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Reviews For Tech Chick Tips

Tech Chicks make my hour-long commute an adventure in technological professional development! I listened to one podcast and was hooked. Every tip they give makes you want to log onto your computer or iPad and get cracking on the latest technological innovation. Thanks, Tech Chicks!
These ladies share a wealth of information. Thank you!
Have been listening to these two zany woman for about 6 months and love their show! They always provide incredible, and useful (!) resources. TCT Rock!
The tech chicks are a great resource for any educator interested in integrating technology into their classes. Every show is packed with links and great ideas that can be easily taken into the classroom.
Thanks tech chicks for all the information you offer. I recommend this site for every one in education. I work for a small charter school with now money for training, resources, etc. I use the tech chicks podcast and website as part of my ongoing education. I get great information, free resources, etc. Three thumbs up, mad props, and a bucket full of thanks. Keep up the great work from a listener in fresno, ca.
I teach at an independent school in Alabama and love to listen so that I can get information about new resources I've never heard of. These girls to a great job.
Ana and Helen provide fantastic links, great information, and a few laughs. Mostly, these two ladies provide fantastic information that a teacher can use in the classroom tomorrow. I have already used several of the links they have provided, and I cannot wait for each episode. You need to listen to them if you are a teacher or a parent, who wants to help a child integrate technology into their classroom experience.
If you haven't had a chance to listen in...just do it! The Chicks are real, down-to earth teachers with tons of useful info and ideas. They are helpful, passionate, and lots of fun! Subscribe and visit their website! You won't be sorry!