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Seems like a glorification of abuse, honestly. And then 1/4 of the play time is ads. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time.
If anything like this has ever happened to anyone that listening, then they know that this is exactly how it goes. The plot is predictable until it convinces you it’s not. Then it’s predictable again, before it convinces you that it’s not again. The occasionally shaky, unraveled storytelling is telling you just how the main character’s brain is working The abuser targets someone that is already a victim The abuser breaks down any trust the victim might have in someone else. The story was very, very well done. The writing and the acting were brilliant, and I was hooked until the very end. And I was so, so triggered. I’d fallen for it again, even when I knew from the beginning. I’d listened to it on a two hour trip back home, and when I got there, I walked in the door shaking. Because the end of the podcast? That wasn’t a cliffhanger. That was the start of a different horror story entirely. If you want the ending, you’ll find it in the episodes about the girl with the gun. That’s where this new one’s going. As a writer, I am so impressed by this. It was a story that needs to be told, and it was told in a way that will cause many to understand grooming in a way they probably couldn’t before. As a person that knows what this is, it felt like a horrible flashback.
So, the last episode seemed to come out of left field, and then it just leaves you hanging? I hope this isn’t the last episode, because that ending was deeply unsatisfying. :(
It just ended.
This is good but like all realm shows it ends so quickly. It’s only a few episodes.
It was great in the start YET I’m disappointed with how you left it. Truly not a cliffhanger more like a blue balls effect.
Why’d you guys stop it’s not finished yet ?!!! Can y’all at least let us know why the hold up y’all left me hanging
the one called “Be Warned” explains it best. this story happens in real life and it’s unspeakably awful. the victims’ stories deserve to be told. but to write about it in this way? with advertising money like that? I’ll generously give you enough benefit of the doubt to believe that this show was based on personal experience, not on an attempt to profit off of queer trauma for shock value.
Not much of a ‘plot twist’, everyone could see the grooming that was being done. When you are dealing with pedophilia, you really shouldn’t use it as the cliffhanger / plot twist…really cheapens the narrative and exploits the very thing that shouldn’t be exploited. When writers go out of their way to include such a graphic script you have the responsibility to treat that narrative accordingly. I think it’s a story that needs to be told, but not in such a cheap way.
Trigger Warning Insufficient: includes school shooting, sexual abuse, suicide, bullying, verbal and physical abuse, abuse by a person in power, eating disorders, etc. Like other reviewers I thought dark was going to be slightly psychological thriller/mystery. Instead I’m about 120 min they throw every type of psychological trigger you can think of into 6 mini podcasts. This should NOT be listened to by anyone slightly triggered by violence or by anyone under 16. I’m not one to turn my nose up at things, be a prude, or even write reviews but this podcast goes too far. I think this frankly is psychologically damaging for teens and younger and I think a form of manipulation in itself. This isn’t entertainment, it’s harmful. The fact that it has good dialogue and sound and keeps you coming back for another episode make it more harmful for young. This needs a stronger trigger warning and a rating that it’s explicit.
Anyone who was shocked by the twist and therefore disliked the show… come on. I knew this was coming the moment the Dr. took Kelsey out for a celebratory dinner. These kinds of things happen IRL all the time. Especially in sports. We see headlines about Larry Nassar, or softball coaches doing this… the fact that so many listeners were shocked just further shows how needed a show like this is to bring awareness.
Couldn’t get through the episodes fast enough! The performances were fantastic and the way the story draws you in makes that final twist a real kick in the guts. Loved it, more please!
Amazing story had me hooked from the first episode
This show contains pedophilia, child endangerment and abuse. If you are against the before mentioned subjects, don’t listen.
Uhh…sorry but the last episode???? I liked the premise of the show but it absolutely never resolved into anything that made any kind of sense :/


By GMamba
I had to listen to the whole thing again to figure out how it got all layered in! Muh!!!
This show is triggering! It’s like a Lifetime drama. Surprised by the ending in episode 6. Was going to cancel my subscription to Realm, but I am curious how this will end. So, I plan to continue my subscription.
I am shook by the twist at the end of 6. Shook. I’ll never be the same. Omgg.
Quick listen. Feels heavy handed and salacious for the sake of being edgy. Actors are talented and perhaps if there was more depth to some of them we could understand the motivations. A lot of potential, but underdeveloped.
I was not expecting these twists. I wish it were longer. It’s very well written and performed.
Wow didn’t expect the end of #6 !
This is one of those shows where everyone has ulterior motives so you don’t know who to root for, but at the same time, the nuisance of the characters kinda makes you want to root for everyone, which feels really wrong cause there are some ~bad cats~ in this group… ya know?
I was hooked immediately. A show built on current societal issues and packaged together into a thrilling story of “what really happened”. I can’t wait for the next episode to drop!
I was hooked from the beginning, so I ended up subscribing to Realm just to hear the rest of the episodes. I hope more than 6 episodes are released.
I was hooked from the very beginning. The actresses voices add to the intensity and chill in this thriller. I can’t wait til Wednesday for the next episode.
The suspense leaps at you right away and keeps building throughout!
This is an awesome podcast! I was hypnotized quickly to this story! I can’t wait for the next episode! It’s suspenseful, thrilling and keeps your attention and curiosity running ! Love it!!!
only 2 episodes in and I’m hooked
Wasn’t sure what to expect of this, but the first two episodes had me on the edge of my seat and now I can’t wait for next Wednesday!
The trailer for the Heron has me hooked! I’m in my car driving all day for my job and CANNOT wait to listen to more! Great writing on this one! I feel like I’m a part of the story.
This series is an incredible discovery and certainly won’t be the last we hear from talented writer Matthew McCarty
OMG! I know, it’s only the trailer but I’m hooked. With an understanding of intensive “win-at-all-costs” environments, I can only imagine where this is going next.
Can’t wait to listen to more! Creepy and into it.