Reviews For Undetermined

Outstanding crime-based podcast! Highly recommended!
I think this podcast is great. No, there’s no conclusion (yet), but it is an investigative podcast, which could still end up solved. I personally love listening to investigative podcasts. I don’t want to listen to someone telling me a story that I’ve already heard and know the ending to. I think these two did an excellent job and I will be looking for more from them!
This story is fascinating, but there are large sections of recorded interviews that are unintelligible. At times background noises drown out the speakers, especially recordings done outdoors at the crime scene (when you really want to hang on every wordI). It’s a shame, because the story is compelling and the podcasters are great reporters/investigators. I had to stop listening halfway through, unfortunately, and search online for how everything turned out.
No resolution, no answers, no nothing. Just stringing listeners along for the last few episodes for no reason. Why even bother making this podcast? Don’t waste your time with this one.
Don’t wast your time. Move on.


By Footypj
I regret listening to this very lengthy, repetitive podcast. I come away feeling like I’ve listened to hacks trying to justify their inept “investigation.”
I was really interested but background music was very loud! I stopped at episode two! I could t take it no more!
The podcast is interesting but the music is just too loud that it makes it difficult to understand what is being said.
Thank you for the great work! My heart breaks for the family. They deserve justice, Now!
I feel like I was interested in the show but I wish the didn’t go back over stuff they have gone over before like and the story telling is a little disorganized but I see a lot of potential since this is only the first season.
This will continue to be a wide spread issue in New Orleans as long as people like Jason Williams still hold the D.A. Position.


EXCELLENT work!! Very entertaining and well done! Thanks for all your work.
Really want some justice in this case.


