantastic acting by famous actors as well as narration by Norm Sherman the brains behind the Drabblecast. The overall pacing of the story is relatively slow. It is not an action story as much as it is something tense that will make you think. I loved it.


It’s a really good premise but it got a little dull. If it wasn’t for the good acting I prolly would of tuned out. Some people may like slowing thought provoking audio dramas but not me, I was hoping for more action and adventure.
I love Realm, but this is about as boring as it gets. I love a slow burn as much as the next, but I couldn’t get through 3 episodes of this snore fest.
I’m a subscriber & I have the app yet no matter where I go to listen to this it won’t allow me to play. Very disappointed.
I stumbled upon this randomly on a long road trip. Goodness gracious, so well done.
This is a great story. Very well done. Great acting. Compelling and intriguing. Bravo!!
What a well done production — smart and unique in its message. But also FUN.


Wait, Sting is in this? Sign me up!!!
BRILLIANT acting in this thought-provoking, philosophical drama… one of those shows that sticks with you long after the episode wraps
I love anything Mark Rylance. This sounds amazing — a Blade Runner for today.
Incredible storytelling with relevant themes surrounding A.I.. Tension-filled sound design that’s keeping me on the edge of my seat. Well done!
Broooo… this one messes with your head in the best way. So many existential questions to wrap your brain around.
I could listen to Mark Rylance and Rebecca Ferguson talk about grass growing. LUV
Yes, there’s robots and espionage, but the underlying message about respecting the earth was the real show stopper <3333
Riveting!! Great cast and fascinating story… !!