Starship Q Star

Reviews For Starship Q Star

I’d give this 100 stars if I could because this show has it ALL: - Witty & Clever Writing - Top Tier Performances - Incredible Sound Design - Australians - A spaceship filled with LESBIANS! Like, HELLO! Every episode makes me howl with laughter. You feel lighter after listening and in the times we are in, we all need that now!
One of my favorite genres of audio drama podcasts is "Star Trek but make it super queer" and I've been getting that in spades recently. Starship Q Star is a weird, silly, lighthearted show with a lot of heart and warmth. Each character has their own quirks and personalities but those quirks and personalities don't overrun or muddle the narrative (which itself is a brilliant satire of 60s sci fi). It's a must listen for any fan of audio sci-fi.
Ugh I love that this exists. She-ra meets Firefly meets the L Word. Can’t wait for more episodes!
Everything is SO SO good! Voice acting, production, story line, characters… ALL SO SO GOOD! Super entertaining, hilarious, and fun to listen to (even makes chores fun 😆)
Funny, gay, lots of great performances. The dialog is well-balanced despite the somewhat large cast that can pop up in one episode, which makes it easier to get into.
The show is amazing! It's quiet, comedy, sci-fi, and well-written. Everyone needs to give this show a try.
Fantastic show, I can’t wait to see where it goes
Super fun/funny! I wanna be on this ship even tho I’m a guy 🤣
So excited to come across this show! As a huge sci fi fan and lover of story style comedy podcasts this show is hitting all the right notes! The queer representation is fantastic and I am very exited to see where this crew goes🙌🏻😂