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This was working for me until about April 2014, when it started saying episodes unavailable. It shows the new episodes on the list but when I try to play or download them just says unavailable. I've been a loyal subscriber since 2008. I miss getting new beats, hopefully it gets fixed.
I've been writing underground rap music for a long time and Shadowville has the best beats I've heard. Thanks Shadowville... Keep it up
I'm 17 and a lyricist, still in high school, and I've been looking for the best instrumentals I could find. When I heard about Shadowville 3 years ago, I knew I found the right place. I haven't recorded one song until I found a beat that felt right for me. And Shadowville has it. This is THE BEST site to find whatever beats that fit your style. I love this. SHADOWVILLE IS THE PLACE FOR ALL YOUR INSTRUMENTAL NEEDS.


Where the call the police!
You guys are grate love the beats I was working on a song but lost the beat I was working with I was hoping that u guys would but it back on ITunes the name of the beat is code red pleas put it back
Broken beat can you put up or the one with cryptic wisdom it's ill
Your beats are sick as hell!!!no doubt..I'm probably gonna use some of these beats for a demo if it's Kool with you homie..much love and respect and keep doing wat you do best..Alratos
Can I use these beats 4 a demo
Very good music
Very professional sounding beats. You cant beat, beats that are free! Keep it up
Love the beats to the fullest
Sickest beats big ups too shadowville! Keep it up
Keep tha hot beats coming!!!!!!!!!
And yes i fo know that shadowville is a website where a bunch of DJs make beats but some DJs feel it neccesary to have there name (or name of the beat brand they used) yelled out every 40 seconds of a song. They can atleast try to lower it down to 3 times.
The more beats any production makes the better . Not only are they influential but it keeps you guessing as a hip hop artist. Although I might sound contradicting but the beats belong to shadowville I give them respect and it shouldnt matter if they plaster the beat in its entirety with the deejays name. In other words the dude below me doesn't know who to give respect to. Hiphop isn't about beef it's all about dropping science in word form over some cosmic beats that being the contradiction. Shadowville keep it flowing and get at me peace. .........!...$
Man you guys are so awsome! thanks to you and your beats I want to become a rapper.The first time I heard your instramentale it blew my mind. Me and my homies are always rhyming thanks to you...thank you.Keep up the grate work
Yoe the beats on here are hot make some dirty south beats thow. Y'all keep doing what y'all doing stay fresh!
Hey post more sickass beats...
Great beats love em...can't u make more beats with 12 bars
Who ever puts these on iTunes has to put follow you until the end by slantize or charish the moments these are my favorites...I like the ones on here too. The never say goodbye is awsome!!
I'm a 13 yr old boy who is in love with theese beats I'm writing a rap to a song n it's comming together nicely n I would like for ur futer beats to hv more hooks their of the chain thx for da beats n I'll make sure to tell lots of ppl about u guys u guys will be a huge hit thx
Your beatz are of the chain


I give support to the man/woman behind this podcast.I use these beats all the time for my group. Thumbs up Shadowville, thumbs up.


By G21991
Great..... Keep em coming..... Can u make more instrumentals with hooks?
Straight Fire.


By zrkboi
i use ur beats alot 4 my rap carer
I have been writing poetry and freestyling since 2000. In 2001, I found Shadowville in their early development stages. I have been a huge fan since the beginning and have tracked their progress since. I must say, these dudes do work and definitely merit the subscription. Just check out a few for yourself, this stuff isn't for everyone, but if it is - consider yourself lucky. The music is dope and I think any MC would agree. Freestyle to a couple and see how it goes... its FREE (until its time to buy exclusive rights of course ;-D)
Yeah dude. Dis iz da good stuf. I mean, I've heard many beatz in my dayz, but dis is top noch!
Nice beats, if you got a good sound system turn this up