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Super interesting story! Love the storytellers too! Great job girls!
Love you guys! I’m so happy for your success and the way you are exploring and developing! Can’t wait to see what’s next! I’m a long time Morbid lover and I just adore your energy and passion! Frozen Heads was a crazy thing to listen! I’ve never heard about such a thing and as Ash said, don’t be weird like.. that 😉 Best of luck on all of your endeavours! 😎
The topic was interesting, but it was hard to handle the hosts. I almost deleted the whole series 3 minutes into episode 1. I’m glad I stuck with it, however, the hosts need to cut all the canned banter. They also need to stop trying to be funny. It was so painful to listen to them, I was wishing I was cryogenically frozen. Stick to the content. You’re not a personality.
I’m a avid morbid listener and this is a very interesting topic, but it’s kind of hard to listen to because it is so scripted. I love how Ash and Alaina interact with each other naturally, but this feels so stiff and scripted that it is hard to listen to. I’m still going to give it a try because I’m interested in the topic, but I hope that it starts to sound a little more natural like Ash and Alaina normally are.
This podcast was a fun and interesting listen. Definitely a peek into a world and topic not a lot of us are involved with. It was well produced and the hosts were engaging. It felt like it lost a bit of steam at the end. It was a bit anti-climatic with how things ended between the Pilgrims and the cryo company. Worth listening to, though, despite how many ad breaks there were.
I tried to listen, thinking the elements were there for an interesting story. Then as it began I realized the narration was being done by two people with very similar voices who think they’re funny. The problem with that setup soon became clear. They feel the need to interact, and they think everything they say is hilarious, and so when one says something, the other one jumps in with some pre-written needless comment like “ooh, story time!” To which I say, “not for me”. If I want to listen to two people yukking it up there are thousands of options out there.
Enjoying episode 7! Thank you. You are awesome
Tell a story or be a comedian, but you can’t do both. I got about 5 minutes into this and can understand why this is below 4 stars. Just elected to move on to something else. I’ll be kind and close here.
I was very much looking forward to this intriguing topic but checked out to due to the insufferable scripted ad libs which detracted from any trace of journalism and storytelling. Will anxiously await for another podcast network to tackle this phenomenon with less tongue in cheek.
Why won’t episode 6 play? Says published feb 20…
This is a cool mix of a scripted true crime podcast and a relaxed storytelling style podcast. Easy to listen to, but also well researched and well presented.
So interesting! I still can’t stop thinking about this whole concept. I want to hear more. I binged all six episodes in a day!
It was scripted but I didn’t think that was a bad thing. The whole story was so interesting to listen to and learn about. It was a very fun listen! Love these girls!


By DJS1717
Interesting story but the Ash character is an absolute waste of breath. Her commentary is so unnecessary and annoying, I checked out after episode 2. It makes me never want to check out Morbid if this is the way it is too. I can’t get back this 1 hr of my life, horrible and annoying for the 2nd time.
Love these two girls and this podcast- frozen heads was excellent!!
Oddly, I loved it. What I mean by this, is that my attention span isn’t very good. I enjoyed every episode and couldn’t wait to get to the end.
So many people are comparing it to morbid and they are mad that it’s scripted, but it’s a different podcast so I think they’re allowed to try something new, and they pull it off!! The story is very interesting and well researched. I have really enjoyed listening!
All I can say is you either get it or you don’t (#morbid4eva). This story is so intriguing and wild and I love the format of the show. I find the scripted Ash add-ins perfect and hilarious. Keep it up, everything you touch turns to content gold 👏
Wanted to like it, but as others have said, too scripted. Cheesy and unfortunately, not for me.
I love the interesting topic but find the random commentary annoying. I was looking for more facts then the host’s opinions.
Love the subject matter and love the ladies from Morbid. However, wish it wasn’t so scripted and Ash had more involvement in story telling than little quips. Listened to support Alaina and Ash but I found it hard to get through as written and told.
Good story but not well articulated. The commentary from ash is unnecessary and they both sound scripted.
Ash and Alaina, ya done good girls.
I used to love morbid (Ash and Alaina’s first podcast). Ash and Alaina were so authentic, funny, badass…now they sound so fake and stilted. I thought maybe they’d be more themselves in this pod since this is a new podcast. Unfortunately, not the case. My only guess as to what happened is that Wondery ruins everything it touches. Literally, when I see a wondery podcast I don’t even bother listening at this point.
The series was a good run. I liked how it all circled back to the first episode. I’d consider it more of a series revolving around Alcor, the Lawrence’s/Jim, and Mikey Darwin. The only part I’d say is off is the speech speed. Seems like both Alaina and Ash were slowed down when they started editing. I only know because I’ve accidentally set the speed a few times to 75%. More dark an ominous I guess but it felt off. Either that or it was straight script reading. Other than that, I loved the series. I managed to finish all 6 in one working day with instacart ✌️
I would have never even thought about listening to this episode if it weren’t for Alaina and Ash hosting it. They’re really insightful and I love their commentary. It’s helps keeps me engaged.
