The Evaporated: Gone with the Gods

Reviews For The Evaporated: Gone with the Gods

This is an excellent podcast with a unique story compared to the many many true crime podcasts. I will note to the podcast itself that Episode 1 contains some real messy editing in the last 10 minutes of the episode. It messes up the interview with the doorman at Morimoto’s apartment building.
I like me some true crime, and that’s what I expected from this podcast. What I got was a thoughtful, nuanced, culturally respectful yet frank exploration of the phenomenon of people vanishing in Japan. It was an informative discussion about what happens when people are pushed to their limits, and how we can demonstrate humanity by allowing people to restart by vanishing. A lovely podcast I won’t forget anytime soon.
I’ve always had a keen interest in Japanese culture. This started with my father, who spent three years in Japan during the Korean War. He has always been very complimentary of the Japanese people and their culture. Jake and Shoko are outstanding reporters and writers. This alone does not always translate into a good storyteller; however, in this case it does! As an American it seems unusual to be ‘acceptable’ for someone to ‘evaporate’ so the history and context are important pieces of this story. Sit back, listen and learn. Bravo!
As an American that is fascinated with Japan, this podcast leaves me needing more of this! What a fascinating topic full of interesting stories and cultural tidbits. Easy to listen to, well written, and has opened my mind to so much. Thanks for making this!
Great reporting and story telling. As a Japanese person, I am so impressed with the host’s’ explanations on Japanese culture.
I learned some good stuff about Japanese culture but the story itself is not that interesting and could hold my attention I did not finish it
Loved it. Not a true crime person but this drew me in.
This was fun as all get out to listen to but, when looking up Tokyo Vice, I came across questions of Jack Adelstein’s honesty. Shoko Plambeck never says she’s a reporter, just a “freelancer” but I didn’t really expect her to be primarily a lifestyle model. I feel a little unsteadied and wonder how much of this was true and how much was a good story—though to be clear it was a Good Story.
It seems like a bizarre concept to go missing voluntarily but episode 9 was especially eye opening. The reasons why people feel compelled to disappear are actually very relatable. More than anything, these are stories about redemption, starting over, and new hope. Highly recommend!
So interesting…. I love this type of podcast. The saying is correct. Truth is stranger than fiction.
There is an interesting mystery about a missing accountant which is well persued and documented. The hosts do an admirable job of tracking down what happened to him. I took it down a couple stars because there are filler episodes about vanishing in Japan in general which take the podcast off course a bit. Wish it had all stayed on the story of tracking down the accountant.
We loved this show. Every episode was very interesting, engaging and thought-provoking. Just like the hosts, you will live the roller coaster ride of solving the mystery of a missing person. The happiness when the evaporated return….. Then the heartbreak for those who stay evaporated with the gods… Highly recommended! Certainly inspires one to become an investigative journalist or detective!
Guy steals clients money, and vanishes with it. However according to the show he should be forgiven because he was really stressed at work…. Apparently we should all be inspired by him wrecking lives, because he’s stressed and people around him make more money. I wish I never heard episode 9.
I started this because there wasn’t really anything else to listen to. It was surprisingly good.
This is a great podcast , very detailed and informative about Japanese culture . It’s not blood and guts and all that but it tells a unique side of the culture there that I found very cool . Hope there is more podcasts from both of you , your a great team !!!