By .corb
This series really reminds me of Counter Clock (iykyk) and so I was immediately engrossed and obsessed. Great narration and superb information.
Ugh I totally get that you have to have ads but having to scroll past the preview of other podcasts every episode is so annoying. Otherwise good podcast, a bit slow and certain info gets repeated too much
Loved this podcast. I literally binged and couldn’t stop. I haven’t completed the season but I’m just about there and will be so distraught if this family doesn’t get the peace and justice they deserve. What is going on in the south y’all?!?! GREAT journalism!!! Jessica is so detailed and fearless. It was great to have the detectives perspective as well. Keep up the great work- looks like Tenderfoot is where it’s at.
Some of the worst “investigative” reporting I have listened to in awhile. That many episodes on he-said-she-said from a group of low class folk. No actual facts in any of this. Just ours slander on everyone outside of those who fit the producers narrative.
I was hooked after the 1st episode and did a binge on this series. As others have said, anything involving Payne Lindsey is a great listen. The host of this podcast were easy to listen to, top notch expert insights and delivered in a way that was easy to understand. My takeaway is that no one wants to have a case declared Undetermined, it truly is an unacceptable classification. This classification should be revised into Detective Specialist Required which would mandate further investigation. The coroner should NEVER be allowed to conduct an investigation once the medical examiner has completed the body’s forensic analysis. It should go immediately back to the detectives & if more evidence is obtained the two should be working in tandem. So many mistakes and lost time while this case was in investigative limbo.
Well told, interesting story, but there’s no real resolution.
I have a theory. To some it seems it doesn’t make sense her body was where it was. Could it be that when Maria said she was calling the police, Justin realized he had to move quick. With all the past incidents and her being scared, I think they fought. He beat her bad. Either she fell and hit her head/injured her neck and died… or maybe he killed her on purpose. He said she slipped in the bathroom. Maybe they were fighting in the bathroom and she died. Then he was trying to make a plan. The friend said she was calling the police. He jumps in his car and has to dump her within 5 minutes before the police arrive. In the rush maybe her ID fell out of her pocket? Maybe she had it in her pocket from going to get alcohol or cigarettes earlier? Just a theory. Good podcast
You really should listen to this podcast. The first episode will get you hooked immediately 😵‍💫 the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because after listening to all 10 episodes, I then found out I had to post to listen to the last 3. Please don’t misinterpret, the investigators did an exceptional job and explained it in a way that anyone could understand.Unfortunately, simply put, I just can’t afford it 🤷‍♀️ I believe the investigators/producers of this show deserve every single cent. I just wish the whole podcast would’ve required a subscription at ep1, because then I wouldn’t have gone through this VERY WELL MADE podcast only to be cut off from any conclusions. Also, anything payne Lindsay(sorry if I misspelled) produces is guaranteed to ALWAYS be INCREDIBLE.
Love every bit of it.
I love the way this is told and investigated. It makes it great to listen to and keeps me wanting to hear more. Great job to the producers.
This story is intriguing and is well told for the most part. The narrators inability to pronounce the letter “L” in the most basic of words is like nails on a chalkboard though. “Towd” = Told “Cowd” = Cold “Howd” = Hold etc. after multiple episodes it’s enough to drive anyone crazy! The suspenseful music is really not necessary either. It adds a level of theatrics that are uncalled for. The story is dramatic enough as is. Research and investigation are very well done however.
Seriously. This is solvable as far as I’m concerned - or anyone else with half a brain. What is the story with the police in this area?! It’s unbelievable that Jessica and her family haven’t had the justice they deserve bc of an inept, uninterested or not-on-the-up-and-up police dept? I mean, how is it possible that what seems incredibly obvious to those hearing the story can’t be clear, harnessed and handled by law enforcement by now?! I would have given 5 stars had it not been for the innumerable adds - wow, way toooooo many.
You should cover the Scott Javins case of Terre Haute, Indiana 👀
The hyper-drama and pointless music so cheapen the subject of this poor young woman, I can barely listen. I’m trying. Who ever started the rumor music and dialog are supposed to happen at the same time??
“Don’t Die in NOLA” should be the title of the podcast, because if you die under suspicious circumstances or definitely homicide, your case isn’t going to be solved. Jessica Easterley’s case is VERY solvable, but whether it is incompetence, indifference, or both, the NPD and Jeff Parish DA don’t give a crap about solving the case. Apparently, it’s in the best interests of law enforcement to leave murderers roaming their streets—such great PR for the tourism industry! This podcast exposes the ineptitude and idiocy (corruption, possibly? Expected there…) of law enforcement in and around NOLA. It’s a very good podcast, buuuut the ads are out of control and LOOOOOONG, otherwise it would get FIVE stars.
It's good but repetitive! I have that problem with all of the tender foot shows
I don’t see the point of stretching out a story over so many episodes of it can be told in just a few.
If you can get over the background music, the podcast is great.
While this is a cold case, many cold cases are now getting solved due to awareness with podcasts like this one. I couldn’t stop listening to this. I look forward to finding out the resolution here if there is one. Great job.
It’s way too loud I can’t concentrate on the story. I really want to listen to it but the background music is constant and way too loud.
I think this team did a great job of bring awareness to the struggles many families go through. Losing a loved one and not having an answer is unthinkable and impossible to fully process.. the podcast did a great showing just how fast all government agencies will wash their hands of a case that’s not easy to solve within 48 hours. Thank you for shining light where it hasn’t been enough!
It seems that someone, somewhere in the government (bottom to top) need to fix the Catch 22 problem. It’s time to give this family something, other than dealing with a crazy police policy on top of dealing with the death of Jessica. Excellent work by investigative team!
I do not know why these kind of podcasts think that adding loud or distracting music add to the quality of the podcast. The music is too loud and played over dialogue. When the music is a little quieter, it is still distracting and cannot follow the presentation of information. This might be a great podcast, but I will never know because cannot hear the actual info, just the music. And why do we need music to direct how we think and feel about a situation? I think it is a manipulative cheap trick to sway a person’s opinion.
My husband and I listened to the whole podcast and enjoyed it very much. I really struggle to understand some of the negative reviews stating “no ending”. This isn’t scooby doo, with a conclusion in 23 mins that everyone feels just swell about. This is a real life story of a woman who was murdered. The reason there is no “ending” is because there is no conclusion to give. Resolution has not been achieved. The police have their hands tied based on the coroners ruling preventing. That ruling of undetermined prevents the police from being able to investigate further. The coroner cannot reopen the case without the police asking them to, which cannot take place without evidence that the police cannot actively pursue because of the undetermined cause of death. It is a catch 22. An involuntary loop the police are stuck in regarding this case. What was being highlighted wasn’t the same information over and over, it was showing listeners that no matter what has been uncovered that the same catch 22 keeps applying.
This really could have been wrapped up in three episodes don’t waste your time.
Last 3 or 4 episodes are filler and review. This pod is as cold as the case. Don’t waste your time.
One of the worse I’ve listened to. Literally just them Bashing NOPD every episode
Really appreciate the amount of thoroughness and laid bare facts of this case. This is just so heartbreaking. Keep fighting the good fight!
Well done tremendous story telling, and such a great pace. Soothing voice that makes you listen carefully. Well done
But who would know because the music is so loud over the narrative that you can’t actually hear the story.
I love this podcast! Wish there were more cases covered, it is very interesting to deep dive into the “undetermined” deaths of true crime cases from the past! Easily in my top 10 recommended podcasts!
The above is far to loud and irritating!!! Difficult to hear the voices. I don’t know if this can be rectified but is going to cause me to not listen to the podcasts anymore.
I wish there was a disclaimer at the beginning. This story could have been told in 4 episodes. Very sad, and super frustrating that you can’t get answers.