Thanks for the amazing content, ladies! You two entertain me through my long work days! Can’t wait for more content from you two :)
An interesting topic, wrapped in random fillers, and packed with unintelligent remarks. I believe even one star is too generous of a rating ….
So, as I’m falling out of love with Morbid, which I was a DIE HARD fan for the last year when I found them,( I binged 200+ eps in 6 months maybe) I thought I’d try this. But sadly, the girls that I used to know & love are no more 😩 They became so unauthentic, but I was hoping that, new pod, old girls. But that’s not the case. And I NEVER EVER expected a script! Come on ladies, come back to your true underdog, give it 110%, leave it all on the field, selves that we’re building something with love & dedication. Not, yay I’m rich now, I just follow scripts. Great premise, fascinating subject, but Ash & Alaina need to put down the mics, & that soooo hurts to say. 😞
I’m finding the bulk of this podcast well researched and interesting. However, the one liners are just so unthoughtful and often times over shadow the seriousness of the content.
This series has got me! I can't wait to find out what happens next. As always Ash and Alaina bring the heat. Love, love, love it!!
The subject matter is fascinating but the commentary is often unthoughtful and almost purposefully un-insightful. Conclusions are based on broad assumptions about human behavior that make the podcast a real disappointment.
So captivated by this story because I’ve heard about freezing heads my whole life. But the story gets lost because I’m distracted by rolling my eyes at the dumb stuff the hosts say. It legit feels like they’re trying to make some things more dramatic than they really are. Super bummed that I have to unfollow the show and won’t learn the history of the actual thing I wanted to hear about.
I love Alaina and Ash! I always enjoy them. This is scripted and they do a great job. I love how the families get to speak. Crazy story!
Y’all had me up until the second episode when Lawrence’s animal experiments were mentioned. I can deal with decapitation and dead bodies, but harm to animals is when I gotta goooo. Like, calm down Jeffrey Dahmer. :/
I like this story, but the 2 ladies don’t seem natural at all. Perhaps they would be better without a script.
Can you do this with 80 year old women as host? These two sound so scripted.
Alana and Ash crack me up! I love their banter and I love how they tell the story. Sometimes you need a little laughter to lighten the load of deep heavy stories. They remind me of me and my bestie. Best podcast EVER!
I am a HUGE fan of Morbid & thought this would be great, but after months of enjoying the hosts spontaneous banter, it’s really hard to listen to them read a script that doesn’t sound like they wrote it. They do a good job, but it’s kind of like seeing the movie after you have already read a great book. I couldn’t get more than 10 minutes into it.
This is such a weird and interesting podcast! Was looking for something new and stumbled across this one. Had no idea some of the craziness around cryonics or what it even entailed. I think Alaina and Ash have done a great job and love them in their own podcast, Morbid. Yes this is more scripted than their usual carefree banter and storytelling, but I don’t love them any less in this different style of podcast. I think they have still done a great job with this one. Keep up the great work you two and I always enjoy listening to anything you guys put out! KEEP IT WEIRD!!! <3 sending my love from St. Louis, MO !!!
So enjoying your new podcast! I appreciate how detailed the research is and you know how to tell a story. Add it with your amazing chemistry and wellah! Another winner!
Disregard any of the reviews you may have seen before this … (besides any 5 star reviews) If you’re looking for Morbid and nothing but Morbid, go no further, do not pass go and go back to re-listen to that amazingness. If you’re looking for an in depth telling of an interesting story with the added twist of the (mostly) Alaina and (a lil bit) Ash - then proceed with listening. You won’t be disappointed. It’s giving good true crime podcast babes. Thank you!


It’s like you add Ash and Alaina to a script and subtract all their personality. It’s giving monotoned and scripted babes. It makes me V saddd
I am a long time fan of the gals… Morbid OG and Rewatcher fan! This is different than what I was expecting but I enjoy the change up. It’s nice to see that they’re able to play different roles in the podcasting world. I love they’re freestyle banter of Morbid but am really liking the more scripted pod here. ❤️
I love the content and the information presented but the hosts could really minimize SOME of the opinions and banter. I definitely want them to have a formed opinion and perspective but sometimes a little bit of nuance and restraint goes a long way. Especially when dealing in sensitive subject matter.
i would give it a five but its just way to scripted! if your gonna make it that scripted at least make it sound unscripted
I’ll listen to ANYTHING that Ash and Alaina do. Yes, it’s different than Morbid, but variety is the spice of life…and I’ll always keep it weird.
If you don’t love ash and Alaina what’s wrong with you