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I was a member of shepherd for 10 yrs and then I moved to Oklahoma. I am so thankful to be able to listen to Pastor Dudley's sermons 1400 miles away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I moved out of state o wasn't able to hear Pastor Duddley's preach anymore. Something about the way he delivers each message helped me to understand. I miss going to shepherds and wish they would start a branch here in Dallas. one day we'll be back to the place where we found our savior.
Really nice! anyone who needs to hear message of God can play it anytime.


I am a member of Shepherd of the Hills and I love going there. I do alot of the Children's ministry at Shepherd. I would love though to have this podcast updated more often. There was a really good sermon this past Sunday that I would love to have.
God uses Pastor Dudley to speak right to your heart. God used him to save me and my family. I love this church.
I've been watching Pastor Dudley on TV for the past year, and I'm lucky enough to live in the same city he preaches, and have recently been attending services at Shepherd of the Hills Church. I'm happy to see that his preaching is now available to the world, as now everyone has the opportunity to be inspired and enlightened. He teaches directly from Scripture, yet helps even the most lay person of lay people understand what it means to be a Christian in the 21st Century. You will undoubtedly love Pastor Dudley's teachings.