You guys did such a great job of helping me as an American not only have 1 more thing to appreciate about how easy I have it in so many ways. But also that no matter where we are in the world we all want the same thing…To be able to live a happy life. Provide for our family. And be FREE.
Will there be more? It was been by far one of the best podcasts I have listened to in a long time.
Very interesting exposition of the dark underbelly of the Japanese culture and psyche. Haunting and disturbing at times, but respectful and tastefully done.
I love to learn about culture, and this podcast does a wonderful, nuanced job shining a light on the heartbreaking way Japanese people cope with shame. I especially enjoyed when the hosts enrolled in detective school, so good!
I probably take in unhealthy amounts of historical and true crime podcasts. This one has a bit of both (as well as the added bonus of being a bit of a travelogue) and is extremely well done. The hosts are knowledgeable, thoughtful, and ethical; the stories told are captivating; and it touches the soul as much as the mind. Go on. It’s well worth it.
I definitely have recommended this podcast to friends. I enjoy it as an exploration of a uniquely Japanese phenomenon and the insights it gives to the culture. I think anyone interested in other cultures, in psychology or true crime might find the podcast interesting. I really look forward to the episodes every week. I hope they decide to do other podcasts. I would absolutely listen.
A must listen for true crimers and those interested in Japanese culture.
This is learning about another culture on steroids
A compelling and well researched podcast tarnished by the awkward and stiff interactions between the hosts- especially the woman. It’s so painfully obvious they are reading a script it ruins an otherwise excellent podcast. An image of a 5th grader reading their first speech in front of the class off of notecards comes to mind.
I am really enjoying this podcast. I love the research and the way the hosts work together to tell the story. I love the insights into Japanese culture and things I would have never thought about. Enthralling - thank you!
This totally took me out of my Japanophilia. I totally had no idea how different the reality of Japan is, as opposed to the image they put forward. If you have a free moment, do yourself a favor and give this a listen.
I’ve listened to podcasts (mostly true crime) everyday, for about 5 years, This is the most well researched and put together one I’ve ever listened to. I paid right away to get all of the episodes. I hate to say best podcast ever but, I believe it to be true.
They allegedly searched a long time trying to find this guy who disappeared maybe because he was a thief or maybe become of organized crime. After 9 episodes they announced that he was actually on Facebook and when they contacted him, he gladly met up with them.
Shoko and Jake did such an amazing job with this podcast that I not only paid to binge it I listened to it twice. Jake is one of the most interesting and qualified experts on the issue of crime in Japan. After a decade living in Tokyo I found reading his work was the best to be had. I can’t recommend the podcast enough!
I’ve traveled to Japan a bunch of times but was oblivious to this cultural phenomenon. The minute I wasn’t able to listen to the next episode, I had to subscribe. It’s fascinating, educational, horrifying, funny: so many things. If you love Japan and a good story, this is for you.
Really well done podcast. I am really enjoying it so far!
The only reason I wasn’t truly annoyed about the subscription to finish this podcast is because the host, Shoko, killed the journey for me. Her voice is so boring, deadpanned, and uninteresting. She couldn’t sound less engaged. In fact, I don’t believe for a second that she’s ever done any work in journalism before based on the way she talks and sounds. The podcast veers off early on, going into immense detail about different people that the “night movers” helped. I understand why this was maybe thought to be interesting, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re avoiding the discussion of the actual person who disappeared who may or may not have been moved by these night movers. The topic seems fascinating, but the actual execution is a disappointment. This is a great podcast for white people who are obsessed with Japan. Other than that, the delivery is BORING.
I tempted to purchase this product. I am. It’s just how many subscriptions can someone have. Anyways it’s informative like a book on this subject. Also, I don’t think of this as a podcast, but more like a documentary.
You only get to listen to the first few episodes and then they ask for a paid subscription. Super disappointing….


Good layout I really enjoy this podcast. Disappointed in the subscription! I simply can’t afford to subscribe to everything (many are going to subscription. 2 dozen eggs are 8.49. I get everything has to make money, but in my family there is no money for subscriptions.
First episode is missing and the last one cuts out to silence after a few minutes.
Kinda stupid to give away three free then require a “subscription” to finish out the story. I simply will not subscribe to any of the podcast put out by the binge
It’s so refreshing to come across a podcast on this fascinating topic. The podcast was so informative and I learned so much, particularly about Japanese culture, society and Japan’s legal system. The hosts have a great rapport and are true journalists. Fingers crossed for a season 2 on a similarly unique topic!
Really enjoy the hosts’ style and they complement each other perfectly. It’s fun that they introduce Japanese words but wish they didn’t dump more than one in an episode. I find myself kept going back to check what those words mean everytime they use it which was not the best listening experience esp when you are enjoying the story telling.
You just have to check it out and you’ll be hooked!
Pretty much blues every other podcast I’ve ever heard out of the water, and I’ve heard a lot. Because of my job I listen to podcasts all day, every day. I do a lot of true crime, science fiction, politics and current events. this is the pinnacle of them all. Perfect research, perfect storytelling, perfect hosts, perfect production makes for a perfect podcast.
This series was fantastic. True crime, yes, but I actually learned a lot. Loved it.
First episode cuts off at 3:25, just stops playing. Same issue on different phone.
Really entertaining and informative podcast.
Wish I could have created a better title. I usually enjoy true crime, History Chicks, or legal drama podcasts. This one was so different from anything I’ve ever listened to. I really hope I can find more like it.
Interesting takes on the various way people “evaporate” in Japan. The music and sound editing really elevated the mood.
Such a fascinating show, extensive investigative reporting and such an interesting topic. I’m hooked! sending to all my friends.
Listened to first episode. Great content. However, the post production editing is horrendous. It skips around frequently to different parts. Dunno how it could possibly be released in this state. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s worked out by the second episode, or else it’s almost unlistenable.